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Where To Put The Cages For Dogs In The Apartment?

Modern dog cages in the apartment have several exciting features that make them quite comfortable, accessible, and practical. For the maintenance of dogs of any breed and size, they have no analogs, so if you need to restrict the movement of your pet in the apartment, you should purchase one of the standard models of enclosures or cages.

Where To Put The Cages For Dogs In The Apartment?

But after the purchase, the question of where to put such a cage becomes acute is where it will be the best place for it in terms of ease of care, animal comfort, and other parameters. In this matter, in fact, not so simple, so you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of specialists offering reasonable ways to solve this problem.

Where in the apartment to put a cage is best?

Experts recommend finding a place in the apartment where the dog will be at rest. It should not be a draft or living room – it is optimal to allocate a place in the corner of the corridor, but if the area of ​​the room does not allow it, you will have to use the kitchen or one of the living rooms.

Where To Put The Cages For Dogs In The Apartment?

At the same time, a bedroom or a children’s room, for practical reasons, does not fit and a living room or a hall remains. However, when the whole family is going to rest in the evening or guests arrive, the cage still needs to be put somewhere. Optimally move dog cages in the apartment in different rooms.

What recommendations do experts give about this?

  • For convenient transportation of the cage, it is recommended to use collapsible models – such enclosures consist of sections assembled, so it is not difficult to organize their quick assembly, and disassembly and transportation will be provided convenient and comfortable;
  • The drinking bowl and the feeder in the cage must be kept clean all the time, just like the floor of the enclosure. It ensures good hygiene and cleanliness, the absence of developing fungi and other unpleasant things. If the care is literate, you can even place the aviary in the bedroom;
  • If the problem of smell and molting of a dog is not worth it (the breed is small or simply does not have such problems), then placement is possible in any room of the apartment or house, but you need to remember – the dog should be at rest and if it is too active in responding to people and the owner, it is better to protect it from all at least visually.
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    If we are talking about cages for puppies, then they, as a rule, put on the same recommendations. But keep in mind that these dog cages in the apartment still have to be visually monitored by the breeder, so their placement somewhere in the far corner of the rarely visited room would be incorrect.

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