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When To Use A Dog Cage?

When To Use A Dog Cage?
  • If your pet participates in an exhibition for dogs. the cage will be the dog’s resting place before entering the ring, it can serve as a table to prepare for entering the ring, an exhibition dog cage will give you the opportunity to leave for some time on their business.
  • If you travel with a dog, for example, you go on vacation with a dog, a cage is a must! This condition of all hotels, because the administration is concerned about the safety and tranquility of hotel guests and staff, as well as the safety of furniture in the rooms. The cage will be for the dog his house in a strange hotel room, in which there are so many odors for it. Many airlines, cell – is a prerequisite for the transport of dogs. Air travel is very tiring for our four-legged friends, they (like us) experience discomfort from overload, pressure drop and noise. In addition, the effect of long waiting times during loading, unloading and clearance, as a result, dogs experience “transport” stress. The cage will help the dog to avoid such stress or significantly reduce its impact, because it is a familiar comfortable “den” for the dog.

Additional information on transporting dogs in airplanes:

In an airplane, the dog must be locked in a safe cage. The cage for dogs (with dog) is transported in the luggage compartment of the airliner. The temperature in the luggage compartment depends on the type of aircraft and flight conditions. As a rule, in domestic airplanes, the air temperature can vary from 5 to 18 degrees, in foreign cars, the compartments are heated and maintain a temperature of about 20. But a small airline can save and not heat cargo compartments, so you need to specify the conditions of the flight in advance. If possible, it is better to insure the dog (this disciplines the carrier). The cage should be warm litter, under it you can put specials. absorbent diaper, which absorbs the liquid and turns it into a gel. The animal must be able to drink. put an auto drinker with a valve. Attach your contact information to the cell. mobile phone number and be sure to include the flight number.

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When traveling in a car, do not give the dog complete freedom, transport it in a cage. This affects the safety of all road users, including: yours and your dog. Even if you have to drive only to the next street, do not take risks and remember: the situation on the road can be unpredictable. In addition, the cage will keep the car interior free from hair, claw marks and stains, as it happens, dogs vomit and excessive saliva flow. Our cages for dogs "" are equipped with metal pallets, they will help preserve the interior of your car and keep it clean.

When To Use A Dog Cage?
  • If the dog lives with you in an apartment, the cage will help protect the apartment from claws and teeth. Often dogs chew different, inappropriate for this, objects. The cage will help protect your pet from dangerous objects in the apartment, for example, from electrical wires under voltage. The cage will be a shelter and will help your dog to hide from the noise of the house or to hide from the children. If guests came to your home, afraid of dogs, the cage will help to reliably solve this problem.
  • If it is planned that the bitch will bring puppies. cages for dogs or a puppy aviary will help limit the space for them to gather everyone in one place. Puppies will not crawl all over the apartment, it will be easier for you to keep the house clean.
  • If it is necessary to limit the movement of the dog in case of injuries and illnesses. In the case when your pet needs rest (for example, after an injury). well, when he has his own cell, to which he has become accustomed. It is important that the dog gets acquainted with the cage, being healthy, otherwise recovery may slow down from stress due to a new cage.

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