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When To Buy A Cage Or Carrier For A Dog?

When To Buy A Cage Or Carrier For A Dog?

What are cages and carriers for dogs? When can you do without them, and when you need to have these things in your arsenal? It is believed that the cells and carrying – things are not essential. Indeed, carrying is required less often than, say, a collar with a leash, and sometimes it is not needed at all. Also, good quality cells and carriers for animals – not a cheap thing. So is it worth spending money on them? For you to accurately determine the answer to this question, we will dwell on the moments when a cell or carrier is necessary.

Transportation of dogs by train or by plane.

If your pet has to fly, you can not do without a cage. Do not rush to buy the first model you like – first, find out from the airline what requirements it puts forward to the “dog” transport. Even a latch type can have value. If the dog is closed in the cage for a long time, make sure that the cage can attach a drinking bowl with water. Here you can see the various options for cells and transports in more detail. It is also important to choose the right size. In too close a cage, the dog will feel uncomfortable, and too large will be inconvenient to use. If you have a large pet, pay attention to the presence of wheels in carrying. And remember, not every air carrier provides animal transportation services. Recognize all the details in advance so that some trifle does not break your plans. Not hurt the cage and the train. Even if you accompany your dog, or the accompanying is an incredibly responsible person, sometimes there is a need to leave the dog for a while. And if a large animal can be closed in a compartment for a couple of minutes and be relatively calm for it, then a “trifle” like a toy terrier or a dachshund can easily slip into the closing door. For the safety of the dog and your peace of mind, stock up on a cage of the right size.

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Traveling with a dog in a car.

The most comfortable and, of course, the safest way to transport a dog in a car is, of course, its transportation in a special cage. Many dog ​​breeders do not consider it necessary to even take the dog on a leash or fasten the dog in the car, for example, to the rear head restraint. And in vain. Even a pet accustomed to frequent trips can get carried away with something, jump out of the car, get lost or get under the wheels. Always control your dog on the go! Do not let off the leash at the stops. And do not allow jumping all over the cabin – the dog will distract the driver’s attention, and what’s the risk of explaining once again doesn’t make sense.

You are an owner of a show or sports dog.

In addition to trips to the exhibition and back, in which the cell will be an indispensable assistant for you, it will also help make your life easier at the exhibition itself. A carrying cell will not only reliably fix the dog when you need to leave but also reduce the stress from the event at the dog itself, making it possible to “retire” and take a break from the hustle and bustle around.

You have several dogs and / or other animals.

Cage or carrying can be great to help out the owners of several animals. Conflicts, the emergence of puppies, estrus – all these circumstances sometimes create serious problems for dog breeders. Of course, you can breed animals in different rooms, build fences, temporarily give someone to the hotel, but isn’t it easier for Lei to get a good big cage and get rid of a headache? Of course, the cage should not become the primary residence of one of your pets. It is not right. But the cage can give the bitch a chance to take a break from grown up and overly active puppies or, for example, to protect the bitch from unwanted mating during estrus. In the case of conflicts between the "neighbors" completely rely on the cell. Temporarily closing an aggressor or a victim for the period of his short-term absence is one thing, and constantly hiding problems in it is another. Here it is necessary to intervene to eliminate the causes of destructive behavior.

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With the help of the cage, you can relieve not only the aggressor but also the naughty pet. Sometimes it seems cruel, but in fact, many dogs calm down in their cage, feeling "in the house." Of course, the enclosure must be of sufficient size so that the dog can stand, sit, and lie quietly in it.

Carrying will solve a lot of problems on the delivery of a sick dog to a veterinarian, and a cage of a suitable size will help to carry out all the necessary prescriptions precisely. Sometimes veterinarians prescribe limitations in movement, for example, after a strong injury or fracture. A cage is the only way to limit a dog from sudden movements and jumps, which can only aggravate its position.

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