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What Materials Can Make A Dog Bed?

If you have a dog, then it must certainly have its place. And you can make it with your own hands, even from scrap materials!

How to make a stretcher?

You can make all kinds of dog bedding for your own hands, even from scrap materials, and it is much easier than you think! Below are some interesting options.

So, you will need to sheath the box with a cloth, so first make measurements. To do this, measure the height of the box and multiply it by four, then find out the length of the box. Add these two numbers and add 10-20 centimeters. It is the length of the segment. The width will be equal to the width of the box. It is the first part. Next, fold multiplied by four the height and height of the box, add 10-20 centimeters.

On the inside of the box (along its length) with the help of a stapler, attach the first part, on top of it attach the second one (in width). The bottom can be covered with a layer of cotton or other soft material to make it more comfortable.

What Materials Can Make A Dog Bed?

From the carpet, you can make excellent hard bedding, which you can use, including for arranging a dog house that lives on the house plot.

This option is suitable for homeless dogs since the lounger will be soft, and practically unnecessary materials will be used to make it.

You need to fill the pillowcase with old things. To bed was smooth, you can chop things up, put inside and arrange in an even layer.

If you have an old sweater or sweatshirt, then feel free to use such a thing for making a comfortable and original lounger.

Next, make the frame. To do this, take a piece of wire, bend it with an arc so that it is located diagonally from one corner to another. Secure it. To do this, make holes in the edges of the base with an awl, pass the tips of the arc through them and bend them (we can

Dog in a cage.

What do you think is it reasonable to put the dog in a cage while there is no one at home? In order not to spoil the furniture there, it did not write where it is not necessary.

And in China they also sell trinkets and pendants with live turtles and lizards (in plastic with water), of course, they die soon. That’s where it’s tin.

Usually, this is if not for the whole day, but for 2-3 hours, only in the cage, there should be a place to warm up. Dogs live in aviaries and nothing.

Usually, if she can move there if there is a drinking bowl, several acquaintances have such open-air cages, the dog begins to consider him as his place, almost the wrong way, she flies there. Breeds – scotch terrier, staff, mongrel average. When the question of junk damage arose, it was impossible to educate, and the aviary was the right way out of a bad situation.

it is much better than leaving the dog alone with dangerous objects at home, which it can swallow or still be crippled.

But it is necessary to accustom to the cage gradually. So that animals would consider it their home. And there are no problems with this. As dogs with pleasure in a cage themselves sit in the open.

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I am behind the cage, and only the size needs to be picked up correctly and the tray so that the plastic was. Bowls with holders for the cage, a bed (I like plastic beds), a diaper for the toilet (while the puppy is). Dogs are perceived as a cage as their home. But walking and running this holy))). Some advantages will be: the dog knows the place and loves it, the property is safe)))

In general, if a dog is taught from childhood that a cage is its house in which there should be water, a soft litter, and the cage will not be small for a dog, then it is quite standard practice, but it is not recommended to keep the dog there for days. In the cage should be toys, as I said, water, litter, and the cage should be spacious for the dog.

It’s okay if you don’t keep dogs

How to refine a cage for a hamster? Bedding.

What Materials Can Make A Dog Bed?

The basis of any living organism, in addition to food, is a well-appointed “house”. Hamsters in this regard are no worse than other pets, for example, cats or dogs. In the previous article, it was told what kind of cell is necessary for this, seemingly unpretentious, creation. In this case, we will talk about litter, and not about food, as you might think.

Newspapers and thick paper are not recommended for bedding. It is because the hamster can take them in the mouth (and take). Just one glance at the newspaper is enough to understand: newspaper paint is unlikely to have a strengthening effect on the animal, and it is not envisaged that it would be taken by mouth. Also, no one can guarantee that the newspaper is made according to environmental standards, designed for a hamster.

However, soft white wipes (without paint and flavors) can be used as bedding, especially for hamsters with wood dust allergies. These napkins are perfect for nesting material – they are soft, harmless, and if you break them into small, small pieces (as the hamster most often enters), then they are also hot.

The classic version of the litter – sawdust. It is much better than hay, absorb moisture and odor. However, in bags of Russian-made sawdust, there are often various garbage and huge sharp chips – not only the hamster can get hurt, but also its owner, therefore, sawdust should be carefully inspected before launching

Hunting dogs.

Dogs, depending on local conditions and breed, can be kept outdoors in the yard, on the site, and in the apartment. Usually, hounds and likes. Hardy and unpretentious animals in the countryside are kept in the yard or on the plot. In this case, if there is a reliable fence, the dog may be at large, without a leash, what should be considered the most pleasant way of content.

If the plot is not fenced or used by strangers, the dog should be kept in aviary or on a leash. Keeping in locked semi-dark barns is unacceptable. The place for building an open-air cage should be dry, well lit, and high so that it is not flooded with rain or meltwater. The size of the enclosure should be at least 3×3 m. The height of the walls should be at least 2 m, and for those dogs that can jump out of the enclosure, it is recommended to make a visor. In the aviary put booth; position it so that the dog who has got on it cannot jump out.

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If available on-site barn An open-air cage can be attached to one of its walls, and a booth can be positioned inside the shed by cutting a hole in its wall to allow the dog to enter the enclosure. One or two walls of the enclosure are tightened with a grid. The grid should be made of wire with a thickness of at least 2-2.5 mm with a cell width of 40×40 mm. It is convenient to close the enclosure with a roof, in this case, it will not be brought in with snow, or with a canopy closed the part where the booth is located. Floor in the aviary can be earthen or wooden. Earthy must be thoroughly tamped, leveled with soil filling and have a water drain.

Wooden floor more hygienic. Washable, convenient for disinfection, made of tight-fitting. At the rate of 1 cm per floor meter. Keeping a dog on a leash can be rivers

Cage for dogs. Bullying or rescue?

Coming home, you will not recognize the apartment, and your dog is sleeping peacefully on the remains of your furniture or clothes. I think everyone knows this situation. An unsuspecting puppy runs joyfully to meet you, but you are already overwhelmed with anger and fall for him. The puppy takes the guilty look, and you think that he knows and understands what you are punishing him for. Nothing like this! He takes the guilty view and the pose of submission so that you stop his scolding as soon as possible. He can NOT understand why you are punishing him if the job has already been done, and he after "atrocities" managed to sleep peacefully. He will consider you an inadequate and unbalanced personality, and the trust will be undermined.

Many owners claim. "Cell. it’s inhuman!" Then answer the question: "And to punish a puppy when he does not even understand why. is it human !?"

Every dog ​​is present "lair instinct". You probably noticed that dogs usually like to get settled in protected places: under the bed, under the table, in the corners, where there are a roof and walls. Dog cage become a den for her, her apartment if properly accustom her to her.

It is desirable from iron rods. It is reliable, ventilated, and the dog will have an overview, it will be able to observe everything that happens.

After that, you can begin to close the cage door during her sleep, but you should be in the room, do not leave the dog alone. As soon as she starts to wake up, open the door.

When she gets used in your presence, quietly be in a cage with the door closed. You can start to leave her there alone, but do not leave the apartment yet out of the room. Are back. Praised the dog if it sat quietly.

Very important: if the dog starts barking in the cage. Do NOT release it and do not come to the room on

Dog litter.

Any domestic dog must have its place. From the owner, it is of paramount importance how easy it will be to wash it. Plastic industrial sockets for this purpose are very well suited: they are cheap and easy to clean, but for dog comfort, they need soft bedding. There is a huge selection of various litters on the market.

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For hygiene, comfort, and warmth, unique veterinary bedding made of faux fur on a durable wicker basis is most suitable. Such dog litter can be washed in the machine, they remain dry, if anything, the liquid passes through them, does not wear out for a long time and is difficult enough to chew. Beddings are made for dogs of different sizes; in addition, if necessary, they can be cut. It is better to have two litters, using them on the principle of one on the floor, the second in the wash. In this case, it will not be challenging to keep the dog’s place clean and avoid the appearance of dog smells.

In the manufacture do-it-yourself litter, including when keeping a dog in a booth, you cannot use straw or hay for this purpose, since this can lead to infection of the dog with various parasites, including fleas and ticks. In the straw, as in other organic litter, bacteria are often found that cause various intestinal diseases in dogs. Besides, straw and hay can not be disinfected and gets wet quickly. It is better to use pine or cedar sawdust for bedding since they are soft, well absorb excessive moisture and unpleasant odors, as well as scare away fleas and other insects. Sawdust is environmentally safe, easy to dispose of, and they have a pleasant pine or cedar flavor.

The mat from the old cover is still trendy, such bedding for a dog or cat is most accessible.

Dog cage.

When cells are needed, and when they are not needed?

First, because a dog is in many ways a wolf, which always needs a lair or a kennel: here it feels safe, and there is a need for that. Many owners noticed that the dog often looks for a “booth” in the apartment, arranging it under the sofa, under the table (where there are wires and sockets), under the cupboard (from which you can not always get out).

Secondly, the dog is mostly a child, because he dreams of his room. She needs a personal area where no one will interfere. That is why partitions for dogs in the apartment will be as relevant as in the yard.

Also, according to zoopsychologists, the cell can help in creating a “bridge” between the dog and the owner, strengthening their friendship and mutual understanding. Who lets the dog out of the cage? Right, master. Who feeds the dog when it leaves the cage? He’s the same! Yes, and release it to play with the owner!

But here we need a measure: keep the dog in prison is always impossible. But if the dog likes to be crazy about it at night or when left alone, then why not lock it up. We need a cage, and when a child lives side by side with a dog or guests often come: it is essential to protect each other from excessive attention.

Finally, the cage is indispensable for transporting dogs (even on the subway or bus, even on the train or on the plane): no one “grabs teeth for the heels” of strangers, does not soil the transport, does not drip (it happens to all dogs on trips).

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