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What Is Size 3 Cage For Dogs?

A classic dog cage must have a particular set of parameters that are well correlated with what breed a pet has, what lifestyle it leads, what character it has, and other essential characteristics. It is not difficult to choose the best aviary, especially knowing the exact parameters of an adult dog, as well as its way of life.

So, if you spend most of your time at home, a simple open-air cage without a roof, but with limited movement of the dog by a transparent net, is well suited.

What Is Size 3 Cage For Dogs?

This cage is suitable for calm breeds of dogs – inside you can equip a sleeping place, a play area, and a place for eating. If the dog is more active and aggressive, or if you spend too little time at home, then it is better to take a full-fledged aviary with a roof and floor to ensure that the dog does not have the opportunity to get outside.

What material to choose a dog enclosure?

As a rule, the classic dog cage is made of metal or steel of various alloys.

The grid or grid that allows you to make the walls, floor, and ceiling, must be strong enough so that the dog could not gnaw through them. But if the dog is less active or does not show interest in gnawing foreign objects, the aviary can be chosen wooden.

It has several advantages:

  • Being made from environmentally friendly wood, this enclosure is completely non-allergenic and is well suited for an apartment;
  • The dog will make less noise in such an aviary since it will not have metal parts, and the tree itself will hardly make a fuss when rubbing;
  • It is easy to care for a tree and, if desired, change the cell color to the desired one at least once every few months.
  • Also, the tree is an excellent material for home craftsmanship, so on such an aviary you can fully show your artistic skills as a carver or artist.
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    If the breed of your dog is tiny and does not differ in particular activity, then a very light tissue aviary, can move freely around the room and even serve as a small house for a short trip to the clinic with the dog, to the exhibition or visit. Small fabric enclosures can be washed, so there will be no unpleasant dog smell from them either.

    As you can understand, a dog cage is made of various materials, and it will not be challenging to choose the best option, knowing the characteristics of your dog.

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