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What Is A Dog Cage For?

I very often listen to complaints from the owners, that the dog spoils furniture, carpets, clothes, pees anywhere and so on.

Coming home, you will not recognize the apartment, and your dog is sleeping peacefully on the remains of your furniture or clothes. I think everyone knows this situation. An unsuspecting puppy runs joyfully to meet you, but you are already overwhelmed with anger and fall for him. The puppy takes the guilty look, and you think that he knows and understands what you are punishing him for. Nothing like this! He takes the guilty view and the pose of submission so that you stop his scolding as soon as possible! He can NOT understand why you are punishing him if the case has already been done, and he managed to sleep peacefully after the "atrocity". He will consider you an inadequate and unbalanced personality, and the trust will be undermined.

Many owners claim – “The cage is inhuman!” Then answer the question: “But to punish a puppy when he doesn’t even understand what it is – it’s humane !?”

Remember – flat for a dog is the same cage! The apartment should play the role of a booth, like a cage – where the dog is resting, with proper maintenance, that is, when the dog gets tired on the street, and it’s not up to 5 minutes to do its work.

What is a dog cage?

What Is A Dog Cage For?

Each dog has a “lair instinct”. You probably noticed that dogs love to settle in protected places – under the bed, under the table, in the corners where there are a roof and walls. So, if you properly accustom the dog to the cage – it will become a den for it, its apartment.

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If you have children, a cage is a salvation for a dog where no one will disturb its peace.

If you need to transport the dog – the cage will help you with it again.

What is a cell for?

1) For exhibitions

-the cage serves as a safe resting place for the dog in anticipation of the ring and a table for preparing for the ring, and it will allow you to go about your business for some time.

2) For home:

-the cage will help you comply with the regimen necessary to teach your puppy tidiness.

-The cell will help save your repair from destructive chewing, as well as save the lives of young hooligans who love to chew the most inappropriate and even dangerous items. In some breeds, chewing and gnawing can begin at 2-3 months of age, and end only by 2-3 years.

-when guests come, who are afraid of dogs.

3) For shipments:

Do not tempt fate and do not give your dog complete freedom in the car, even if you are going to drive only a couple of blocks. Who knows what can happen if, say, you have an emergency brake in the cabin. Having put a dog in a cage, you will protect both her and yourself.

With long journeys, many dogs get sick, while others begin to salivate excessively. So the cage, among other things, will keep your car’s interior clean.

– in airplanes and trains

A prerequisite for transporting dogs in airplanes is the presence of a cage.

Flying and the procedures associated with it (waiting, loading, and unloading, prolonged customs control, etc.) are very tiring for dogs. They cause a state of stress, which is what they call it — traffic stress. The cage also helps the dog to relieve stress if it is a familiar and pleasant place for it. The dog travels in his room, in convenient conditions.

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Do not forget to learn in advance from the airline about the rules of carriage of animals.

4) When traveling:

-When we go on vacation, we want to take a dog with us. During the journey, the cell will become something of a sort for it. "home away from home". Leaving the dog in the hotel room, you do not have to worry that she feels unhappy there, spoils the furniture or tries to get out of the room, especially since hotels allow you to settle with the dogs only if she is in a cage.

5) To limit movement for injuries and illnesses, for hospitalization:

What Is A Dog Cage For?

– Far from all dogs are so lucky that they never in life go to a veterinary clinic. If your pet has to be hospitalized, "hospital ward" for him to become a cell. Therefore, it is better that the first acquaintance with her be made when the dog is healthy. If during an illness, it is locked in a cell for the first time, the stress experienced may slow recovery. But besides that, there are many cases when a dog needs rest. For example, in case of injury or after cosmetic surgery.

6) For puppies:

-If your dog has puppies, then an open-air cage or cage will allow you to collect all of them in one place.

7) Lair or refuge:

-Finally, perhaps the most important thing, in a cage, a dog can always hide from domestic fuss and hide from children when they become unbearable.

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