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What Is A Dog Cage For?

At home:

– Cage for dogs will help you comply with the regimen necessary to teach a puppy to tidiness; the cage will help to save your home from teeth and claws, as well as to protect your pets, who love to chew the most inappropriate and even dangerous items. In some breeds, chewing and gnawing can begin at 2-3 months of age, and end only by 2-3 years;

– the cage will help when you receive guests who are afraid of dogs.

At the exhibition:

The dog cage serves as a safe resting place for the dog in anticipation of the ring and a table to prepare for the ring, and it will allow you to go away on your business for some time.

What Is A Dog Cage For?

On a trip:

  • in the car
  • Do not tempt fate and do not give your dog complete freedom in the car, even if you are going to drive only a couple of blocks. Who knows what can happen if, say, you have an emergency brake in the cabin. Having put a dog in a cage, you will protect both her and yourself.

    With long journeys, many dogs get sick, while others begin to salivate excessively. So the cage, among other things, will keep your car’s interior clean.

  • on the plane or on the train
  • a prerequisite for transporting dogs in airplanes is to have cages for dogs.

    Flying and the procedures associated with it (waiting, loading, and unloading, prolonged customs control, etc.) are very tiring for dogs. They cause a state of stress, which is what they call it, traffic stress. The cage also helps the dog to relieve stress if it is a familiar and pleasant place for it. The dog travels in his room, in convenient conditions. Do not forget to learn in advance from the airline about the rules of carriage of animals.

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  • in a hotel room
  • When we go on vacation, we want to take a dog with us. During the journey, the cell will become something of a sort for it. "home away from home". Leaving the dog in the hotel room, you can not worry that she feels unhappy there, spoils the furniture, or tries to get out of the room, all the more – hotels are allowed to settle with dogs only if she is in a dog cage.

    To limit movement in case of injuries and illnesses, for hospitalization:

    Far from all dogs are so lucky that they never in life go to a veterinary clinic. If your pet has to be hospitalized, "hospital ward" for him to become a cell. Therefore, it is better that the first acquaintance with her be made when the dog is healthy. If during an illness, it is locked in a cell for the first time, the stress experienced may slow recovery. But besides that, there are many cases when a dog needs rest. For example, in case of injury or after cosmetic surgery.

    For puppies:

    If your dog has puppies, then an open-air cage or cage will allow you to collect all of them in one place.

    As a den or refuge:

    Finally, perhaps the most important thing, in a cage, a dog can always hide from domestic fuss and hide from children when they become unbearable.

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