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What Is A Cage For A Dog?

Cage for dogs.

Dog cage – This is her own little house where she can quietly retire. It is impossible to do without a cage at competitions. It will become an indispensable tool for transporting an animal and on joint travels in a car, public transport, plane or train. To teach your four-legged pet to the cage. easily solvable problem. Have only patience, and be consistent in raising your pet.

Let’s see for a start. What is a cage for? During exhibitions, the dog cage will become a resting place from the ring. You can use it as a place to relax in your home. And in case of your absence, the cell will be just an irreplaceable thing. In addition, the cage in the house will help the owner cope with sensitive moments during pet training for tidiness.

It will save you from the possible repair of your home as a result of the destructive behavior of your four-fourth pupil. Some dog breeds have a natural predisposition to pull into the mouth, chew or chew literally everything. In this case, the cell will prevent all sorts of inedible things from entering the animal’s stomach. It is very convenient to transport a dog in a car, plane or train, just by putting it in a cage. So you protect both yourself and the dog.

In addition, the interior of your car does not require cleaning. In airplanes, transportation of animals is permitted exclusively in cages. All stages of the flight often result in dogs in a stressful state. The cage can be a temporary home for a pet while traveling. There, the pet can comfortably relax and feel completely safe.

When hospitalized in a veterinary hospital, injuries or after cosmetic operations, the dog needs maximum rest. Cell in such cases

I am the happy owner of a faithful, four-way, actively growing friend. Due to the fact that my pet and I have to travel a lot together, often by car, and its growth rates go all reasonable boundaries. All previous clippers №2 and №3 we outgrew almost instantly. In the car when I was driving, this fidget sometimes starts to try everything on a tooth or poke my nose where it shouldn’t be. The decision was made to make the cell-carrier myself. Therefore, in the near future I will post a photo with a brief description of the work. Maybe some idea will be useful to you.

So close the time when we are lucky and we, after "Cage do it yourself","Barrier do it yourself"see the topic "How to make a dog with your own hands".

The overwhelming majority of the Boxes options offered for sale do not approximately correspond to the expectations in terms of quality, and even according to aesthetic ideas, while standing by no means democratic.

By durability. above average, but for the money, you might think that they are not made of plastic, but at least ivory, or of the shell of a Galapagos tortoise.

For cats and dogs. bowls and special feeders, open and closed toilets, containers for transportation, multi-level cages.

Conforms to the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), i.e. Suitable for transporting animals on the plane.

Thank you very much for the answers. Especially thank you very much Irina-Folomkina for the links in L.S. and bolts, and 330 rubles is a reinforcing mesh. Everything else was taken at the construction site. From honestly with economical materials. Just for two and a little

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Do I need a cage at home for a puppy?

I am preparing to become the owner of a beautiful puppy. I read a lot about preparing the house for the appearance of the dog. Many recommend to immediately purchase a cage in order to protect the little researcher. How does she think she is needed? Wouldn’t he be scared in a cage? Can anyone practice?

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They usually try to secure the master’s apartment from defeat, not a puppy. I have never had such a practice. there was enough time and energy to grow puppies without it. Now I observe how the son of a friend grows a malinois puppy in a cage (such a shepherd dog, Belgian, not shaggy). In one cell, he drags in the car, in the other he keeps at home. The dog grows close to him. But resigned already, poor fellow. When the owner thinks that the dog is enough to frolic and it’s time to go to the cage, then the poor fellow puppy cries there like a child. He, while still being left alone in the dark, does not react to his crying.

Cage puppies did not have to. Perhaps in the cage and you can keep the puppies of decorative breeds, but I believe that a puppy of any breed will feel alienated in it, which may affect its psyche and behavior in the future. I think that the cells acquire not to secure the puppy, but to protect shoes, furniture, etc. from him. Often, puppies gnaw everything they meet on the way. For the safety of the puppy, it is enough to block access to electrical wires and sharp objects.

I do not consider this method of keeping a puppy a good idea. An animal like a dog should grow close to people with freedom of movement in a habitat, in this case in an apartment, and in a favorable atmosphere. Keeping in a cage can make the animal angry, which will be expressed later in aggression. Working with a dog from an early age you will definitely teach her manners in the apartment, denoting specific places

How to make a cage for a dog?

Why cage a dog? After all, it seems that she needs space and more space for games. It turns out, according to the research and observations, the dog is an animal lair. Dogs love to hide for rest in solitary places: under the table, behind a chair and in other quiet places, because she needs her own home, her own bed: a kennel for the street, a cage for the house. A few more reasons why you need a cell are:

What Is A Cage For A Dog?

It turns out – the cage is a way to get rid of problems and maintain calm, both your and your pet. The cage is its own home for the dog, so to speak, an “oasis of calm”.

The most economical option is wooden cages. To do this, take the bars of approximately 55×60 cm. They should be covered with a grid with small cells for small breeds, or with large cells for puppies of large breeds. Be attentive to the choice of the grid. If she has moving segments, this can lead to injury in the dog: claws can be damaged or hair can get stuck in the cells.

There is a metal mesh with a plastic coating – it is just perfect for the cells. Still great is the mesh from the old armored beds. Some use masonry netting, but it is considered coarser and more difficult to process. The desired cage size for your dog or puppy is calculated as follows: when lying down, it must stretch its legs, and when sitting, touch its head to the ceiling. If the size is too large, the dog will not experience the necessary sense of security.

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How to attach the mesh to the cell? It is very simple: with the help of a stapler, we fasten along the edges, and on top we trim it with a plastic rim. Between each other, wooden frames are fastened with furniture hinges: due to this, the cage will be collapsible. For small breeds, a dog cage may consist of a fencing without bottom and roof, but for

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Why does a dog have a cage?

A conversation with one of our forumchanok, under the name of the primer, the owner of Kerry Blue with a difficult history and difficult character, gave me the idea to create this topic. In her case, it was the use of the cage that crippled the psyche of the dog, which cannot be restored either in one day or in one month. In addition, consultation and correction of a professional cynologist will be required. And all thanks to the cage (or large carrying, which is essentially the same thing).

Unhappy dog "experienced breeders" kept in a cage, that is, only in it. There she ate, there she was by herself and went. Because even for managing large and small needs it was too lazy to let out. In the life of a puppy, such days could quickly be forgotten, but for a five-month-old dog it was already a serious bust. Such "experienced breeders" I would put deprived of the rights to keep dogs in the house. Do you know what they advised our forumchanka when she complained about the problems associated with the same dog acquired from them? BUY A CELL! And when you leave home. close the dog in it.

A good example of how a very necessary thing in the household of a breeder turns into a means of inquisition. Actually, why does a dog have a cage? My home canine community 😉 without it could not do. Start with the fact that strangers were afraid of my dogs to a state of panic. Bull Terrier, as in any way. Therefore, in the case of coming electrician, friend of her husband, neighbor, the dog was promptly closed. Much better than tying to a battery. The collar will not be stifled, scrape the floor, do not turn out of "harness".

Film description: GL

The point is the following regarding application. In my life there were constant journeys with dogs. exhibitions, mating, renting and the like. In the plane without carrying will not be allowed at all. It should, incidentally, be noted that in Europe they stand in the hall

Do you need shoes for small dogs?

Even 10 years ago, a dog in shoes was shown with a finger, as if it was a miracle and they were laughing. Now the passions have subsided a bit, but even among experienced owners there is no consensus whether their pets need shoes.

There is no universal solution in this matter, it all depends on the breed, conditions of detention and even the temperament of the animal. Consider these details in more detail, and the reader himself will understand and draw conclusions.

Why do we need shoes

In Russia. harsh winters and temperatures regularly fall below zero most of the year. With some decorative rocks you can not go out in the winter. they do not require active movement, but most walks are necessary regardless of the weather. And if the jumpsuit and blanket protects the body, then the legs remain in danger.

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The snow is packed between the toes of the paws, as a result they are bursting from the inside, and the dog begins to limp, feeling discomfort. Very quickly the snow turns to ice, and the pet can refuse to go on. it hurts him. Newbies wonder: why does my crumb not want to walk in the winter? This is especially true of animals with thick hair on their paws (this is individual and does not depend heavily on the breed).

Reagents (or simple salt with sand), which sprinkle the road. This aggressive chemistry, it can lead to burns, penetrating into all the cracks in the paws and causing suffering. Non-healing wounds. result of frequent walking on city streets.

Properly selected or self-made shoes have non-slip soles, as a result, your ward’s gait will be more confident.

As in the old days, rubber boots were put on the boots, which were left in the hallway, so the advanced owner walks in the off-season with his pet in boots. When traveling abroad, they are especially useful: it is enough to put them in a bag before flying on an airplane. and you can not think about that baby

Why does a dog have a cage? How to teach a dog to cage.

Why use cells? Of course, I would not want to spend hours in a place barely enough to just get up and turn around. But I’m not a dog, and neither are you. The dog is a lair animal. If you see where your dog prefers to rest, you will find her behind a chair, under a table or in an isolated corner. She wants and needs her own “bed”, a den, a place where she can be left alone.

The cage is by far the best and easiest way to prevent most of the problems that cause many owners to get rid of their dogs. You need a cage for a dog if there are cases of uncleanliness; if the dog spoils the property when left alone; if you have small children who do not understand that the dog needs solitude; if you have guests who are afraid of dogs; if you travel with a dog and want to assure the owner of the hotel that the dog will not suit you when you are alone, and most important of all, you need a cage if you want to have the most educated and obedient dog.

When should I start using the cage? The best time is when you bring a puppy to the house. If you bought a puppy from a breeder, there is a high probability that he already knows what a restriction is. If the puppy is less than four months old, he should not have problems with the perception of the cage as his “home”. If he is older, it will not be so easy, but it can and must be achieved.

Where to place the cage? My dog’s cage stands in the corner of the dining room, away from heat and drafts. You can put yours in the corner of the kitchen, nursery or in any other similar place. Determine the place for the cage where it will not interfere, but, at the same time, not separately, so that the dog does not feel complete isolation. Do not use newspapers in a cage; instead, lay ku

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