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The Dog In The Apartment Kept Cage

House in the house: do you need a cage or playpen puppy?

Home cage for dogs. Sounds scary for a loving owner. Is it not cruel to lock a pet in a cage, even for a while? How does a dog feel at such a restriction of freedom?

For many dog ​​lovers, the mere suggestion that one can keep a dog locked in a cage at home causes a storm of negative emotions. But is it all clear? Perhaps it is worth considering all the pros and cons of using a cage or playpen, especially for a small puppy?

If the kid has to stay at home alone, while the owners do their important human affairs, then cell benefits clearly outweigh the possible cons:

In time, the dog accustomed to the cage perceives it without suffering, rather, on the contrary, the cage becomes a shelter, its own territory, a small dog house in a large human house. There is a comfortable bed in the cage, water in the trough, a small puppy – food and diaper, absorbing puddles.

Leaving the dog in the cage in the morning, you can be sure that you will find it in the evening in good health, and at home everything will be intact. Of course, there is no need to keep the puppy in a cage when the owners are at home. But during the absence of the owners or at night the cell justifies itself.

As a matter of fact, playpen – the same cell, but without a roof. A playpen is quite suitable for little puppies, but an older dog can easily get out of there. Therefore, the cell is safer and more reliable. Playpen is good for content bitches with newborn babies, which are still not moving well, but for a more active and mobile puppy the cage is definitely better.

The size of the cage should not be too large relative to the dimensions of the dog. Adult pet should be able to stand free inside full length, not naked

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Why do I need a dog cage in the apartment?

Apartment cages for dogs are very popular these days. Stereotypes that a cell is bad, because it hinders movement and limits freedom, without enduring criticism, collapses under the influence of numerous advantages proven in practice. Let us examine the advantages of cells and how they perceive our four-legged friends.

Wild relatives of dogs in natural habitats rest in the burrows, where they feel at rest and safe. It is not surprising that even domestic dogs have the instinct to make a place for themselves in which, if possible, no one will disturb them. The bed in this case does not always cope with its task, since, for example, if there are children in the house, they will still bother their beloved four-legged friend, regardless of his need for rest. Therefore, it is recommended to use a house-cage as a place for a pet. This is not only a cozy, detached house and your own corner of your puppy or adult dog, but also a guarantee of security and good breeding. Let’s talk about this in more detail!

Contrary to stereotypes, the cage is not a measure of punishment, but a real cozy house for your dog in which she will be happy to rest. Be sure to put a soft and comfortable litter on the bottom of the cage. The dog should be comfortable and pleasant to be in the house-cage as well as you in your bedroom.

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A dog cage is about the same as a playpen for a child. The same level of comfort and safety! If you have a little puppy in your house, then you are strongly recommended to purchase a cage for him.

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How to teach a dog to cage?

As if we did not call this place of detention. carrying, booth or aviary, it remains a cell inherently. And can not like a dog just because it limits its freedom, an important value in its hierarchical system. But the good half of the dogs spend most of their lives in custody. recall, for example, the same captive content mentioned just now. If we decide that in this way we act for the good of the dog, then it is better to know exactly how to teach the dog to the cage, to make its stay there less painful for the mental state.

1. Do not immediately leave the dog closed for a long time. First time. just a couple of minutes, and the animal must be walked and fed. And immediately release it so that it is clearly understood: freedom is always returned.

4. The interval of the conclusion can be extended only from the fifth attempt, and always on the empty intestine and a full stomach. Always and always. available fresh water, it would be good in a special drinker. If a dog is dry-fed according to the principle of free access to it, its presence in the cage will also calm her down.

You should never leave a tiny puppy in the confined space. He may shout before a hernia, and some dogs can whine for up to three days without ceasing, and will hate her forever.

If someone has the experience of schooling and can give a number of useful tips in this topic, I am thankful in advance for communication and participation. I am also happy to answer all your questions.

Hmm, heavy topic for city dwellers. We use such devices very rarely. For example, at exhibitions, whatever interfere with other dog owners. And when you have a few dogs, while you expose the other (s) are sitting in cages. If the breed is shallow, then in carriers.

The Dog In The Apartment Kept Cage

Keep the dog in the apartment. sin.

We decided to have a dog, we even looked after a puppy of a spaniel puppy from our kennel. I once mentioned this at work, and one of our employees said that this should not be done, and that in general keep the dog in an apartment or house. This is a sin in Orthodoxy. Can only cat or birds. I have never heard of such a thing, and somehow it is doubtful. Why it is impossible to get a dog if we really want it and can afford it, than a dog is worse than other animals? Please, who knows, tell me, is it true that the church forbids having dogs in the apartment and why? Thanks in advance to all responded.

The dog is a dirty animal, they were always kept in kennels or just on the streets, European perverts began to keep them at home for sexual pleasures, and then it was. Now, many are holding, start once decided, let us anthelmintic and everything will be fine.

The Orthodox religion considers the dog to be dirty, unclean to animals, devoid of soul. Therefore, the house or church where the dog entered is considered desecrated.

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"devoid of soul". both man and animal have a soul! Only these souls are on different levels. This is how it should be, because man must control animals. So what is this nonsense. Orthodox

Fu, your Orthodoxy. brainwashing. "religion believes there is no soul". it’s not disgusting to write such a thing, some zombies. do dogs have a soul?

in dogs and the rest of the soul fauna surrounding us, then more than ours, in humans, we have more brains, but we still live like dogs!

Dear opponents! This is not about personal dislike for dogs, but about Orthodox tenets. They may seem to you personally nonsense, but nevertheless they are.

The dog is considered an unclean animal, not only in Orthodoxy, but in almost all religions. The lack of a dog’s soul is also a religious postulate, not my l

Is it possible to keep in "cage" a dog during the absence of people in the apartment?

I am interested in everything that concerns "cells" for the dog. I do not know how it is called, well, such as dogs at exhibitions held. Is it possible in such "cage" keep the dog at home, leaving not for long or for long. The situation is very complicated. With relatives. Dachshund. The dog has a roof as soon as she is alone in the apartment. even for 15 minutes. Starting to destroy the apartment. And when someone is at home, then everything is fine. And to carry along, you understand, is not always possible.

Remusechka, in this case it is just necessary. The dachshund that lived with me did more damage than the collies in 12.5 years and the shelties (along with the puppies) in 4 years!

Just decide what you need. carrying (plastic) or metal cage. I bought the carrier for about 20, the metal cage cost me 365 UAH. (large): wink:

Remusychka, there is here, but these are boxes, cells, like I saw in Zoomarket "Aquarium" on Shcherbakov, 57, there is no phone there, they work until 20:00. Still can in Speke or on a bird for sure there is.

For such a small dog, a plastic kenel (box) is also suitable. There is a large cage in the apartment and sometimes there is no place. "to retire" and that no one touched him. And there is where to put and good ventilation and close, too. quite suitable. And their sizes are different and very small, medium and huge. Well, very convenient 🙂

For such a small dog, a plastic kenel (box) is also suitable. There is a large cage in the apartment and sometimes there is no place. "to retire" and that no one touched him. And there is where to put and ventilation is good

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Why does a dog have a cage?

A conversation with one of our forumchanok, under the name of the primer, the owner of Kerry Blue with a difficult history and difficult character, gave me the idea to create this topic. In her case, it was the use of the cage that crippled the psyche of the dog, which cannot be restored either in one day or in one month. In addition, consultation and correction of a professional cynologist will be required. And all thanks to the cage (or large carrying, which is essentially the same thing).

Unhappy dog "experienced breeders" kept in a cage, that is, only in it. There she ate, there she was by herself and went. Because even for managing large and small needs it was too lazy to let out. In the life of a puppy, such days could quickly be forgotten, but for a five-month-old dog it was already a serious bust. Such "experienced breeders" I would put deprived of the rights to keep dogs in the house. Do you know what they advised our forumchanka when she complained about the problems associated with the same dog acquired from them? BUY A CELL! And when you leave home. close the dog in it.

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A good example of how a very necessary thing in the household of a breeder turns into a means of inquisition. Actually, why does a dog have a cage? My home canine community 😉 without it could not do. Start with the fact that strangers were afraid of my dogs to a state of panic. Bull Terrier, as in any way. Therefore, in the case of coming electrician, friend of her husband, neighbor, the dog was promptly closed. Much better than tying to a battery. The collar will not be stifled, scrape the floor, do not turn out of "harness".

When the dog stands on the ground

The point is the following regarding application. In my life there were constant journeys with dogs. exhibitions, mating, renting and the like. In the plane without carrying will not be allowed at all. It should, incidentally, be noted that in Europe they stand in the hall

I, too, was an ardent opponent of cells! the thought of the cell hurt me. but as the little Skoda grew up, she was naturally drawn to adventure. The towel is not a pity, but it came to this. The sofa is also not a pity, but she nibbled foam and she was very bad. Thank you friends who have insisted on the appearance of the cell! We first rented it, and then we bought it ourselves. Now Skoda is already more than a year old and there is no longer any need for a cage. but she does not feel any discomfort there either. and spends time like that. so.

If a dog with a puppy is accustomed to being periodically in boxing, then the dog does not experience any inconvenience, much less stress. She is even quite comfortable. Of course, provided that the box (aviary, cage) is quite spacious and allows you to put there a sunbed and a bowl of water so that there is still room. And at exhibitions and transportation, they sit quietly in small boxes. This is done for their safety. Mine and houses with pleasure will climb into the pits when those around them "reach out".

Helena Enlightened (41988) I don’t need your points. I prefer instead of money-points. And you need to store your brains in a box. And then the last ones will be rotten.

Keep the dog in a cage? it’s just nonsense, even the smallest dog needs will. I really have one such friend. it seems to him it is not a bit sorry. He lives pikines, a small unhappy dog, and he keeps her in a cage for RABBITS. She is closed and tortured. And no wonder

Yes, I know such people. But they do not keep a dog in a cage all the time, like a small animal, someone thinks with horror, and the cage is a personal dog house. When someone is at home. the dog in the cage sleeps and rests with the door open, she comes in and goes out. There is a warehouse of her favorite toys, bedding, a bowl of water. And when guests come, or someone else, or go on not

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