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How To Teach The Dog To The Place, Booth, Cage, Aviary?

How to teach a dog to the place?

Begin to teach a puppy or adult dog to the place on the first day of its stay in the house. An adult dog will soon realize that they have been provided with a warm and cozy sofa. A puppy should be immediately attributed to his place of rest and say the word "place", even if he immediately runs away from there. Puppies are awake for long, especially small ones. They play for 15–20 minutes, and then sleep for 20–40 minutes, then defecate, eat and play, again do their “business” and begin to look for a place for another rest.

You need to follow this, pick it up and carry it to the sofa, hold it a little, and repeat the command. When the puppy becomes calm, you need to praise him with the word "good" and leave him alone. If the baby escapes again, the procedure is repeated anew. Soon he will understand that on a warm sofa dreams of the sweetest dreams.

When guests come to the house or the puppy begins to beg, tries to grab a broom during cleaning, then the “place” command removes it to its corner. Only a well-fed puppy, who is tired of playing, can master this team more easily. And this is facilitated by praise and every tasty food, which the owner encourages the puppy for obedience.

How to teach a dog to the booth?

While the owner is busy, the puppy can be in his aviary on his sofa or a special soft booth, a cage in a certain corner of the room or the hallway. If you teach your child to remain alone for 15–20 minutes from a young age, then for a longer time, but not more than 12 hours, then an older and older dog will be easier to learn to live in a box in the yard.

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And so you purchased or built a spacious booth for your pet and installed it in the courtyard closer to the gate or wicket. But for some reason, the dog did not understand her happiness and did not want to climb into her house. It can be explained. In the apartment, next to the owner, the puppy was in the center of attention, and in the booth, she felt lonely and abandoned. It is where the skills of the puppy to be in the aviary, cage or soft booth and obedience to the "place" command, as mentioned above, are useful.

The eviction of the dog from the room to the booth will also be gradual. When the master of the house, you can let her be near. When the owner goes to work or is busy, you can release it in an aviary or a large cage with a booth inside. An open-air cage or cage should also have doors that are closed in case of guests arrive.

As for feeding the dog, it is better to do this while she is in the booth. Then the dog will understand that her life was a success, if there is tasty food in the bowl next to you, there is water and a toy. These advantages of life will be so much appreciated by a pet that you will not be lured into his house by even the most delicious bone.

How to teach a dog to cage?

Small carrying cells for puppies are convenient for transporting pets in vehicles and for their rest, especially when the owner does not have time to watch him. The puppy will see the owner and will not feel alone.

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In large cages put bitches with small puppies. So you can protect the kids from contact with other pets and small children, who need to prevent the fingers from being inserted between the bars to touch the puppy. Cages for puppies should be with small cells so that it does not get stuck there or fall out. The most massive cages are placed in the courtyard and inside the booths are installed.

The puppy is caged and given a treat. If the puppy is of large breeds, then the gift is shown to the puppy and thrown into the cage, allow the dog to enter and take a tidbit. After several repetitions, the dog will not want to go out itself if there is a bowl of water and tasty treats in it, although the door must be left open and allowed the dog to leave the cage at any time. Of course, you need to repeat the commands: "place", "take," and praise "good" at some point.

At night, close the pet in a cage, and in the morning immediately released on the tray. Soon he will climb into it in the evening for a rest.

How To Teach The Dog To The Place, Booth, Cage, Aviary?

How to teach a dog to the aviary?

Indoor aviary set even before the puppy in the house. Thus, he will have a personal space for games, recreation, food, and toilet. The aviary has a small wicket through which the puppy can go out to communicate with the owner. The gate is opened only when the puppy fully adapts in his territory. Do not just forget to give for the obedience of treats, praise the puppy, and teach the commands.

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Open-air cages outside the house are installed so that the dog can control the entire yard. First, it is released there for walks and toilets. They put a booth inside the cage, there should be a small area with ground and grass for walking, or just put asphalt, drains are made to drain water after washing the area from a hose. The booth must be placed under a canopy so that the dog is not hot in it from direct sunlight. The dog must be taught to the teams: "place", "guard," and others. The height of the enclosure should be such that the pet could not jump over it. On the ground, an open-air cage is fixed in such a way that “digging up” was also impossible.

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