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Simple Tips For Making A Dog Cage Yourself.

Simple Tips For Making A Dog Cage Yourself.

What is the dog cage for? After all, it seems that she needs space and more space for games. It turns out, according to the research and observations, the dog is an animal lair. Dogs love to hide for rest in solitary places: under the table, behind a chair and in other quiet places, because she needs her own home, her bed: a kennel for the street, a cage for the house.

A few more reasons why you need a cell are:

    Simple Tips For Making A Dog Cage Yourself.
  • protecting your home from the pranks of puppies or dogs in your absence;
  • children in the house;
  • change in dog behavior;
  • It turns out – the cage is a way to get rid of problems and maintain calm, both your and your pet. The cage is its own home for the dog, so to speak, an “oasis of calm”.

    Simple tips on how to make a dog cage yourself.

    The most economical option is a wooden cage. To do this, take the bars of approximately 55×60 cm. They should be covered with a grid with small cells for small breeds, or with large cells for puppies of large breeds. Be attentive to the choice of the grid. If she has moving segments, this can lead to injury in the dog: claws can be damaged, or hair can get stuck in the cells.

    There is a metal mesh with a plastic coating – it is just perfect for the cells. Still great is the mesh from the old armored beds. Some use masonry netting, but it is considered coarser and more challenging to process. The desired cage size for your dog or puppy is calculated as follows: when lying down, it must stretch its legs, and when sitting, touch its head to the ceiling. If the size is too large, the dog will not experience the necessary sense of security.

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    How to attach the mesh to the cell? It is effortless: with the help of a stapler, we fasten along the edges, and on top, we trim it with a plastic rim. Between each other, wooden frames are fastened with furniture hinges: due to this, the cage will be collapsible. For small breeds, a dog cage may consist of fencing without a bottom and a roof, but for large breeds, you will have to work hard.

    Time to start using the cell. So, you made the decision that you need a cell, made or purchased the structure you need, what next? And then the process of schooling to this subject. This work is not less complicated than training for walking, but it is more than repayable. Very good to start learning in puppy age.

    Put the cage away from batteries and drafts, somewhere in seclusion, but so that the dog senses your presence. Cover it with a soft, easily washable material. Schooling to the house occurs gradually: during the holidays, close the puppy once or twice a day for a couple of hours. For fun, put him a toy and be sure to remove the collar so as not to be injured. Remember, your persistence and systematic requirements will lead to the desired result.

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