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“Savic” Chrome Dog Cage.

The cage is usually associated in humans with birds or rodents. But there are special cages for dogs. Many owners of these quadrupeds have already appreciated the advantage of this item. It is ideal for traveling with your pets, but it is indispensable and at home.

Why exactly Savic?

The advantages of Belgium’s Savic chromium-plated cage are that it is straightforward to assemble, but it also closes securely. Even the most intelligent and agile dog will not be able to get out of a closed cage. Meanwhile, a curious animal will not be deprived of the joy of observing what is happening. Savic cage will not spoil the floor in the house, as its bottom is covered with rubber outside. The choice of cells of this model is great – you can choose exactly one that fits your pet in size. Thanks to the handle, it is convenient to transfer them from place to place. In this cage, the dog will be completely safe, both on travel and at home. You can store this handy item even in the smallest apartment – it is very compact when folded.

Why does a dog have a cage?

Dogs. The best and most loyal friends, but each of them has its character. They are capable of harmless pranks and larger "villains." In addition, dogs are subject to various dangers both outside and inside the walls of the house. For example, you have decided to make a repair or rearrangement, and the dog is spinning under your feet, is anxious and tries to smell everything. But in the paint and other materials "pry nose" animal should not be. Here comes to the aid of the cell.

"Savic" Chrome Dog Cage.

A cage is also necessary if there are also small children in the house where the dog lives. While the dog and the child have not yet learned how to get along, it is desirable to protect them from each other. Let the dog get used to the smell of the baby – for it it is important. And the baby must understand that it is necessary to handle the animal correctly, and not to tug it by the tail, even if the dog is very benevolent. And if a dog is aggressive, then it can “tyrannize” not only children but also all family members, as well as guests, whom it does not recognize as its owners. In this situation, without a cell, too, can not do.

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Looking at a small, harmless puppy, I can’t even believe that he is capable of dirty tricks. However, it is worth the owners for a minute to let him out of sight, and he immediately begins to gnaw shoes, spoil furniture, and carpets. Blaming this fluffy naughty boy is not worth punishing, too – he behaves quite naturally. Over time, the owners will teach him to behave decently, but as long as he is very small, he does not understand this. Training takes time – making the dog obedient for a week is simply unrealistic. And if all this time she will spoil things in the house, then you will have to scold her. And it destroys the nature of the animal.

A dog cage is the same as a flat for a person. The need for a dog to move is very high. Therefore, it is necessary to walk her not only for the sake of doing her dog’s business on the street but also for her plenty to play around. In the cage, she will rest after the walk, just as we rest in apartments after a busy day. Besides, the dog, although domesticated by man, is a descendant of the wolf. And wolves, as we know, are born, and then live, in dens. That is why at home, the dog often seeks shelter for itself – a sort of wall or roof. She is looking for security, and a cell can also become such a “lair” for her. Your task is to accustom the dog to the cage correctly, so that it perceives it as its dwelling, and not as a place where it is closed to punish.

Travel and cell.

It is very convenient to use the dog cage during the transportation of the animal in the car. It will protect the driver from possible interference, which can create a scared or, conversely, joyful dog. She will not be able to run through the cabin, dirty with paws of the window, upholstery of the seats and passengers. Some dogs may begin to vomit on a trip – if they vomit in a cage, then it will be much easier to clean it than in a car.

With a dog in a cage, you will be allowed to go to some hotels or motels without complaint. It will be much easier for you and the animal to carry air travel. Even it’s tiring for people to wait for an airplane, to stand for long on customs, and so on. What can we say about the dog? At this moment, they are experiencing severe stress. It is where the cage will come in handy, in which the dog will feel at home, surrounded by natural objects – bedding and toys.

"Savic" Chrome Dog Cage.

Which cell is better?

In addition to metal cells, like Savic, I also exist plastic. They are good for traveling by plane. But metal wire cages are more suitable for everyday life. Savic cells are well ventilated, and allow dogs to look at the world, communicate with people, feel in the company of people and other animals. As for the size, then, as we have said, the cells of this company are different. To find the right one for your dog, keep in mind that the cage must be no less than the height of the dog. Also, the width of the cage should allow the dog to turn around and stretch while resting.

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As they say, the best is the enemy of the good. We do not recommend getting a too big cage. Otherwise, the puppy will go to sleep in one corner of the cage, and in the other – go to the toilet. If the cage is not very big, the dog will not begin to soil in his “home”, where he eats and sleeps. If you want to buy a cage “for growth” for a puppy, put a separator in it so that later you can increase the internal space.

It is not at all necessary to place the cell in the same place. It is attractive for the dog to observe what is happening, so it is better to put the cage in the most lively room. At least in the daytime. At night, the dog is better to be in the room owner. The main thing is that the cage does not stand in a draft, and at the same time is not close to heating devices or a battery, where the animal can get very hot. If the room is cold and the dog is thermophilic, cover the cage with a rug. In the heat, on the contrary, thin sheets. The cage will not spoil the look of the room if the fabric with which it is covered will be combined with the rest of the textiles in the interior. You can put the cell under the table.

The dog will feel calm if his favorite objects are surrounded in the cage – a blanket with the smell of the owner, a toy that can be nibbled. Also, especially for a cage, some particularly tempting toy for a four-legged one is needed, for example, natural bone. If a dog or puppy spend a lot of time in a cage, put bowls of food and water in it.

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How to teach a puppy to cage?

Walk the dog, then, taking home, remove the collar and command: "In the cage!". Speak the team happily, attract the puppy with an interesting toy, throwing it into a corner of the cage. When the dog enters, approve it. Let such classes become a puppy game. Do not close the door at first and do not leave the dog in a cage for a long time. You will feel the moment when the animal itself is calmly in a cage and perceives it as a cozy den. If the puppy whines, ignore him and praise only when he pauses. It is good to teach a puppy to the cage when he is tired – he can fall asleep in it.

Stay close to the dog when it is in a cage, and show with all your appearance that you treat it better when it is in your house. Soon you can quickly leave the dog in a cage all night. The first nights may have to be patient a little to calm the animal, play with it while it is in a cage. If the puppy is two months old, he can sleep for about four hours. But, if he wakes up and asks for the toilet, open the cage and take him where he belongs (to the courtyard, and so on), and then re-enter the cage.

Then you need to teach a puppy to be in a cage when no one is home. It is better to do this after the walk and with him when he is tired and wants to sleep. So he quickly agrees to sleep in a cage. It’s okay if your pet makes a bit of noise — he will soon realize that it is useless. At first, do not go away for a long time; otherwise, if the puppy gets used to going to the toilet in a cage, it will be difficult to wean him. In approximately the same way, it is possible to teach an adult dog to be in a cage. The main thing – never use a cage for punishment, and train your dog so that you do not have to close it in a cage regularly.

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