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Keep The Dog In The Cage At Home

Why does a dog have a cage? How to teach a dog to cage.

Why use cells? Of course, I would not want to spend hours in a place barely enough to just get up and turn around. But I’m not a dog, and neither are you. The dog is a lair animal. If you see where your dog prefers to rest, you will find her behind a chair, under a table or in an isolated corner. She wants and needs her own “bed”, a den, a place where she can be left alone.

The cage is by far the best and easiest way to prevent most of the problems that cause many owners to get rid of their dogs. You need a cage for a dog if there are cases of uncleanliness; if the dog spoils the property when left alone; if you have small children who do not understand that the dog needs solitude; if you have guests who are afraid of dogs; if you travel with a dog and want to assure the owner of the hotel that the dog will not suit you when you are alone, and most important of all, you need a cage if you want to have the most educated and obedient dog.

When should I start using the cage? The best time is when you bring a puppy to the house. If you bought a puppy from a breeder, there is a high probability that he already knows what a restriction is. If the puppy is less than four months old, he should not have problems with the perception of the cage as his “home”. If he is older, it will not be so easy, but it can and must be achieved.

Where to place the cage? My dog’s cage stands in the corner of the dining room, away from heat and drafts. You can put yours in the corner of the kitchen, nursery or in any other similar place. Determine the place for the cage where it will not interfere, but, at the same time, not separately, so that the dog does not feel complete isolation. Do not use newspapers in a cage; instead, lay ku

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Do I need a cage at home for a puppy?

I am preparing to become the owner of a beautiful puppy. I read a lot about preparing the house for the appearance of the dog. Many recommend to immediately purchase a cage in order to protect the little researcher. How does she think she is needed? Wouldn’t he be scared in a cage? Can anyone practice?

They usually try to secure the master’s apartment from defeat, not a puppy. I have never had such a practice. there was enough time and energy to grow puppies without it. Now I observe how the son of a friend grows a malinois puppy in a cage (such a shepherd dog, Belgian, not shaggy). In one cell, he drags in the car, in the other he keeps at home. The dog grows close to him. But resigned already, poor fellow. When the owner thinks that the dog is enough to frolic and it’s time to go to the cage, then the poor fellow puppy cries there like a child. He, while still being left alone in the dark, does not react to his crying.

Cage puppies did not have to. Perhaps in the cage and you can keep the puppies of decorative breeds, but I believe that a puppy of any breed will feel alienated in it, which may affect its psyche and behavior in the future. I think that the cells acquire not to secure the puppy, but to protect shoes, furniture, etc. from him. Often, puppies gnaw everything they meet on the way. For the safety of the puppy, it is enough to block access to electrical wires and sharp objects.

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I do not consider this method of keeping a puppy a good idea. An animal like a dog should grow close to people with freedom of movement in a habitat, in this case in an apartment, and in a favorable atmosphere. Keeping in a cage can make the animal angry, which will be expressed later in aggression. Working with a dog from an early age you will definitely teach her manners in the apartment, denoting specific places

Until what age do you keep a dog in a cage?

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Initially, when the cage got started, I planned to leave the dog there during our absence up to 1.5 years. I read this opinion somewhere on the forum. Now my 1 year, when I behave normally. But in my absence, I still don’t trust her house. The house is big, repair is expensive, I do not want to redo it. For the time being, it would seem that there were no major losses, a bit of wallpaper in one place was scratched and the floor was a little spoiled, but all this is fixable. I would like to know the experience of the members of the forum, from whom until what age was the dog bullied in the absence of owners? So already want to remove the cell. Maybe in vain I do not trust her.

I would like to know the experience of the members of the forum, from whom until what age was the dog bullied in the absence of owners? So already want to remove the cell. Maybe in vain I do not trust her.

There were no cells at all. When was quite small left him in the corridor. Now the whole apartment is available when I am not. Jackson sleeps peacefully under the front door, at least I find him always there when coming down

we still have, but sometimes I do not close the door with a latch, but just cover it. The dog still sits in a cage. I want to try not to drive her before leaving, at least for a short time.

But to completely remove, I would already like to, but this is really Reikin’s house, she always sleeps there or goes away herself when I start making noise on children. Where she will then find solitude from our noisy company. I’m afraid it’s already for life

At the age of 1.5, we started to leave a little bit without a cage. First for 20 minutes, then more, etc. Not a hooligan at all, although the cage was acquired because of the incredible collapse of everything that was in the teeth.

We are almost 1g. and 2 months. Cage is not used. Iron stripped the corridor quite significantly. I wanted to make repairs in the summer, but I think to postpone it to go

Bird in the house: choose the decoration and friend

The popular game of Engry Birds and the Rio cartoon reminded the children who they really need to ask for from their parents. You do not need to ask? Well, well, every serious adult can afford a parrot, or a canary, or a crow at worst. We will tell you about the pros and cons of different types of poultry.

A simple and inexpensive option for beginners. Lives about 15 years. Bright singers from the Canary Islands in the art of vocal have no competitors, except, perhaps, nightingales (but these birds are very gentle, and it is very hard to tame them). When buying canaries, one must remember that only males sing. The females, though they try to sing, but it’s not very good. It is rather difficult to distinguish between males and females, therefore it is worth buying a bird only after you personally hear its voice. The opinion about the pros and cons of the canary is very subjective: if you are happy to hear year-round trills from morning to evening, then the bird will be a joy, because they only fall silent for a period of molt once or twice a year.

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Color canaries is different: there are white, yellow, fawn, gray, variegated, green, orange, red birds. Picky buyer can easily pick up bird and to the color of the eyes, and to the color of the wallpaper in the living room. True, many fans of canaries believe that the green (natural) color of birds adds to their endurance.

The bird is unusually intelligent. Can not only memorize words and expressions, but also conduct meaningful dialogue. Studies have shown that Jaco are able to associate words with objects that are about

I want to say right away that there are no questions. I myself never had to keep the dogs in a cage, I somehow managed to cope with that, but I would never condemn those who use cages. sometimes there is a real need.

I’m not talking about round-the-clock cage maintenance, because it’s about the fact that a dog spends in a cage at a time when the owner is not at home and he cannot control the behavior of the dog. sometimes for upbringing, for a normal life, a cell is simply necessary. For some breeds, cells are even recommended. (I read similar recommendations for English bulldogs and Staffords) Using a cage you can teach a dog to bite only its toys, and not everything that is not nailed, you can teach a dog to go to the toilet outside, and not on the carpet, you can simply accustom the dog to a certain mode of the day, you can overdo the dog at that time until its relationship with new to her housewives is not fully established (for example, if you are not sure that when you return you will find your cat, another dog, aquarium, cage with a bird intact and intact) it is difficult to understand, but people who took the dog not as a puppy, but an adult who is already formed and difficult to receive will understand. Well, it also happens that a dog is a good guard and for a person it is important that she remains such a guard, in which case the cage is needed in order to receive guests normally.

In general, it cells. these are quite such spacious dog shelters, with a warm bedding with toys and enough free space for the dog to move freely. the same "a place", only from which you will not leave without demand. usually during the time of training a dog, they get used to the cages so much that the owners leave these cages like a dog’s home kennel, just now without closing the door.

it’s just new, unusual, and people don’t know how it looks and why they are needed, therefore

Is it possible to keep in "cage" a dog during the absence of people in the apartment?

I am interested in everything that concerns "cells" for the dog. I do not know how it is called, well, such as dogs at exhibitions held. Is it possible in such "cage" keep the dog at home, leaving not for long or for long. The situation is very complicated. With relatives. Dachshund. The dog has a roof as soon as she is alone in the apartment. even for 15 minutes. Starting to destroy the apartment. And when someone is at home, then everything is fine. And to carry along, you understand, is not always possible.

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Remusechka, in this case it is just necessary. The dachshund that lived with me did more damage than the collies in 12.5 years and the shelties (along with the puppies) in 4 years!

Just decide what you need. carrying (plastic) or metal cage. I bought the carrier for about 20, the metal cage cost me 365 UAH. (large): wink:

Keep The Dog In The Cage At Home

Remusychka, there is here, but these are boxes, cells, like I saw in Zoomarket "Aquarium" on Shcherbakov, 57, there is no phone there, they work until 20:00. Still can in Speke or on a bird for sure there is.

For such a small dog, a plastic kenel (box) is also suitable. There is a large cage in the apartment and sometimes there is no place. "to retire" and that no one touched him. And there is where to put and good ventilation and close, too. quite suitable. And their sizes are different and very small, medium and huge. Well, very convenient 🙂

Homeless this puppy was already on the third

For such a small dog, a plastic kenel (box) is also suitable. There is a large cage in the apartment and sometimes there is no place. "to retire" and that no one touched him. And there is where to put and ventilation is good

Why keep a domestic dog in a cage?

A friend invited me to his home, where there is a large cage inside the room, and there is a dog bed. But if you keep a dog in the house, why do you need a cage for her?

Imagine guests coming to you. Two dogs run out, bark, frighten guests, get in their way. It is easier to close them in a cage, until all the guests come and disperse. And then you can let the dogs out. Very comfortably.

In addition, leaving the house, I close the dogs in a cage. Believe me, without supervision, they can arrange a pogrom in the apartment. This is for their own safety. Again, move less. less crap. They will sit and endure until the owners come.

It is very convenient to take a cage with you to the exhibition. But we get around carrying. My missing. And where to put a big dog? Only in the cage.

Dogs are usually kept in cages at home by dog ​​breeders who often go to dog shows. At exhibitions, dogs sit in cages and therefore they should be taught to cage, it should not consider the cage a punishment, should treat it calmly, do not bark, do not whine, do not show aggression.

Keep The Dog In The Cage At Home

Even in a cage they lock up quick-witted puppies, who have teeth cut when they stay alone in the house, as they not only bite the furniture, but gnaw through the wires and can get injured by the current. When the period of gnawing past the puppy begin to accustom to freedom, leaving the cage open. Usually, being used from a young age to a cage in which there should be a litter, food and water, the raised dog considers it to be his house or doghouse and does not have negative emotions towards her.

She also always asked herself such a question – how can a dog be in a cage? Then I understood how it can be done. My girlfriend moved to America for permanent residence, transported her Boxer. A girlfriend was not enough to go home, work, language courses. The dog frankly began to revenge, and revenge was terrible to her. Spread the whole house. Every time coming

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