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How To Teach An Adult Dog To Cage Or Carrier?

There are many devices for transporting animals: plastic carrying and boxes metal cells and dogs enclosures.

How To Teach An Adult Dog To Cage Or Carrier?

They are used in a variety of ways:

  • To visit the vet
  • For short trips around the city or to the country.
  • For transportation of animals by air, train, car or another ground-based mode of transport.
  • It is enough option for transportation of animals, but sometimes there are difficulties with their use. The easiest way to teach an animal in childhood. If you decide to bring a kitten or a puppy, and at the same time you are an avid traveler, or you want the animal to spend the most time with you, you should think about buying a carry in advance.

    And if it so happens that the animal is already adult, but the need for its transportation has arisen, it is worthwhile to apply a little effort and patience to achieve the desired result.

    Follow these guidelines:

    1. First of all, allow your pet to “get acquainted” with a new object. Most dogs are afraid of everything new. You can put the carrier near the bowls of food or water. Inside the metal cage, you can put your favorite bedding or a bowl of food. At first, keep the doors open; the animal must understand that nothing threatens it.
    2. Play with your pet near the cage, the animal must make sure that it is not scary, but rather fun. Over time, try to leave the treat inside, so that the pet itself climbed for a snack. In no case do not push your pet against his will into the carrier, so you can only break the psyche and make the cage forever enemy number 1.
    3. As soon as you notice that the dog has started to enter calmly, close the door and slightly hold it. At the same time, praise your friend and, if you wish, you can be encouraged by the delicacy of his achievement. If the pet starts to get nervous, whine – in a strict but calm voice, “interrupt him”. As soon as he calms down, immediately praise, and do not forget to treat through the door. Train, and as soon as the dog behaves calmly and quietly in a closed cage, congratulations. You did everything right.
    4. Now the animal is ready to move and travel. As a rule, animals sleep during travel. Lay a comfortable bedding and favorite toy inside.
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      How to choose the size of the cage (carrying) for the dog?

      So that your pet does not feel like a prisoner, you should choose the right cage size for it. Your dog will be able to stand on its paws calmly. It will have space to turn around and the opportunity to lie down (while stretching out).

      When selecting a cage for a puppy – there are two opposite opinions.

      1. Pick up the cage is based on the current size and weight of the puppy. And over time, change to the appropriate size.
      2. Selection of cages "for growth", namely, the estimated weight and size of an adult dog is taken into account. Such a method will eliminate unnecessary expenses and decide the issue of moving the animal now and in the future.
      3. How many people, so many opinions, you decide which carrier to choose. We can recommend a compromise option is carrying (cells) with partitions (dividers). This carrying will allow you to limit the necessary space for a puppy, and also save you money.

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