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How To Teach A Puppy To The Home Cage For Dogs?

If you decide to use a home cage for dogs, you will have to teach a puppy (dog) to enter the cage and stay in it for a while. Teaching a puppy to a dog cage is not so difficult: even the most energetic puppy gets tired and wants to relax in a secluded place where no one will disturb him.

First of all, try to make the home cage attractive for your puppy: put a soft bedding and several toys in the cage. If the cage seems significant to you, you can put a dog house in it. Some dog owners drape the walls and the top of the cage with a cloth, and then the cage for the puppy becomes cozy and similar to a den.

Lure the puppy into a cage: put a treat or favorite toy in front of the dog when the puppy enters the home cage, praise him, treat him with the treat (the door should be open), hold the puppy inside the cage with a play and treat for a few seconds, and then let him go

When the puppy gets tired and wants to sleep, put him in a cage, stroke, and then close the cage door. Do not leave the room. Otherwise, the puppy will think that you abandoned him. Take care of this. Either by deed, the main thing is for the puppy to see you. If the puppy starts to bark, whine. Do not pay attention to him and do not talk to him. Pulling a puppy out of the cage is possible only then he will stop barking and whining. Gradually increase the time the puppy is in the home cage.

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If you feed a puppy in a home cage with an open door, the process of habituation will be faster, as it will be associated with pleasant associations.

How to use the cage for dogs?

How To Teach A Puppy To The Home Cage For Dogs?
  • In the afternoon, you can use the dog cage for a short time, for example, you need to leave home for a short time, and you cannot take a dog with you.
  • Never use a cage as a punishment for a dog.
  • Do not create excess noise and fuss before you put a puppy in a cage or let it out.
  • Do not refuse to use a home cage, just because it didn’t work out puppy cage for dogs from the first time, over time, the puppy will love his cage and will be happy to rest there, especially when the door is open.

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