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How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary?

How to equip a new home for your pet?

Before you teach your pet to the booth, it is necessary to equip his new home for him. New space for a dog must necessarily be comfortable for living.

These little things are essential for the pet’s retraining process, so you should take into account some features when setting up a booth:

  1. It is vital when arranging a booth or an open-air cage to take into account the size of the animal since the new house of the pet must be spacious. Besides, the room should be clean and fairly dark.
  2. It is also important to build a booth in such a way that there are no gaps between parts of the building. It will protect the pet from drafts during the cold season.
  3. It is essential to make a safe roof in the booth so that water does not get inside through it. It is quite simple to check it: you can pour water from the hose from the top or pour out a bucket of liquid. The lack of moisture in the booth helps to preserve the health of the animal.
    • To accustom your pet to a new home is possible only in the case when the booth or aviary are fully prepared. Do not let the animal inside, if the preparation process is still underway, especially if the boards are covered with paint or other materials. It may harm the dog. Do not cover the walls and roof of the aviary with varnish or varnish. It is better to choose dry materials for the construction of a dog house.
    • It is necessary as convenient as possible for the animal to organize the entrance to the aviary or booth. Additionally, you can make a small visor above the entrance in case the dog wants to stick his head out of the booth. Also, the pet will need to be accustomed to the chain if only a booth without an open-air cage is organized for it.
    • In most cases, for the arrangement of the doghouse use pine. As a roof, natural linoleum or roofing felt is perfect. The roof should be made in such a way that the dog could easily climb it, as many pets like to spend time above.
    • You should build the most high-quality and high-quality construction that will serve your pet as a reliable home for several years.
    • Rules for arranging the booth.

      If the dog does not want to go to the booth, you must try to change the arrangement of the building, thereby eliminating the possible causes of failure.

      To do this, you need to know the following rules for arranging a kennel:

      • The entrance to the dog house should be convenient for its tenant. If the pet experiences discomfort during the passage, then he does not want to return to it anymore. Therefore, the entire entrance surface should be cleared of splinters and dirt. Entry must be dry;
      • booth must be sealed. Holes and crevices should not be allowed in the walls, ceiling, or field. They will create drafts, and it will be cold for the animal to be in such a room. It is necessary to make a kennel to keep it warm and to be airtight. Sometimes even additional warming is required (for example, foam plastic);
      • A dog house should be made based on its size. A puppy or already an adult dog is obliged to lie freely inside the structure while stretching its front paws. When seated, the pet should not touch the ceiling (minimum distance between the crown and the ceiling is allowed).
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        It is worth noting that the kennel must be clean inside and moderately dark. The material from which the booth is made must fit tightly to each other, so as not to form projections. If they are present, the pet may experience discomfort while lying down or sitting.

        For the manufacture of the house can not use boards and other types of materials that have previously been painted. If there are no other materials, you need to wait until the boards are completely dry and no longer smell like paint.

        Experts advise using for the assembly of pine boards. The roof can be made of roofing material. It can also be covered with linoleum on top. This material will provide both excellent protection against water and reliability of the whole structure.

        The roof, as well as the wall with the floor, must be airtight and moisture resistant. Thanks to these qualities, the roof will not leak during the rain. Through it will not leave heat from the kennel. Constant dampness in the house and drafts will not benefit your pet’s health. You should not make a very steep slope. The top point of the roof should not exceed 10 cm.

        Some dogs like to climb on the roof and sleep there. It is necessary to take into account and collect a deliberately reinforced construction of the kennel. Also around the booth, you can provide an open-air cage, which will run the dog, if it is not planted on the chain.

        Before instilling obedience to a pupil with regards to being in a booth, it is necessary to arrange a dwelling favorably. The process requires attention to detail, but not all owners pay due attention to it.

        1. Since a good booth is fundamental to a successful upbringing, it must be spacious, moderately dark, clean.
        2. Take care that the plates from which the house is made, tightly pressed to each other. It will ensure a comfortable living of the pet in winter, excluding the possibility of drafts.
        3. Particular attention should be paid to the roof; it should not pass water. Otherwise, the animal will constantly be in the damp. To test reliability, pour plenty of water from a garden hose or bucket to the surface.
        4. Pay attention to the hole in the middle of the front of the booth (entrance and exit), it should be comfortable. If possible, hang a small visor in case the dog wishes to stick its head out.
        5. As for the materials for the manufacture of the booth, exclude the use of boards or other panels that have recently been painted. Or wait a while until the smell completely disappears. If possible, do not cover the booth with varnish or linseed oil. In the case of wood, note that the boards are dry.
        6. The most common material for the manufacture of a dog house is considered to be pine. Roof made of roofing material or cover it with a sheet of linoleum, to provide a reliable design. Many dogs love to climb the roof of their homes, so this aspect is also worth considering. Do not make the slope too steep; the upper point should not exceed 10 cm.
        7. When designing a house, consider the age of the pet. A well-built booth will last about 12-15 years, just as many dogs live in the world. For this reason, it is necessary to think over all the details initially.
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          How to teach a dog to the aviary?

          Some simple rules help teach an animal to an aviary or booth:

          1. For a pet to go inside an open-air cage or booth for the first time, you must place your favorite dog treat near the entrance. After this, you should step aside and allow the pet to pick up the yummy. If the animal still does not go inside, you do not need to shout at it or force it, go about your business, after a while, the dog will take the treat.
          2. You can teach a dog to a new booth, periodically repeating the exercise described earlier. Every time you need to throw a treat from the entrance to the booth.
          3. To teach your pet to be in the aviary, you can start small: give the dog food near the aviary. It will allow the animal to form positive emotions from being in the aviary. Then gradually you need to rearrange the bowl inside the cage, each time increasing the distance from the entrance.
          4. At first, the pet will not linger inside the cage, but will run out from there as soon as possible. It is not necessary during this period to close the door behind him. It is better to wait until he gets used to the new room and begins to linger there for a while. After that, you can cover the door behind him. However, so that the dog does not form a negative impression, you should slightly open the door and give him some delicacy. So even closed doors will not cause negative emotions in an animal.
          5. If the closed doors of the aviary cause discontent of the dog, it begins to whine or bark, it is necessary to reduce somewhat the time spent by the pet in an enclosed space. However, one should not open the door immediately after the pet began to whine. Otherwise, the animal will understand it, and next time it will whine on purpose.
          6. After the dog gets used to the new room and can be there at least an hour or two, you can give him some toy or a bone so that your pet will not be bored.
          7. It is important to teach the dog to the fact that the owner can not always be close. Therefore, you need to leave the dog alone in the aviary, each time increasing the time.
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            It is not recommended to be very happy when releasing a pet from the aviary, as the dog may take it as a signal that the aviary is his punishment.

            What is important to know?

            In the process of learning it is also important to remember some features. For example, you need to take into account weather conditions. If it is raining outside, then the animal will have more desire to hide from the water in the booth. If on the street is bright sun and heat, it is unlikely that the pet wants to sit in the booth.

            To accustom the dog to the chain is necessary only after he gets used to the new house and space. It is always better to place the booth and string so that the dog can see the front door of the house. In this case, the animal will feel more confident and calmer, as it will see the owner going outside.

            Also, in the process of adopting an animal to a new dwelling, favorite things and dog treats can be decomposed inside the booth or aviary. You can achieve a positive result only by patience and creating the right motivation for the dog.

            There are cases when the dog refuses to enter the booth for unknown reasons. Do not be offended or punish your pet; do not try to drive the dog into the box by force. Sit down and think about why the animal behaves in this way.

            The most common reason is considered to be that the dog previously lived in an apartment. It got used to the heat, the spacious room, the constant presence next to the owner.

            For a long time, the animal was in the center of attention, and then everything was abruptly replaced by alienation and loneliness. It is essential to understand that the schooling of a dog to a new dwelling should proceed gradually, imperceptibly for your pet.

            To begin with, place your pet in the booth for a while, but let it spend most of the day in a familiar place (house, apartment). Every day, increase the duration of the dog in the booth, and soon, the pet will fully adapt.

            How To Teach A Dog To The Booth Or Aviary?

            The process of teaching.

            To the dog lived in a booth, and not lay on the street, it must be taught. No need to force the dog into the kennel. It will only aggravate the situation. After the pet’s housing has been redone and all problems resolved, it is necessary to demonstrate it to the pet again.

            The animal first smells the new place of residence, and if he is not embarrassed, go inside. It is possible to place the dog in the booth for a short period so that it gradually gets used to it. Habituation should be gradual and imperceptible to the pet. Therefore, every day you should slightly increase the dog’s stay in a kennel, and you will not even notice how the problem is solved, and your pet will enjoy living in his house with pleasure.

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