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How To Teach A Dog To Cage

E There are three main reasons why a dog finds himself in a cage: while traveling in a car or plane, at dog training events (exhibitions, competitions, etc.) and at home, where it is sent if it does not behave badly in the absence or even in the presence of the host. Our expert, Sofia Baskina, will tell you how to teach your pet to calmly endure his captivity.

TO The year you see in the photo is suitable for the first two situations. It is safe enough for dogs and for movers. But such a cage is not suitable as a home aviary: it is too dark, small, and the dog is stuffy in it. For a home, an iron grating cage is acceptable. In any case, remember that an aviary in an apartment can only be a temporary phenomenon, the dog should not spend most of the day there, and even more so. of life.

AT for the first time, most dogs quietly enter the cage, but, having learned that the owner can lock them inside, they lose confidence in her. It is better to teach your pet immediately, following the points below, and then there will be no problems with the cage.

D For starters, you can remove the door from the cage. Treat your dog inside with a treat. If she doubts. Give a treat just because she stuck her nose inside or put one paw. Do not force the animal to go inside forcibly. If your hand does not “pass” along with the dog, then this means that the cage is small.

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TO As soon as the dog went inside. give her a treat, and then remove your hand from the cage and move away. Most likely, your pet immediately jumps out. You can accompany it with the word “Come out!” And, when it comes out, give it a treat again. Then say, for example, "Mink!" And get inside again. Give back the treat again and let it pop out again. Repeat this action successively 10 times, after which start giving a treat only if the dog is inside the cage.

H Do not rush, let your dog get out of the cage as many times as he wants, but every time she goes inside, give her treats

How To Teach A Dog To Cage

about. If the dog already had a negative experience with the cage, this stage can take several days of training. At some point, the dog will freeze and remain inside the cage. Be sure to encourage her again and again, all the time while she is in a cage. Then command “Lie down!” And encourage. From time to time, remove your hands and check: if the dog felt insecure, let it go out and start again.

TO When the dog realizes that he can get a treat and do nothing for it (except to remain in the cage), he will stop jumping out.

T Now insert the door into the cage, bring the dog inside, close the door, give the pet a treat, open the door and The dog is out? So, repeat this procedure several times. Stay inside? Perfectly. reward well, close the door again, reward and reopen. Command “Lie down!” To teach the dog to remain in the cage lying down. Start walking a few steps away from the cage. Returning, give a treat, open the door and check whether the dog will jump out or not. If you jumped out, it means that you hurried, you need to leave it for less time, if it stays inside, it means that it feels comfortable.

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E If the dog scratches the door with its paw or pushes its nose, trying to open it. do not forbid her this. Did she manage to get out? Get back and encourage inside, repeat the previous paragraphs of schooling. Is she scrubbing into the closed door? Command “Lie down!” And, as soon as she does, encourage through the bars and let the dog get out. And then get inside again.

E If the dog quietly remains in the cage and does not jump up. Congratulations! It remains to make a few "final touches." Roll the cage on the wheels, shake, lift and chat in the air for a couple of seconds. If the dog jumped up, put the cage on the floor, command "Lie down!", Encourage the pet and let it go. Then start again and try to shake the cage again. Give especially a lot of treats if the dog stays inside the cage when you open the door. Now you are ready to go!

D overload the dog to the cage. it is her own decision to stay inside. Any violent measures destroy trust and throw you back in your schooling.

D In order for a dog to love to remain in a cage, it is necessary that she herself went there 100 times, and not stayed there for 100 minutes. Frequency in this case is more important than duration.

Baskina Sophia, C_№10-2011, Training

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