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How To Make A Dog Enclosure?

Today it is difficult to imagine country houses without such facilities as a dog enclosure. Thanks to this design, the owners have the opportunity to keep a pet of any breed in comfortable conditions. However, the construction of such a structure is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

In the construction of a house for a pet, there are several important points that you should learn before starting work. Consider how you can make a dog aviary with your own hands.

The purpose of the enclosure.

The aviary, located on the territory of a country site, acts as a full-fledged house for the dog. To ensure reliable protection of the dog from environmental factors, in particular, rain and snow, it is necessary to make a full-fledged roof or roof when building a building.

Do not rely only on the booth located in the fenced area.

If precipitation in your area happens quite often, then the animal has the opportunity to shelter from the weather, comfortably sitting on a reasonably large area. If the dwelling is used for the winter maintenance of the dog, then in this case the building must be capital. Then, even in extreme cold, the dog will not freeze.

To maintain a comfortable temperature in the cold season, there are various heating systems. One of them can be implemented during the construction of this object.

Determining the size of the site.

In the construction of a dog enclosure a key point is the choice of size. Also, you must create a drawing. You will be guided by it when conducting construction works and the choice of materials.

The size of the building must be chosen guided by generally accepted standards, developed by dog ​​breeders, and given the breed of pet. For some of them, it is necessary to apply an individual approach.

Generally accepted regulations. The size of the future object will largely depend on the following factors:

  • dog size;
  • dog breed;
  • the number of animals that will simultaneously be on the same territory.
  • If you keep a pet of a miniature breed, the size of the structure should be smaller than when building an object for a representative of a large breed. For a small pet you can use cage of suitable size. It can be used not only in the country but also in the apartment.

    Certain standards should be observed when building an open-air cage at a country site:

    • For dogs that are taller than 65 cm at the withers, the area of ​​the enclosure must be at least 10 square meters m
    • From 50 to 65 cm at the withers – the minimum area of ​​the building is 8 square meters. m
    • Less than 50 cm – from 6 square meters. m
    • If there are several dogs in the aviary at once, or you are building a house for your mom with puppies, then the structure should be quite spacious.

      For a medium-sized dog, the house to be built must necessarily include three zones:

      1. Winter road. As it can be used a booth or other premises arranged in a fenced area.
      2. The open part of the walk.
      3. Part of walking under a canopy.
      4. In the process of building a dog’s dwelling, it is necessary to build one half of a walking pad on the platform and to arrange the other directly on the open ground. With this option, the distribution of the territory your dog can take walks regardless of weather conditions, sunbathe or hide from the heat, settling under the roof.

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        Calculation of area depending on the breed.

        Selecting the size of the enclosure, you must take into account the characteristics of the breed. Large facilities are suitable for large animals. But miniature breeds living in such a house will bring serious discomfort.

        For dwarf dogs In no case should street enclosures be considered as a place for year-round use. On the street, pets of such breeds do not hibernate, since they will not tolerate the harsh conditions of the Russian climate.

        If you keep alabaya or a sheepdog, then build an enclosure for them should be following applicable regulations for large dogs. It is also useful to think about the height of the fence.

        Separately worth staying on the construction of the dwelling for breed husky. This dog is notable for its unstoppable activity. It is undesirable to keep husky in the house. So pets need space, as well as enough space for walking. On average, representatives of this breed are up to 60 cm tall at the withers.

        However, for their comfortable stay in a suburban area is best to equip the territory with an area of ​​10−15 square meters. m. Fence in the shape of a rectangle with a 2: 3 aspect ratio is the best option for the husky fence.

        The construction of the enclosure.

        For the created structure to become a comfortable dwelling for your pet, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail. The selection of building materials is the first thing to start with. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you need to calculate their number correctly.

        Selection of materials.

        When you made the final decision about the optimal location for the enclosure and decided on the issue of size, you need to decide what materials to use to build a home for your dog. It is recommended to install at least one blank wall.

        Experts advise for its manufacture to use materials such as wood or brick. The remaining walls can be made of the trellis. Quite often, to save space, as well as reduce the consumption of building materials, the fence is attached to the house or fence construction.

        Grid walls that form the aviary can be made of the following materials:

        • Rabitz;
        • metal rods;
        • forged items;
        • galvanized pipes.
        • Not the best material for building an open-air cage is a chain-link because it is high risk of damage to the teeth of animals, when it tries to cut the fence. However, its advantage is that it is offered at an affordable price, and working with it is quite simple.

          It will take more time to complete work using fittings or pipes. But the design will be durable and will last a long time. High practicality has forged enclosures. On top of that, they are incredibly beautiful.

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          Features of the construction of walls.

          Before constructing the walls of the future aviary, it is necessary to make a foundation. To do this, dig a trench around the perimeter of the fence to be created and establish a strip foundation. Sometimes a columnar base is a more rational solution.

          Aviaries it is rather laborious to build from brick. They are heavy and require a fairly powerful base. But at the same time, the low thermal conductivity of the material provides a good atmosphere for the dog to live. Also, brick walls protect from wind and rain.

          If wood is chosen as the material, then boards and bars are necessary to create a frame, floor supports and a canopy.

          How To Make A Dog Enclosure?

          Quite often, to solve all important issues, the owners of summer cottages fit in a complex. The frame is made of metal, and the trim is made using wood.

          The framework of the future structure for the pet will be reliable if you arrange it from steel pipes or channels. The variant of its device should be chosen at the stage of the foundation works. Releases must be set at the reference points. It is to them that the frame will be welded later.

          How To Make A Dog Enclosure?

          For the construction of a metal enclosure usually use the following scheme:

          1. The framework from metal is established.
          2. The mesh is tensioned and then fastened using the welded joint method.
          3. Material processing is performed using a protective composition against corrosion.
          4. A metal enclosure made of reinforcement is also mounted using a welding machine. The grid is made from pre-cut rods. They are welded to the metal frame from the corner in 10 cm steps. Next, the frame must be connected to the supporting posts, using welding to fix it.

            Another option would be an aviary created by from shaped tube. Here the works are performed on the same principle as when using reinforcement.

            Floor making.

            Another important point in the construction of a dog house in the country – the device floor. There are several options for its creation: wooden floor; concrete screed; asphalt; priming.

            Quite often it is established a concrete floor. However, for the dog he will not the best solution. In winter, such a coating becomes very cold and is often the main cause of hypothermia and various dog diseases.

            As an alternative to concrete, you can consider asphalt pavement. However, he has certain disadvantages. With the onset of summer heat it it is very hot, besides, for proper installation requires special equipment.

            The best option in the dog house can be considered wooden floors. They are quite warm, but they should be regularly treated with an antiseptic. Another method to extend the life of a wooden floor is to place the flooring 20–30 cm above ground level.

            To make a cover with your own hands, you need to pre-purchase a cut board with a thickness of at least 40 mm and a bar of rectangular section.

            The procedure for the device of the flooring of the boards is as follows:

            • The prepared material must be treated with an antiseptic.
            • Using a beam, chisel the frame, and then lay the logs for flooring future coverage.
            • Boards spread out on the frame to fit the seams.
            • Applying screws on the tree, as well as using a screwdriver as the main tool, you need to fix the flooring on the frame.
            • Next, the arranged coating is coated with varnish and paint to protect against negative factors.
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              The choice of the roof and its device.

              So that regardless of weather conditions a rottweiler or a representative of another breed feel comfortable being in an aviary, you need to take care of the construction of a shed. Thanks to the roof, during the hot months, the shade will be provided, and rain will not wet the animal.

              In most cases, dog houses arranged single-pitch roof. For you to have an idea of ​​how to make a roof, you first need to resolve the issue with the material. For roofing, you can use slate, decking, wood and roofing material, as well as soft tile.

              Slate and profiled are popular materials in the Russian market. They are united by the fact that they fit according to the same principle. First, a frame is created with the help of bars, and then it is necessary to sew roofing sheets to it.

              If soft coatings are used, then it is necessary to create a frame fill sheets of swaps. They will act as a crate. After that, sheathing is performed with the selected material – roofing material or soft tile.

              Pet Feeder.

              After completing the basic work, the home for the dog can be considered ready. However, it’s too early to launch your pet. You need to think about feeding the dog. For these purposes, you need to make a feeder. You should be familiar with the basic requirements for its location:

              • the feeder, arranged in the aviary, should be slightly raised above the ground;
              • water and food should be placed in different water bowls, and the possibility for their random mixing should be completely excluded;
              • the location of the feeder in the aviary should be within reach of not only the pet but also the new owner;
              • ideal when the owner of the animal can pour food without going into the aviary.
              • The easiest way to arrange items for feeding a dog is their fixation near the outer wall fence arranged aviary. You can make a special design of the sliding type, which will provide convenience not only for the dog but also for the owner.

                Living in a country plot will bring joy to your pet if you arrange a spacious enclosure for a dog, a size drawing will help to create a comfortable dwelling for a dog. The ring of the cage will become a barrier, limiting its freedom of movement by a small platform, where it can be without a chain.

                To properly build a house for the dog, you need to read articles on the Internet. From their content, you can learn how to build a dog aviary with your own hands. If you follow the recommendations, mistakes will be excluded when building a dog house. At the completion of the pet will appear cozy place to stay.

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