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How To Make A Dog Cage With A Suitable Size?

How To Make A Dog Cage With A Suitable Size?

Choose a cage of a suitable size.

The cage should be large enough to allow the dog to stand, sit down and stretch out, but there is no need for a cage so large that you can sleep in one corner and go to the toilet in another.

Decide which cell you want.

There are many cells at different prices. Some cells even look like furniture. They can be used as a bedside table. Consider all the pros and cons before making a choice.

There are plastic cages with metal grill doors and ventilation holes. Very often, these cells are suitable for traveling by plane, and you can put a dog in it during the flights.

There are also metal cells from gratings. They cannot be nibbled, and through the walls of such a cage, a dog can see everything that is happening from all directions. Unfortunately, such a cage does not create a sense of shelter, which many dogs need, so this is not the best option, although these cages are usually the cheapest.

There are also cages for puppies with walls but without sex. They are suitable for very small dogs because an older puppy will be able to move the cage along the floor or

How to teach a dog to the cage?

First, walk the dog. Then remove the collar from it to avoid unpleasant incidents in the cage. Attract the attention of the dog with a particular toy and give the command in an excited and joyful tone: “Home!” (You can think of any command). Use the toy to draw the dog into the cage, for example, throw it in the far corner of the cage or hold it in a cage with your hand. When the dog enters the cage, praise it with gentle words, and give it to the toy.

The same can be done using bone or dog biscuit. Throw the bone to the back of the cage and allow the puppy to find it. Remember, the cell should cause only positive emotions.

Turn your schooling lessons into a game. Spend it a couple of days and repeat the exercise 10-20 times a day. To start, do not close the door.

Do not immediately leave the dog in a cage for a long time. When the dog starts without fear, boldly and cheerfully enter his “lair”, try to leave it there for short periods. If, while in a cage, the dog behaves quietly and calmly, praise it. If she barks or screams, do not pay attention to her until she calms down, and then be sure to praise. If the dog is noisy for a long time, try to cover the cage with something (with a veil, etc.). Remember that at this stage, whining and barking does not indicate that the dog does not like the cage – it’s just fine with you, and it needs a reunion. Never go with her!

After the dog begins to behave calmly for short periods (and this, sooner or later, will happen), increase its “cellular” time. Do not forget to praise the dog when it behaves calmly occasionally. Increase the gap between praises. And be sure to walk the dog when you let it out of the cage.

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Why must a dog have a cage?

A cage for a dog is necessary, firstly, because in many respects such an animal is a predator, and they need a den. Surely you have repeatedly noticed how the dog is looking for a secluded spot under the sofa or wardrobe. Secondly, even if it is a favorite and of large size, he is strong and formidable, but in many respects, he is a child. An animal needs a personal space in which it will not be touched.

Therefore, cages for dogs – an essential thing in the apartment, and the courtyards. Moreover, many veterinarians believe that such a device can help with mutual understanding between the owner and the animal itself. So you can strengthen the friendship, because who, if not the owner releases the pet out of the cage? Who feeds him then tasty? It was he, the owner.

Naturally, with such content, a measure is necessary: ​​it is not required to keep the animal always in a cage. But in the case when you have a little crazy people who can mess up at night, why not lock it up. The cage is also necessary if the pet lives with the family where there is a small child. Agree to protect each other from extreme attention – this is very important.

For transporting the crate is also needed. Transporting a dog is a delicate thing, and a cage will allow you not to worry that the dog will stain the whole car with its saliva or bite someone. There are many reasons where such a means for transportation

How to make a cage for a dog?

Why cage a dog? After all, it seems that she needs space and more space for games. It turns out, according to the research and observations, the dog is an animal lair. Dogs love to hide for rest in solitary places: under the table, behind a chair and in other quiet places, because she needs her own home, her bed: a kennel for the street, a cage for the house. A few more reasons why you need a cell are:

It turns out – the cage is a way to get rid of problems and maintain calm, both your and your pet. The cage is its own home for the dog, so to speak, an “oasis of calm”.

The most economical option is the wooden cages. To do this, take the bars of approximately 55×60 cm. They should be covered with a grid with small cells for small breeds, or with large cells for puppies of large breeds. Be attentive to the choice of the grid. If she has moving segments, this can lead to injury in the dog: claws can be damaged, or hair can get stuck in the cells.

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There is a metal mesh with a plastic coating – it is just perfect for the cells. Still great is the mesh from the old armored beds. Some use masonry netting, but it is considered coarser and more challenging to process. The desired cage size for your dog or puppy is calculated as follows: when lying down, it must stretch its legs, and when sitting, touch its head to the ceiling. If the size is too large, the dog will not experience the necessary sense of security.

How to attach the mesh to the cell? It is effortless: with the help of a stapler, we fasten along the edges, and on top, we trim it with a plastic rim. Between each other, wooden frames are fastened with furniture hinges: due to this, the cage will be collapsible. For small breeds, a dog cage may consist of fencing without bottom and roof.

A dog cage – a cozy home or place of detention?

How To Make A Dog Cage With A Suitable Size?

A cage for a dog sometimes causes unpleasant associations – restricting the freedom of the animal. But it is necessary when transporting an exhibition dog, for example, by car. In the apartment she plays the role of a pet box, is his territory, where he sleeps and eats. The article tells about the types of cages, gives recommendations on how to teach a dog to a cage, how to make a cage with your own hands.

Why does a dog have a cage?

Before talking about cages for dogs, you should understand why your pet needs it. There are many reasons for this. If the dog lives in the yard, then he needs an aviary. Sometimes for its device, there is not enough space on the site, and sometimes to put it unprofitable from a financial point of view. Especially if it is a summer house, where the owners live only in summer. A large cage for a dog will be able to replace the aviary, and if it develops, it can be removed for the winter until next season.

When a severe guard dog or a hunting dog is kept in an apartment, it becomes necessary to restrict his freedom for security reasons. Such lap-footed people are taught vocational skills: a guard dog – to guard the dwelling, a hunting dog – to get game. If strangers come to the house, the dog may rush at them, taking it as a threat. In this case, the pet is most convenient to close the cage.

If there is a child in the house, then his relationship with the dog is not always right, especially if it is a dangerous breed. Some breeds do not like when children climb to them. It is challenging to teach a baby that it is not necessary to touch a dog. For him, it is a big, fluffy, and soft toy. Similarly, a dog may react inadequately to a child if he starts touching him. The dog cage will be able to protect communication between these two family members. Only it is necessary to choose it so that the child could not shove in

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I am the happy owner of a faithful, four-way, actively growing friend. Since my pet and I have to travel a lot together, often by car, and its growth rates go all reasonable boundaries. All previous clippers №2 and №3 we outgrew almost instantly. In the car, when I was driving, this fidget sometimes starts to try everything on a tooth or poke my nose where it shouldn’t be. The decision was made to make the cell-carrier myself. Therefore, soon, I will post a photo with a brief description of the work. Maybe some idea will be useful for you.

So close the time when we are lucky and we, after "Cage do it yourself","Barrier do it yourself"see the topic "How to make a dog with your own hands".

The overwhelming majority of the Boxes options offered for sale do not approximately correspond to the expectations in terms of quality, and even according to aesthetic ideas while standing by no means democratic.

By durability, above average, but for the money, you might think that they are not made of plastic, but at least ivory, or of the shell of a Galapagos tortoise.

Conforms to the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), i.e., Suitable for transporting animals on the plane.

Thank you very much for the answers. Especially thank you very much Irina-Folomkina for the links in L.S. and bolts, and 330 rubles is a reinforcing mesh. Everything else was taken at the construction site. From honestly with economical materials. Just for two and a little

How to make a cage with your own hands?

If you have wondered how to make a cage with your own hands, then first you need to decide on its size, which depends on the animal that will be kept there. Each species has its norms, but in general, we can say that the larger the cell, the better.

For small animals, such as rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, a mesh with a mesh size of 10×20 mm is suitable. For larger ones, you can take 20×20 mm. Making a cage begins with cutting to the size of the profile and the grid. Then you need to assemble the frame from the profile with the help of special locks. In the frame is set the bottom, which is best made of Plexiglas or plywood. After that, you can install in the frame grid. It is inserted into the grooves in the profile. Then put the doors and roof.

In the manufacture of cells, it is essential to ensure convenient access to its internal space, so you should provide large doors. It is best to make them out of glass.

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