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How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.
  • Application cages for dogs
  • Cage models for dogs with photo
  • Cage sizes for dogs
  • Cage for dogs with their own hands
  • Tame Pet Cage
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  • Such accessories are no longer perceived as a manifestation of cruelty, but are a useful necessity for both the owners and the animals themselves. It would seem that a pet needs as much free space as possible for playing and training. However, recent studies have shown that dogs are corneal animals.

    Most likely, you noticed how your pet hides in secluded places in the house for a comfortable rest, for example, under a chair or behind the chair. This behavior is normal because any animal needs its home and bed for a good rest, and if there is a dog house outside, the house should have a cage. And to protect your home from unplanned destruction by your pet or to take it with you on vacation, there are no better means.

    How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

    Application cages for dogs

    First of all, you should take into account the natural characteristics of the character of the pet, which are laid by many generations genetically, and understand that any dog ​​is essentially a tame wolf that needs a lair. It is in this space that the animal feels completely safe and can fully recover its strength during the rest. The dog will always look for such a place in any room – under the table with a lot of wires and sockets or under other furniture, from which it will not be able to get out later safely.

    An equally important aspect is considered to be the playful and somewhat childlike character of all animals who want to have their home. Therefore, the restriction of personal territory, where no one can interfere, will be appropriate in any room. Thus, you allow you to have your angle, which is necessary for every living creature.

    How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

    On the psychological side, the cell serves as a positive factor influencing the relationship between the host and the animal, as well as its upbringing. After all, only the owner will release from the lair to walk, play, and feed. However, keeping the dog in custody is not recommended all the time, but only when it is necessary for the safety of children and the safety of the home.

    Undoubtedly, the cage is an indispensable and most comfortable way to transport dogs. In public transport, the pet will not create unpleasant situations and will be protected from possible dangers. Also, the cage allows you to enjoy the vacation and any trip fully, and not to look for those responsible for keeping the dog while you are away at home.

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    Special exhibition cages allow you to create comfortable conditions for purebred pets and eliminate possible provocations by others to maintain a flawless appearance and good mood. The main thing is not to close the pet for a long time so that he does not fear his lair or become a savage in the wild. But to teach to such personal space, of course, better from the very puppy.

    How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

    The material for making a cage for a pet can be wood, plastic, or metal wire. The latter is considered to be the most compact and easy to carry, although not the lightest in weight. Some models can be made of durable fabric with a net sewn into the bottom, but only suitable for animals that are used to spending time in such a limited space.

    How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

    Metal cells are easy to assemble and are considered versatile for both home use and animal transportation. For exhibitions and long journeys, tent cages are the most convenient, and for home use, it is better to choose a design with a pallet, but without a roof. The metal wire must be strong so that the pet cannot bend or nibble it, and also damage the claws, teeth, cut the mouth, or tear the wool.

    How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

    If we talk about the portable cells, they can be a variety of modifications. For example, in the form of suitcases, bags or backpacks, as well as on wheels – for ease of transportation. Many models can be equipped with additional accessories in the form of drinkers and feeders, or they can be purchased separately.

    How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.
    How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

    Cage sizes for dogs

    When choosing such an individual home, the owner of the dog should consider the breed and dimensions of the pet, respectively, the following recommendations, or choose the larger size of the following parameters:

    • Dimensions 56 41 33 cm. Such models are suitable for Chihuahua, Yorkies and Toy Terriers weighing not more than 5 kg.
    • Dimensions 61 48 38 cm. The sizes are convenient for fox terriers, Maltese dogs, Pomeranian spitz, Chinese crested breeds and other small dogs weighing from 6 to 11 kg.
    • Dimensions 76 53 48 cm. Cages for adult shelties, Pekingese, Spaniels, Bulldogs, Dwarf schnauzers, Jack Russell Terriers and other breeds weighing from 12 to 16 kg.
    • Dimensions 91 63 58 cm. The models are suitable for chow-chow, coorg, bigley, pit bulls, bull terriers, English setters and Staffordshire terriers weighing from 19 to 30 kg.
    • Dimensions 106 76871 cm. The sizes will be convenient for retrievers, Dalmatians, Erdel, Labradors, Setters, Collies and Boxers weighing from 31 to 40 kg.
    • Dimensions 122 84 76 cm are suitable for all large breeds, for example, German Shepherd Dog or Doberman.
    • Dimensions of 140 114 94 cm will be appropriate for very large dogs such as Newfoundlands, Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Neapolitan Mastiffs and Scottish Greyhounds.
    • How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

      Cage for dogs with their own hands

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      If your pet does not meet the basic standards, the cage can be made independently, following the detailed step-by-step instructions:

      • Choose 12 wooden bars measuring about 55 by 60 cm for the frame and a sturdy grid (the size of the cells depends on the size of the pet).
      • The mesh should not have moving segments that are traumatic for the dog (the net from the old bed or for the fence with a plastic coating is perfect).
      • In order for the design to be easily disassembled, wooden frames should be fastened together with furniture hinges.
      • To secure the mesh to the edges of the bars, it is best to use a construction stapler.
      • The upper edges of the mesh fence must be securely edged with a plastic board.
      • For the manufacture of a fully metal cage, steel rods with a plastic coating and welding machine are necessary.

        How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

        Tame Pet Cage

        For the dog to feel comfortable in such a limited space, it is recommended to train it gradually from a very early age and by the following rules:

        • In the cage should be soft bedding and absorbent napkin, as well as toys for the animal.
        • To avoid injury, be sure to remove the collar and clothing from the pet before placing it in the cage.
        • For the greater comfort of the dog, the top of the cage can be covered with opaque fabric so that the pet will feel more protected.
        • If your pet loves to play in your absence, then leaving the house for a while you can close it for a while after adaptation.
        • If you are planning a long trip, you should take into account the size of the pet and the dimensions of the cage, so that it is comfortable enough, but not too large to avoid injuries during transportation.
        • If the animal reacts very violently to the appearance of strangers in the house, then you can avoid its active attack by temporarily placing it in a cage and when the guests settle down, and the dog calms down – open it.
        • How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.
          • If the dog has dragged something into the cage, try not to take it away immediately and scold it for it, because the animal only shows its hunting instinct.
          • If the dog starts to bark and whine when placed in a cage, you should not release it immediately, so it will manipulate you and not be accustomed to being there quietly.
          • The cage stimulates the dog to cleanliness and the longer it will be there as in its house, the more often it will begin to ask to go outside for a walk.
          • The cage should not be placed in cold places or a draft, or near a radiator.
          • When the puppy gets used and can be in the open cage for some time, try to close the door and move away from it – if the puppy wants to go out, then start it again and give the treat, and if left, treat and praise in the cage.
          • Do not put your hands and fingers through the bars of the cage, the animal will perceive such an invasion of the personal zone as a danger and may aggressively respond to such communication.
          • How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.
            • It is not recommended to drive the pet into the cage as a punishment or to move it during sleep so that you will lose its confidence.
            • Having determined the permanent location of the cage in the house, get the puppy inside with your favorite toy or treat, and then praise and treat it.
            • At first, the pet should not be left for a longer period of more than 2-3 hours per day, and then it is recommended to increase the time gradually, depending on the degree of its adaptation.
            • In the first weeks of adaptation, it is necessary to repeat the procedure with the “luring” of the pet and allow it to leave the cage, keeping it constantly open freely.
            • After eating, the bowls should be removed if they are not attached so that they do not interfere with the rest and free movement of the animal.
            • Set in a cage a bowl for food and a container for drinking and try to feed the dog only there, so that it gets used to the fact that there is its home.
            • How To Make A Cage For A Dog? Application And Model Of Cells.

              When the cage is ready, the pet can only be taught to him, and how to do it correctly can be found in the detailed video tutorial:

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