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How To Choose A Kennel And A Dog Cage?

Choosing a kennel or dog box is an essential matter. It is necessary to take into account many factors because it affects the comfort of your pet, and in fact, his life as a whole.

Before you make a purchase, you should carefully examine all possible options.

Rules for choosing a doghouse.

If you decide to opt for a kennel, then you need to take into account several features. Of great importance is the size of the booth. The main thing that the dog was comfortable to sit in it, stand, lie down, and turn around. But at the same time, it should not be too big. In cold seasons, with sub-zero temperatures, a large kennel will be completely inappropriate. In order not to make a mistake when buying, take measurements from your pet.

The minimum size of the dwelling should allow the dog to be sleeping with comfort and without any inconvenience. If you are buying a dog house for a puppy, do not forget that it will soon grow up, which means you need to purchase a house for growth, taking into account the characteristics of the breed.

The entrance to the kennel, that is, the utility hole, must be located on the widest wall, or the side. If the dog is quite large, then you should choose a booth with a hole with a side of at least 40-50 cm, so as not to obstruct the movement of the pet at the entrance and exit. For smaller breeds, respectively, a smaller manhole is suitable. The components of each booth – floor, walls, and roof. The big plus is the removable roof.

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If suddenly your pet needs help, then this feature will be handy. However, at the same time, the roof must be securely fastened, as many dogs like to use it as a post for its production using a variety of materials – from wood to tile. So, you can easily find a roof that you will like and fit into the environment.

Ideally, the walls of the kennel should be made of environmentally friendly materials. For example, coniferous wood is an excellent material. Such walls will provide your pet with a suitable microclimate. If the booth is located in a cold place, be sure to ensure that the model you choose has double walls. Besides, it is recommended to insulate it additionally.

For this purpose, it is necessary to purchase a unique material: foam, chips, and the like. It is essential to bear in mind that the construction of the dwelling should not be too heaped and even elaborate. In kennels of this type, an ideal habitat is created for insects and various parasites that spoil the life of your pet.

How To Choose A Kennel And A Dog Cage?

It is equally important to pay attention to the quality of the floor. It should be made at the highest level. Most often you can come across a floor made of grooved boards. The recommended thickness is less than 35 cm. Below, under the floor, there should be legs, thanks to which the airing box and air circulation take place. Pay attention to collapsible booths. They greatly facilitate cleaning, as well as care for the animal.

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The rule of choosing a cage for a dog.

The next version of the dog house is a cage. When choosing a cell, it is also necessary to take into account some features. Like booths, cells exist in various sizes. It is recommended to pick up the cage as much as possible so that the animal can not only freely sit, stand, and lie, but also walk, play, and relax comfortably without any problems. The ideal cage allows the pet to stretch out inside, stretching its paws, and at the same time not to touch the walls and ceiling.

If this is not possible, then the cell is too small. As mentioned earlier, picking up a cage for a puppy, consider the standards of its breed. The range of cells is pervasive. You can pick a cage from any material and any size. There are metal and plastic options. Besides, you can meet the cage, made in the form of a tent. They are used both at exhibitions and at home.

So, first, decide where and for what purpose you will use the cell. It will facilitate the purchase process and will help you make the right choice. The metal wire cage is the most convenient option. In it, your pet will not be hot, and besides, you will be able to communicate with him, without letting him out freely.

To transport an animal, there are individual cell models. They are not recommended for any other purposes. Usually, their package includes a feeder and a bowl, and sometimes even a rug. Some models are equipped with wheels, greatly facilitating the process of transportation, especially if you are the owner of a large dog.

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