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How To Choose A Dog Enclosure?

If you and your dog are among the lucky owners of your own home, with the possibility of permanent outdoor living, most likely you have a question of “shelter” or temporary shelter for the dog in the yard. In this case, the theme: how to choose a dog aviary becomes relevant.

An open-air cage for dogs, in particular, in the form of a cage, may be needed in the conditions of a city apartment, as well as at exhibitions or stays in temporary residence.

Types of dog enclosures, advantages, disadvantages, cost.

At the choice of design, it is worth relying on the initial need. Typically, this is:

  • need a permanent "stationary" street enclosure;
  • cage for temporary stay of the dog for a trip to the country;
  • multisectional enclosure for several animals;
  • pen for puppies, etc.
  • The next important factor of choice is the size of the dog and certain life circumstances.

    Tents, awnings, nets.

    How To Choose A Dog Enclosure?

    For small decorative breeds usually choose a tent enclosure or a net. Such a "house" is like a carrying bag, it easily turns into a compact luggage. To keep the shape of such a collapsible design usually help plastic or metal tubes.

    Among the advantages of tents – low price, the ability to easily disassemble and transport the structure, light weight.

    Home aviary cages.

    Modular cages are a great option when you have to restrict the freedom of a dog in an apartment. It may be your pet’s health condition and treatment, isolation of the females from males; lactating dogs with puppies; education of dogs, for example, with excessive aggressiveness.

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    The advantages of such enclosures: do not often need to wash and dry, unlike awning; You can choose the size of the cage, which will allow the dog to move freely; can be used as a street aviary for a trip to rest (you can put a cozy house or a booth inside). If desired, the design can be very organically fit into the interior of the apartment. Also, metal enclosures are much more durable and more reliable than textile or plastic due to their durability.

    For small dog breeds, there are plastic analogs of metal cells.

    Stationary outdoor enclosures for "permanent residence".

    If the climate of keeping dogs implies a cold time, you should take care of a warm shelter – a house or a booth. The house does not hurt in the conditions of heat: sometimes dogs, like people, need to hide, be alone in their closed territory or feel secure.

    It is difficult to call the price of a stationary outdoor cage for dogs – it can be very different, depending on the size, design, level of comfort and even technological equipment (automatic water and food supply, for example).

    How to determine the appropriate size of the enclosure for the dog?

    Tents and portable, modular cages are chosen from such a calculation, so that a sunbed, bowls can be placed inside, leaving room for the dog to freely take several steps. The height of the enclosure must be higher than the height of the dog, without limiting its physical parameters.

    A stationary aviary, in which the dog will live permanently, can be calculated approximately from these parameters:

    • the height of the dog is less than 50 cm; the area of ​​the enclosure is 5-7 square meters. m
    • The height of the dog is 50-70 cm, – the area is 8-10 square meters. m
    • the height of the dog is above 70 cm, – an open-air cage measuring 10 sq. m. and above.
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      If the enclosure will contain several animals, it should be multiplied by 1.5 for each additional dog.

      The height of the stationary enclosure should be such that by standing up on its hind legs, the dog does not reach its head to the ceiling. It is convenient and advisable to choose the height, taking into account the growth of the pet owner.

      Choosing an aviary, remember that the dog will spend most of the time there, so take the comfort and pet seriously and provide it with everything you need.

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