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How To Choose A Cage Or A Carrier For The Dog?

How To Choose A Cage Or A Carrier For The Dog?

For traveling with your beloved dog, rules are developed according to which the animal is kept in a portable container. It’s one thing if you need to take your pet to the clinic, another thing when you have to travel on a train or plane. How to choose a suitable portable device for your pet?


An animal that lives in an apartment, when traveling by car, train, or plane is experiencing stress. A dog gets sick or changes behavior. Portable containers are used to mitigate negative feelings. The dog is trained to behave inside the container or cage from puppyhood.

Depending on the purpose and size of the dog, the following types of transport containers are distinguished:

How To Choose A Cage Or A Carrier For The Dog?
  • soft bags;
  • plastic carrying;
  • trolleys;
  • cells

Soft bags.

Among dog breeders, Holiday nylon carrying with a pillow is popular. Robust frame provides reliability. In a portable container, an adult pet weighing up to 8 kg or a puppy is transported to an exhibition, training or clinic. The soft bag has 3 holes that let in air and light. The carrying is equipped with a comfortable manhole. In the built-in pockets put dry food, a bottle of drink, cookies.

Carry for small dogs and cats Trixie. Upholstery made of polyester. Opens top and front. If you need to double the capacity, open the auxiliary pocket.

Insertable mesh provides air exchange. A short leash prevents the pet from popping out of the bag. Dina detachable shoulder strap is adjustable.

Transport soft container Trixie is made of dacron. The entrance opening is opened from the side and the front for carrying use the metal handle. Individual pockets are provided for water, dry food, and delicacies.

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The bag is equipped with a short safety leash. Air penetrates through the mesh liners. The soft bottom is made of fleece fabric, covered with nylon.

A hammock for the pet’s backseat trips will protect the upholstery from wool as well as from contamination by the pet’s biological excreta. The product restricts the movement of a curious passenger. The cover is easy to remove and wash. You need to choose a universal hammock that fits your car.

Plastic carry.

The rules of transporting dogs in airplanes and trains allow you to take in a cabin or coupe carrying pets weighing less than 8 kg. The Atlas container is made of durable plastic. They produce several models, the largest of which holds a pet weighing more than 90 kg. Carrying is equipped with ventilation grilles. To move using the handle. One, retractable, is intended for carrying, the other for mounting wheels, which the owner of the dog acquires separately. Inside the bag, there are compartments for bowls and other accessories. When buying a container, take into account the size of the pet, so that he can stand and rotate freely.


Used for the transport of large dogs by rail, water or air transport. Equipped with wheels and pallets. In carrying Dogland provides air ventilation through the many lattice openings of the housing. The entrance door is made of durable steel, equipped with a strong lock. The container is equipped with a built-in drinker.

The Bolonia weatherproof trailer resembles a pram. Made of polypropylene, nylon, ethyl vinyl acetate, steel. Wheels are a bicycle, pumped up by the bicycle pump. The device is designed for walking in the park or boulevard.

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Cages made of metal are used at home as well as for transporting adult dogs.

In comparison with fabric and plastic carriers, the pet feels free in an iron aviary, and it has an excellent view. He, like a child in the arena, is protected from the dangers that arise from excessive freedom. The optimal solution is to use a flat cell for a dual purpose.

Dog accustom to playpen with puppy age. It is a cozy apartment house with a good overview of what is happening. On the other hand, the pet is protected from the temptation to ruin the furniture, tear to pieces clothes or shoes. A growing curious kid can get hurt about dangerous objects and devices, swallow something inedible, sharp or prickly.

Another function of the house enclosure is training to order. Dogs do not shit where they live. Therefore, the cell should not be spacious. If the aviary is bought for growth, it is blocked on the section. The animal endures until the owner takes it for a walk. The success of pet taming is considered the moment when the dog falls asleep inside the cage.

When the animal gets used to the enclosure, it begins to lock up for a while. There comes a time when the pet is taken with you on a journey, and the arena is used as a carrier.

Aviary Ferplast Dog Training buy for small dogs. Consists of panels, easily fastened with plastic clips. Rubber feet protect the floor from scratches, prevent slipping.

The Midwest iCrate cage is ideally suited to trade shows and travel. Playpen has no sharp corners. There is a dividing panel for the case when the aviary is acquired for growth, or two dogs need to be transported. There are plastic pallet and accessories for connecting wheels. The manufacturer manufactures products of different sizes, allowing to carry animals weighing 6-50 kg.

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To transport the giants developed Midwest cell Solutions. The aviary is equipped with two doors. The plastic tray allows the dog not to get dirty with its feces.


Responsible dog handlers care for pets. To spend more time together, take them on a journey. Rules for transporting dogs are legally regulated, so you need to purchase the right equipment. It is best to pick it up on the Internet by clicking on the links above.

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