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How To Choose A Cage For The Dog?

Recently, cells for carrying animals have been widely used. It is convenient to use the cage when traveling with a dog by car, especially on long journeys. Some dogs behave restlessly, stick to the driver, etc. If your dog rushes about in the car like a whale during a storm, put him in a cage for the duration of the trip. In it, the dog will feel more relaxed and protected. Also, you can be sure that your pet will not suddenly jump out onto the road through an open door or car window and will not fall under the wheels of the car.

How To Choose A Cage For The Dog?

Well now, if you decide that cage. It is a useful and necessary thing in the house, here are some tips that you may need.

  • Cells come in different sizes. Choose a large cage, so that the dog can stand and turn around in it, getting comfortable. In this sense, the larger the cell, the better.
  • Put a mattress on the bottom of the cage or a blanket several times folded, which will be easy to wash. Our metal cages are equipped with special metal pallets.
  • When you use a metal cage, it is useful to cover it from above with a light opaque cloth or cover. So the dog will feel calmer. (Remember the cages with parrots!)
  • Do not leave in a cage bowls with food and drink, they only take up space and can easily tip over.
  • It is best to teach the dog to the cage gradually. If you allow your puppy to get acquainted with it, get used to it, leaving the door open and putting your favorite toy inside, the dog will almost immediately consider the cage his home.
  • Make sure that one or two of your dog’s favorite toys are always in the cage. So that the toys do not bother, periodically change them to new ones (well forgotten old ones can be). In a month, your pet will be pleased to see them again and will enjoy playing with them for several days.
  • Never leave a dog locked in a cage for more than a few hours at a time if it can not go out, warm up, play or drink water.
  • The cage can also be used to teach the dog cleanliness. A puppy will never get dirty in its cage but will wait patiently until it is released outside. The very first day he learns to ask "according to need". Releasing the dog from the cage, you can immediately take it to walk. Thus, the use of cells will save you from the extra puddles in the apartment.
  • If you are locked in a puppy’s cage, to accustom him to cleanliness, do not leave him in the cage for more than 3 hours.
  • Remember that when traveling a dog perceives a cage as "home away from home". You can easily leave the dog in the hotel room and go to a restaurant or the beach, knowing that the furniture in the room will not be damaged, the door is scratched, and your pet will likely sleep sweetly in his house.
  • If a dog has started to whine or howl in a cage unaccustomed to it, wait a while, persuade or threaten to silence it for a while and only then let it out of the cage. Otherwise, she may have a bad habit of howling to catch your attention.
  • Remember that dog cage is not a prison, but rather a den, a place of games and recreation, like the dream of every teenager – separate room. It gives the dog a sense of peace and security in any situation.
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