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How To Choose A Cage For Dogs For An Apartment

How To Choose A Cage For Dogs For An Apartment

The time we spend with the dog, travel with the dog, rest with the dog. Pleasant pastime. Useful services that we use when planning a holiday with a dog:

Cage for dogs only recently began to enter the homes of Russian pet owners. People consider it blasphemous to lock the "poor puppy" in the "iron chamber" for the whole day, but the tattered wallpaper, overturned bags of garbage, sofas eaten up to the back with new-fangled Labradors and other superactive breeds of dog people are also not satisfied. Finally, four options left: not to work at all, not to leave the dog alone at home, to work, but to turn the apartment into an open-air cage for the dog, in which there is nothing superfluous, to give the dog and the fourth option is a cage for dogs. Which option you choose?

Hope that last. And I fully understand the possible further agony of your conscience. Relax, and listen to the facts that I think will convince you that your decision is correct. All European and American dog owners have long been in the interior of the apartment cell, covered with a beautiful, to match the curtains, bedspread. In this cage, their favorite pet, which sleeps on the sofa the rest of the time, and he sleeps on the sofa, precisely because they love him, but love him because he is a wonderful dog, not leaving in their absence a pile of bits of shoes, clothes and other small things. And about those who have no dog cages in the house, the films “Marley and I”, “Hooch and Turner”, the well-known “Beethoven” are being shot, poems are written about dogs and fairy tales are written. Think about that, that those guests who disappeared from your home with the advent of the puppy will now be able to honor you with their visits again, and you will not be able to get up at six in the morning from the wet dog’s tongue, but at a time you wish, because no dog will go to the toilet by yourself.

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Teaching a dog to cage is a snap.. Keep your cage open while you are at home. Put in it a soft litter, a couple of toys and bones, feed your pet in it. After a couple of days, start closing the dog in the cage for a couple of minutes, gradually increase the intervals, as is done with the problem when the dog is not left alone at home.

So that the cage for dogs does not look like something bulky and superfluous in the house, cover it with some dense matter of suitable color. If your dog eats dry food, then the obligatory condition of keeping the dog in a cage is a special bowl for water, which is attached to the bars.

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