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How To Choose A Cage For A Dog

Midwest cells have several series, each with its own classification, but they all share several common points. All cages are made of high-quality steel, which allows using them even for large breed dogs. They do not have sharp corners and other structures that can injure the animal and have a corrosion-resistant coating. Cells have a retractable pallet and compactly folded in seconds.

The iCrate series is perfect for those owners who frequent exhibitions or travel with animals, because these cells have the lightest weight. Reliable latches and the ability to choose a single or two-door cage will provide maximum comfort and mobility in “field” conditions.

The Life Stage series has a rugged construction, being designed for the most active and temperamental dogs. Has a more frequent lattice for added reliability.

The Select series has 3 doors for maximum convenience. Thanks to this, you can put the cage wherever you want, and if you want to remove the door completely, creating a comfortable seating area for your dog.

The Puppy Playpen series is the most suitable cage for growing puppies, perfect for both simple owners preparing for replenishment and professional breeders. It has an internal pallet, freely adjustable in height and providing full hygiene, as well as two doors – side and top, giving free access to puppies. This cage has a large size, allowing puppies to play at your pleasure and ensuring them complete security.

How To Choose A Cage For A Dog

The Ovation series cage is the only cage whose door opens upwards and has a super strong structure. This item not only saves space near the cell, but also gives the cell additional reliability. In addition, only this cell has rubberized legs to protect the floor from scratches.

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Whichever cage you choose, remember that dogs are intellectually developed and incredibly social creatures. These are school animals for which isolation is an extremely unpleasant test. Use the cage only when necessary. Be sure to teach the animal to her, giving him free to sniff an unfamiliar object. Put some delicacy inside the cage to encourage the dog to enter it and be sure to praise it when it does. Remember that for the smooth use of the cage, the dog should only be associated with positive emotions, but in no case with punishment or unpleasant sensations.

How To Choose A Cage For A Dog

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