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Making A Dog Enclosure With Your Own Hands.

In private houses, large dogs can be kept in the yard. They are not only pets but also serve as guards of the territory of the house. If the pet spends a lot of time on the street, he needs to create a comfortable environment where he can rest, shelter from the weather, and eat. The construction of an ordinary booth is not very suitable – it restricts the movement of the animal, creating discomfort. We will try to figure out how to make a simple dog enclosure with your own hands, analyze what materials are best suited for construction.

Comfortable dog house: principles of construction.

Before you start building the structure, you need to decide on a few fundamental issues. Consider them in more detail.


The premises for keeping dogs are of several types:

  • Temporary construction involves short-term maintenance For this purpose, metal cages for dogs are constructed, equipped with flooring, a shed. These structures do not have a roof, may be limited in size.
  • Capital buildings. Build with the constant stay of the animal on the site. Their distinguishing characteristic is the presence of wall and roof insulation.
  • Closed options – an intermediate level between the temporary, capital construction. They have three blank walls. The fourth wall is made of metal mesh, allowing reviewing.
  • All types of buildings should have space for walking, equipped place for sleeping and eating.

    Aviary sizes.

    Home pet, which is not enough for him, will cause inconvenience, will be associated with the punishment, dislike of the owners.

    The optimal amount of space is calculated based on breed, growth. The generally accepted parameters are:

    • height less than 50 centimeters – the area of ​​the house 6 meters or more;
    • height 50-65 centimeters – an area of ​​8 meters or more;
    • above 65 centimeters – the territory of more than 10 meters.
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      With the content of several pets, the size of the area increases by 1.5 times. The size of the warm dog box, which is contained with the puppies, increases in proportion to the number of individuals.

      Making A Dog Enclosure With Your Own Hands.

      Determining the size of the enclosure for dogs with their own hands, be sure to take into account the nature, breed. For example, the Alabai dog can easily jump over a fence more than two meters high. By making a low cage fence, the animal can constantly leave its limits. Aviary for husky decided to do a lot more than for other breeds. This is due to their restless nature, activity, requiring more territory for walking. Some breeds are distinguished by a great love for digging holes, making peculiar digs. Considering the cheerful, friendly, mobile nature of the dog, it is better to equip the sheep-dog enclosure with an increased walking area. Character traits of a pet must be taken into account when building a home.

      The size of the cage for large dogs should take into account the division into zones: a berth (booth, another structure), a walking area. The walking zone is divided into two parts – the first with a canopy, providing for walks in any weather, the second – in the open air.

      Space organization.

      The choice of installation of the booth plays a very important role. Setting it close to the fence, you can doom the dog to the constant nervous excitement created by street noise. Putting away from home, in a secluded corner – the pet will feel abandoned, unnecessary. Choosing the optimal location of the booth, it is necessary to take into account weather conditions (the need for shaded space, the absence of drafts), preferences, and the temperament of a fluffy friend. Sociable, loving pets need frequent visual contact with their hosts. For example, it is better to put a box for a shepherd in a shaded place near the entrance to the house, a recreation area. Watching the owners, shepherd involved in the life of the family.

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      The choice of material for the room.

      The selection of materials is an essential component of a reliable, durable structure. The choice of raw materials is carried out, taking into account the climatic conditions, the individual characteristics of the future tenant.

      Among the most popular materials used to build enclosures are:

      • wooden bars, shields, diagonal boards;
      • bricks, mineral products;
      • metal mesh.
      • The durable structure involves a combination of several materials. Blank walls are made of bricks, wooden beams, other strong materials. If climatic conditions suggest harsh winters, the booth must be securely warmed. Mineral wool, polystyrene foam will help to warm a simple dog enclosure with their own hands. Particular attention should be paid to the manufacture of flooring (floor closed area). It should be dry, warm. Wood is best for its production.

        The open area of ​​the fence is fenced off with a solid metal grid, rods. When keeping large representatives of large breeds, it is better to use rods – they are more reliable, durable, and safe for health. Some animals can break through the net, injuring themselves. A metal rod is difficult, almost impossible to bend, break.

        The roof is made of various roofing materials. Among the most preferred products should highlight slate, metal, soft roof.

        Puppy housing is an integral part of a private home. Selection of raw materials, the design of the structure should be harmoniously combined with the external beauty of the overall territory. Following this rule, you can create a simple dog enclosure with your own hands, which will be a bright decoration of the exterior of the yard.

        How to make a dog aviary at home?

        Without the right tools and skills, it will be difficult to build even a simple dog enclosure with your own hands. But this option will be much cheaper than buying a finished structure.

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        • To begin construction of the cage, one should begin by choosing the place and marking for future construction. Based on the size of your pet, you need to calculate the height, width, and length of the enclosure;
        • Having decided on the location of the aviary you need to draw a drawing with the dimensions of the cage. At this stage, it must be determined – from what material you will construct a room for the dog;
        • Prepare a plot for future construction. If you are going to pour concrete floor or foundation under the cage – it’s time to do it. If the basis of your design consists of iron pipes or profiles – also at this stage you need to dig them;
        • Based on the material you choose, the frame of your aviary is created. It is desirable to make at least one wall deaf.
        • At this stage, you need to build a booth, given the size of your dog. The roof for the booth, as a rule, do flat. Your pet will use it as a viewing platform. Based on the climatic conditions of your place of residence, decide on the insulation of the booth. Do not make the room completely deaf. It should open for cleaning;
        • Frame aviary sheathed mesh. To build a roof for the cage. To this end, any roofing material – from slate or corrugated flooring and to the usual awning.
        • The design is ready. Following this manufacturing technology, you can create a simple dog enclosure with your own hands, which will be a bright decoration of the exterior of the yard.

          And at the end, we offer to view the video of the construction of the cells from the iron profile.

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