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Dog In A Cage At Home


This is a male (undisturbed), half breed of unknown origin, 4.5 years. Previously, this happened to him when we lived in another apartment – he could write on the bed, when we were at home, or when my mother came, he loved to pee on her bed right when she came out of the shower) Then I moved, with him like has stopped. Maybe, of course, during my time he stopped writing also because the last 1.5 years I had been working at home. And now I went to the office and started A couple of times, however, it was this year when he wrote on a kitchen sofa – I scolded. But now he pisses on the bed in which we sleep !! Before that, he allowed himself only to lie on it in our absence. (Of course, she also scolded and scolded – in the face you can see, he understands guilt). Maybe he thinks that, okay, since it is impossible to go to the sofa?))

My godmother has such garbage. Not only on the chandelier. Male dog Godmother’s house. all OK. Out. label (corners, furniture legs). Now the room is closed, the corridor and the kitchen are pissed.

This dog did not pass the training and in general is very spoiled. My opinion. legs grow out of here, he’s family so "builds". Marks And others. Problems also exist, but the owners do not see that this is a problem.

I would start with training on the general course, increase walks, teach the place, temporarily limit access to the room. Revise the diet.

We had with my dog ​​several. other problems, but also writing at home, too, a set of measures helped! And, to be honest, castrated (the main thing is not to overfeed later). Our sterilized, if)

He has never seen anything in the face, sorry) He’s just in response to your "aggression" takes a submission, and only! Read about the signals of reconciliation, by the way, here is somewhere on the tag.

So we "nowhere" they didn’t go) At home they were engaged) Once the instructor was invited (I had some ready-made questions), she saw the problems where necessary, corrected, mostly

Dog In A Cage At Home

Cage for dogs. bullying or rescue?

Coming home you will not recognize the apartment, and your dog is sleeping peacefully on the remains of your furniture or clothes. I think everyone knows this situation. An unsuspecting puppy runs joyfully to meet you, but you are already overwhelmed with anger and fall for him. The puppy takes the guilty look, and you think that he knows and understands what you are punishing him for. Nothing like this! He takes the guilty view and the pose of submission, so that you stop his scolding as soon as possible. He can NOT understand why you are punishing him if the job has already been done, and he after "atrocities" managed to sleep peacefully. He will simply consider you an inadequate and unbalanced personality, trust will be undermined.

Many owners claim. "Cell. it’s inhuman!" Then answer the question: "And to punish a puppy when he does not even understand why. is it human !?"

Every dog ​​is present "lair instinct". You probably noticed that dogs usually like to get settled in protected places. under the bed, under the table, in the corners. in places where there is a roof and walls. Dog cage become a den for her, her own apartment, if properly accustom her to her.

It is desirable from iron rods. it is reliable, ventilated and the dog will have an overview, it will be able to observe everything that happens.

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After that, you can begin to close the cage door during her sleep, but you should be in the room. do not leave the dog alone. As soon as she starts to wake up. open the door.

When she gets used in your presence, quietly be in a cage with the door closed. You can start to leave her there alone, but do not leave the apartment yet. Out of the room. are back. praised the dog if she sat quietly.

Very important: if the dog starts barking in the cage. DO NOT release it and do not come

Dog In A Cage At Home

How to teach a dog to cage

There are three main reasons why a dog finds himself in a cage: while traveling by car or plane, at dog training events (exhibitions, competitions, etc.) and at home, where it is sent if it behaves badly in the absence or even in the presence of the host. The cell you see in the photo is suitable for the first two situations. It is safe enough for dogs and for movers. But such a cage is not suitable as a home aviary – it is too dark and it is stuffy for the dog. For a home, an iron grating cage is acceptable. In any case, remember that an aviary in an apartment can only be a temporary phenomenon, the dog should not spend most of the day there, and even more so – life.

For the first time, most dogs quietly enter the cage, but upon learning that the owner can lock them inside, the dogs lose confidence in her and problems begin. It is better to teach the dog immediately by following the points below and then there will be no problems with the cage.

1) First, you can remove the door from the cage. Get a dog for a treat inside. If the dog doubts – give a treat just because she stuck her nose inside or put one paw. Do not push the dog inside by force. If your hand does not “pass” along with the dog, then this means that the cage is ma

The dog is alone in the house. schooling to loneliness.

Why does my dog ​​chew on walls and furniture when he is left alone? After all, when everyone is at home, she is just a good boy! She gets dirty in the apartment and spoils the door. Is this her revenge for being left alone at home or is she missing something? How to teach her to stay at home alone? The behavior of dogs in the absence of owners in the apartment is often destructive – howl, barking, damaged furniture and walls – all this distresses us, as if we did not like our pet.

Do you remember the moment when a sweet baby just appeared in your house? You took a week-long vacation at work to fully dedicate yourself to a new family member, from the first minutes of his appearance, the puppy was petted and kissed, followed you on the heels of the whole apartment (however, as now), and he sleeps next to the bed or on it. Then you made a big mistake.

You have not taught the puppy to remain alone and now that he has grown up, your every care is a huge stress for him. No, your dog does not take revenge on you, he is simply desperate for his loneliness. For an animal, chewing is a kind of sedative, like for people chewing gum or cigarettes. And any punishment for damaged items in this case is ineffective. Dogs have a short memory, and when you punish your dog for a boot eaten a few hours ago, he will not understand it. For him, the punishment will be associated only with your return. And next time, the stress will be even greater – not only is she left alone, she will also be punished upon the return of the owner.

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The tips below will help teach your dog to stay at home alone.

For dogs that are afraid of being alone at home, interactive toys are needed that can occupy your pet for a while. The ideal option is a toy company Kong. Classic Kong has the shape of a snowman, made of high-strength rubber and

Cage training is based on the dog’s natural desire to find a safe place to sleep. It is important to make the cage a place that the dog will associate with something pleasant. If done correctly, training to the cage will be a useful experience for the dog and will reduce stress. In addition, by nature dogs do not like to go to the toilet in their "house", and this will allow you to teach the dog to walk.

The disadvantage of this method is that sometimes people misuse the cell. make it a means of punishment and submission. This is contrary to the basic principle of accustoming to the cell, that is, creating a safe place associated with pleasant things.

Choose a cage of a suitable size. The cage should be large enough to allow the dog to stand, sit down and stretch out, but there is no need for a cage so large that you can sleep in one corner and go to the toilet in another.
Decide which cell you want. There are many cells at different prices. Some cells even look like furniture, they can be used as a bedside table. Consider all the pros and cons before making a choice.

There are plastic cages with metal grill doors and ventilation holes. Very often, these cells are suitable for traveling by plane, and you can put a dog in it during the flights.

There are also metal cells from gratings. They cannot be nibbled, and through the walls of such a cage a dog can see everything that is happening from all directions. Unfortunately, such a cage does not create a sense of shelter, which many dogs need, so this is not the best option, although these cages are usually the cheapest.

There are also cages for puppies with walls, but without sex. They are suitable for very small dogs, because an older puppy will be able to move the cage along the floor or

Dog in a cage in the apartment

Who has experience of keeping a dog in a large cage when he is alone at home? We have a three year old English Cocker who goes crazy every day when he is left alone at home. In addition, he also shkodit everything he gets.

I know many dog ​​owners who keep dogs in a cage if they are not at home. Dogs love cages, these are people’s associations right away! Good luck to you!

Thank! I went to this for three years. As our experience shows, no matter how much time we spend with him, he still howls. Let’s try ’booth’ can help him first of all.

All such humane, but what about the dogs in the yard on a leash in the booth ?? If there is no other choice, and the dog does not sit there all day, then perhaps this is the right decision.

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I don’t see anything wrong in the cage, the only thing better is to teach the puppy (We have a boxer, without a cage, for 2 years already. I smashed the whole apartment, gobbled up 3 sofas, gnawed a cupboard, and a lot of things. I regret that they didn’t teach me to cage.) safety is also for the dog. Our example, when I ate a sofa for 3 days, tore, the filler from the sofa cannot be digested

Are you seriously. This is not a mosquito! And not a turtle! Can you imagine how much a dog needs to move? And how often? From the question just ohrenevayu.

Found in the internet advice, to teach small. while you are at home, close in another room or bathroom, and not respond while you howl. How to calm down, release, i.e. She must understand that you are not running towards him at the first howl. If you howl continuously, then you need to throw a small noise (we have this jar-villain, kinder egg with penny coins), then he will shut up for a few seconds. As soon as it howls again, toss again, i.e. the dog must understand that if he is silent, the villain will not come again)))

Each of us, having heard this characteristic velvet

My dachshunds stayed at home like that, a big cage for a Labrador. When nobody was home, one of 2 soba

The dog began to write at home, what to do?

Anyone who started a dog is faced with such a phenomenon when the dog began to write at home. This problem is especially acutely felt by city dwellers, where a dog is kept in an apartment and there is not enough time for sufficient walking.

Everyone copes with the physiological needs of their animals in their own way, but let’s see why dogs defecate and urinate in the wrong place, and also try to find methods to correct this behavior.

It is worth noting that for dogs, the commission of natural items is never inappropriate, it is inconvenient for the owner, and not for the animal. Therefore, in order to achieve our goal, we need some knowledge of the zoopsychology and physiology of the dog.

Note that in this article we will consider situations in which undesirable behavior is manifested in an adult dog, and how to teach a puppy to the toilet can be read in the next article.

– sexual stimulus, at this time the animal shows that it is ready for mating (expressed not only in males, but also in bitches during estrus, when they often urinate in small portions). It is proved that the smell of urine contains a large amount of information, for example, it can be used to identify an individual, its gender, physiological state and much more.

– the appearance of something new in the house. Suppose you have purchased a new furniture, brought another animal, or you have a small child. New items bring unfamiliar smells that need to be made familiar – "their".

– social status. The dog belongs to the gregarious animals, so if there is a decrease in the hierarchy of the pack (family) this may serve as a reason to leave the feces on the bed or urinate on the furniture. Often this happens when a new pet appears or an older child takes on the upbringing of an adult.

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