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Apartment Dog Cage.

Often the dog becomes the indispensable caretaker of our home. Many owners train pets so that they barked and attacked strangers, but the problem is one factor, the dog can’t explain which people can be touched and which ones can not be touched. And often the solution to this problem is home cages for keeping dogs.

In the cage, the dog should feel as comfortable as possible. It is necessary to comply with all conditions of the animal in this space. But when there is no need, and the animal is not a source of danger to others, you should not lock it in a cage.

Having come to the idea of ​​acquiring a cage for your pet, the owners almost immediately think about it, what should this cage be like? First, you need to deal with the size of the enclosure. Cages for dogs of small breeds differ from large cages, which are designed, of course, for large dogs, and if you have a dog of medium breeds, then the cage will be, respectively, medium. The most important thing is for the animal to be comfortable there.

Next, we think about the strength of the product, as in anger, a dog can break an open-air cage and pounce on someone from strangers. Also, an essential factor is the environmental friendliness of the material from which the cell is assembled. Any dog ​​will want to "try" to taste its fencing from all sides.

And, finally, the internal arrangement. When buying a cage for a house or apartment, you need to think about what your dog will relax comfortably so that you can buy a warm mattress or just a rug. If your pet is still a puppy, then buy him toys.

During the journey, it is very convenient to transport dogs in a folding cage designed for them, which can be folded and hidden when not needed.

A dog’s upset stomach can be a signal of both conventional poisoning with a stale product.

Puppy cage in the apartment.

After you met with a bunch of possible dog-related crimes and already ten times regretted your decision to start a dog, wandering through the sultry canine desert, you finally came across an oasis. And this oasis is called a dog cage.

Here is a typical situation. When you recommend to some owner, complaining about the destructive behavior of his dog, leave it for the time of care in a cage, in response, with small options, you hear the following: "What do you mean? It is inhuman! I will never cage my dog! ".

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For some reason, we forget that the apartment for the dog is the same cage, a little bit more. The dog in the apartment also experiences sensory (sensory, sensitive stimuli), informational, motor, play deficiency, and, perhaps, a bunch of some needs, like in a cage. A flat for a dog should serve as a booth (like a cage). The dog comes there to rest. But this is with the right content when the dog gets tired on walks. And, since we often walk not for the dog, but ourselves: "if only it would do something", here we turn an apartment into a stadium or a square. It is me to the fact that the cage, with proper maintenance of the dog, is no worse than your apartment, the leash, with which we, when leaving, bind the dog to the battery, or the balcony, to which we expel it. Cell. It is a booth in a booth (from a person).

Aviary Economy Class.

An open-air cage of 8 sections can be easily reduced to 6 sections when you are at home (without disassembling) and fully fold when you leave the puppy for a long time (so that he has more space in the aviary and is comfortable in it)

Why do I need a dog cage in the apartment?

Apartment cages for dogs are very popular these days. Stereotypes that a cell is bad, because it hinders movement and limits freedom, without enduring criticism, collapses under the influence of numerous advantages proven in practice. Let us examine the advantages of cells and how they perceive our four-legged friends.

Wild relatives of dogs in natural habitats rest in the burrows, where they feel at rest and safe. It is not surprising that even domestic dogs have the instinct to make a place for themselves in which, if possible, no one will disturb them. The bed, in this case, does not always cope with its task, since, for example, if there are children in the house, they will still bother their beloved four-legged friend, regardless of his need for rest. Therefore, it is recommended to use a house-cage as a place for a pet. It is not only a cozy, detached house and the corner of your puppy or adult dog but also a guarantee of security and good breeding. Let’s talk about this in more detail!

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Contrary to stereotypes, the cage is not a measure of punishment, but a cozy house for your dog in which she will be happy to rest. Be sure to put a soft and comfortable litter on the bottom of the cage. The dog should be comfortable and pleasant to be in the house-cage as well as you in your bedroom.

A dog cage is about the same as a playpen for a child. The same level of comfort and safety! If you have a little puppy in your house, then you are strongly recommended to purchase a cage for him.

Dog in a cage in the apartment

  • Who has experience of keeping a dog in a large cage when he is alone at home? We have a three-year-old English Cocker who goes crazy every day when he is left alone at home. Also, he tears everything he gets.
  • Naraka, sorry, started a dog if you can not deal with it? Brought to the hamster. Cockers are very mobile dogs, they need to be walked, and they are active.
  • The dog in the cage feels great (also Englishwoman)). He perceives the cage with his personal living space (booth) and goes there when he wants to rest from us. See no ’horror’ in this. Good for her and us. Get plenty of toys, a plaid down and plaid down
  • Thank you, I think about this too. Just my hysteria and knows where to stick, and starts jumping through the windows over the cacti.
  • We have a private house. But howls, I hear as I leave the house. But he also howls if he is in the street in the booth, and we go. But I can’t be with him 24 hours a day.
  • Apartment Dog Cage.
  • If taught, it will be perceived as a home. I still manage to fight who will be sitting in a cage — and usually packaged all together. At exhibitions, too, in the cells, in hotels, on the bus in the same place.
  • We walk three times, want to sleep already eyes stick together, only sees me combing or dressing, begins to whine, and then sing-a-a-ah.
  • Thanks for the answer. And how long can you start to teach him? And then try to close it there while we are at home, or how are we leaving?
  • When we looked at our friends, we also resented for a long time: “the dog in the cage is terrified”. And then they looked at this quite happy life of the dog, at the calm, not worrying about the wallpaper and sneaker hostess, they had previously acquired a cage, and then a dog. Naturally, that will howl with unaccustomed and then appreciate.
  • We walk him, plus the house of almost 200 meters he rushes with the child on him, it is clear
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    Behind the bars is all about dog cages.

    Why does a dog have a cage?

    A cage for a dog is necessary, firstly, because in many respects such an animal is a predator, and they need a den. Surely you have repeatedly noticed how the dog is looking for a secluded spot under the sofa or wardrobe. Secondly, even if it is a favorite and of large size, he is strong and formidable, but in many respects, he is a child. An animal needs a personal space in which it will not be touched.

    Therefore, cages for dogs – an essential thing in the apartment, and the courtyards. Moreover, many veterinarians believe that such a device can help with mutual understanding between the owner and the animal itself. So you can strengthen the friendship, because who, if not the owner releases the pet out of the cage? Who feeds him then tasty? It was he, the owner.

    Naturally, with such content, a measure is necessary: ​​it is not required to keep the animal always in a cage. But in the case when you have a little crazy people who can mess up at night, why not lock it up. The cage is also necessary if the pet lives with the family where there is a small child. Agree to protect each other from extreme attention – this is very important.

    For transporting the crate is also needed. Transporting a dog is a delicate thing, and a cage will allow you not to worry that the dog will stain the whole car with its saliva or bite someone. There are many reasons where such a means for transportation.

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