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Dog Enclosure.

Cage for dogs.

Cage for dogs has become an integral accessory, bringing additional amenities for both the owner and the pet. Moreover, the modern industry has long ensured that these devices were not only functional but also beautiful.

What is the reason for buying a dog cage?

  • in a cage, a pet can expect its exit to the rings to feel safe during the absence of the owner;
  • This device is indispensable in the period of puppy training to the mode and order;
  • car cages for dogs make it possible not only to protect the salon from the dog’s reaction to motion sickness or the unexpected rush to “go off in a small way”, but also guarantee the safety of the animal in the event of an accident;
  • such a device is indispensable for long flights or traveling by rail, a rare company agrees to transport animals without a cage;
  • a dog carrier cage is useful if the pet has a cold, is injured or needs hospitalization, it will not only allow conveniently and without additional movements to transfer the animal from the house to the veterinary clinic, but also serve as a kind of “hospital ward”;
  • if addition is expected in the canine family, then a place is needed where the puppies and the mother can come together, this will avoid significant damage to the repair;
  • and, of course, the cage is a kind of shelter for the dog, where it can hide from the annoying molestation of children or be alone.
  • Types of cages for dogs.

    There is a huge range of temporary housing for the four-friend, which allows you to choose the most acceptable option based on price, functionality, and appearance. Consider the most popular ones.

    Cage for large dogs.

    For strong and large breeds of pets, it is necessary to purchase a model made of durable material, preferably metal or its alloys. Be sure the presence of false-bottom, I mean the metal mesh above the pallet, which, by the way, should be retractable. It will facilitate the cleaning process and will keep the pet in constant cleanliness. It is also recommended to purchase a cage with two doors and wheels to speed up transportation.

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    Foldable dog cage.

    A very convenient option for those who are in constant motion, taking part in various exhibitions and competitions, or simply unwilling to part with their animals. The folding cage should have a simple and reliable mechanism, be light and compact. It can be frame or metal. The skeleton model is extremely convenient and practically weightless, equipped with a plastic tray and can protect the dog from sudden bad weather.

    Soft folding dog cage.

    This model can be made of nylon, plush, flannel and other material, depending on the functional purpose. If participation in exhibitions is meant, then the best “frame” for a pet will be a soft plush cage, which, moreover, is convenient and quickly folded for transportation. If you plan a long journey or a trip to nature, it is better to choose a model of nylon, which is well washed.

    Dog cage.

    Such a device, in principle, should be if you have a pet. It makes it possible to deliver the dog to any destination and not be afraid that it will be harmed or it will bite someone.

    How to make a cage for dogs and teach her to the pet?

    Moreover, this is a very topical solution to the problem of transporting dogs both in public transport and in a private car.

    In any case, it is necessary to choose a cage, taking into account the size of the dog, and to teach her to perceive the device as a home, and not as a place to limit activity.

    It is not always possible to keep the dog on the site so that it runs freely around the site. There are situations when a dog has to be put in an open-air cage, for example, when representatives of various control organizations arrive, and when guests arrive and a device of a celebration, running the dog under guests’ feet is not very beautiful. Therefore, the best option would be to lock the dog in the aviary. How to make it? It is what we tell you?

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    Requirements for dog aviary.

    For a start, we will be defined with the minimum sizes of the open-air cage. The maximum depends on the area of ​​your site and your choice. The minimum size of the enclosure depends on the size of the dog at the withers. If its height is up to more than 50 cm, then six sq.m. for the aviary. If the dog at the withers reaches 65 cm, then the minimum area is at least 8 square meters. For a larger dog allocates an area of ​​10 sq. M.

    Regarding the sides of the world, we place the cages so that the dog does not overheat in the sun. It may be southwest or southeast. But, again, a lot depends on the location of the site. If the aviary fails to send anywhere except the south, then still try to protect it from the sun with natural shading (trees, bushes). It is advisable to place the aviary away from roads and other polluting factors. In this case, the dog must see the house and you. Full isolation of the dog in the aviary is undesirable. The dog will be nervous, whine, and bark. And now we proceed to its construction.

    Cage for dogs – a cozy "home" and a safe haven.

    Roofing sheet for the roof – 6 pieces, 2×1 m.

    We cut off from a pipe 60×30 four pieces of 2 meters each and two pieces of 4 meters each. As a foundation, cinder blocks are used. We make a slight bias from the rear wall, so that when oblique rainwater flows to the ground.

    We weld the base of the cage, lay the foundation and place the bottom of the cage on it.

    Then vertical stands are welded. Rear height 1800 mm, front – 2000 mm.

    Dog Enclosure.

    Next is the top horizontal strapping at a height of 1800 mm.

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    Then we make the lower horizontal strapping at a height of 200-300 mm from the base of the enclosure.

    Dog Enclosure.

    Do not forget to weld the vertical rack for the door.

    Dog Enclosure.

    Preparing rafters for the roof.

    Dog Enclosure.

    Weld the upper ends of the front pillars and welded ceiling rafters to them. Weld rafters to the roof (only 4 pieces at an equal distance from each other)

    We make the frame door aviary

    Dog Enclosure.

    Welded door hinges.

    Dog Enclosure.

    And we hang the door.

    Dog Enclosure.

    We make clamps and welds to the door.

    Dog Enclosure.

    Welded pipework, which will limit the floor.

    Dog Enclosure.
    Dog Enclosure.

    A 15×15 mm pipe is cut for the door grille.

    Dog Enclosure.

    Welded and welded for a seat for constipation.

    Dog Enclosure.

    The result with the finished door for the aviary is like this.

    Dog Enclosure.

    We cut the pipe 15×15 mm and make of it the front grille.

    Dog Enclosure.

    Here an important indicator will be what size the dog will be kept in the aviary. The distance between the rods should ensure that the dog does not crawl between them and does not get stuck in an attempt to climb, but the material overrun is also useless.

    To enhance the design, in the middle of the rods, the front wall of the aviary, cook a horizontal amplifier.

    (same square – pipe)

    Dog Enclosure.

    Board 150×50 mm dissolved on the bar, covered with penoteksom and screwed to the upper rafters of the roof of the enclosure.

    Dog Enclosure.

    We fasten a professional flooring to rafters.

    Between corrugated and crate lay sheets of foam thickness of 50 mm.

    Dog Enclosure.
    Dog Enclosure.

    Ceiling sheathe PVC panels.

    Dog Enclosure.

    On the floor is laid board "sorokovka", and the walls are sheathed clapboard.

    Dog Enclosure.

    The built-in booth is installed. The framework from a bar is 50х50 mm, it is sheathed by lining, then the vapor barrier is installed, then polyfoam 50 mm thick, heat insulation, and again it is sheathed by clapboard. Processing lining only outside.

    Dog Enclosure.
    Dog Enclosure.

    We told about the example of making such a dog house in the article. "Dog box with his own hands"

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