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Dog Cage: Luxury Or Necessity?

If you do not want to buy a cage for your dog, because you are afraid to injure its psyche, or consider it too cruel – you are deeply mistaken! After all, no one is protesting, for example, against stitched or wicker dog houses in an apartment, as well as wooden booths in the private sector. Put, the essence of the material does not change. The dog cage is her home, shelter, and personal space. Especially in an unfamiliar or alien place.

An example is dog shows. Pay attention to how animals behave there: someone presses the tail and tries to hide behind the master’s foot, others show an evil grin and try to figure out the relationship with their relatives. As a result, fatigue and extreme irritation in the ring, respectively, is not always a worthy assessment of experts. While the animals, quietly sitting in the cages, appear before the judges fresh, rested and full of strength. It is explained by the fact that despite the accumulation of people and dogs, they were isolated, that is, protected. In this case, the need for cages for dogs is obvious.

On a trip with a dog.

No less useful will be the cage for the transport of dogs. Cars, trains, waiting rooms and endless transfers. All this leads to great stress. Probably, you have repeatedly noticed that when your dog is in a state of panic or fear, she tries to climb to a shelter on a subconscious level. That is why the carriage (cage) makes it possible for the dog to move the excitement more easily.

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Cage at home.

As for the house or apartment, here, the dog cage does not interfere. For example, if you plan to do the cleaning or are waiting for guests, especially with a small child. Remember that no matter how educated your dog is, not everything depends on it – the child does not always manage to explain how to treat animals properly: do not pull the ears, do not poke your fingers in the eye, etc. Accordingly, the cage will become a real salvation for the animal in a similar situation.

Dog Cage: Luxury Or Necessity?

Raising a little puppy.

Or, for example, a puppy – what is it worth to teach him to cleanliness. Is not it? If you have a special cage, when you leave the house, you will be able to close your pet in it for a couple of hours, and when you return immediately take him out for a walk. But keep in mind that a dog should not spend too much time in a cage. Otherwise, its health may deteriorate significantly. For the animal to fully develop, it requires good nutrition, movement, games, and, of course, communication with the owner.

Taking into account all the above, it can be said with confidence that a dog cage is not a luxury, and certainly not a manifestation of cruelty on the part of the owner, but a real necessity.

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