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Dog Cage: How To Choose?

Of course, we don’t want to put our smaller brothers in jail, but sometimes it is simply necessary. For example, if a large dog needs to be transported from point A to point B on an airplane. Or if you are the owner of a nursery, in which there are many different tailed “lodgers”, the relations between which may not always be cloudless. Besides, at exhibitions, four-legged contestants should be reliably isolated from each other, as well as from the audience and judges. In all these cases, special cages for dogs will come to the rescue. They can be considered not as a prison, but as a house for a pet, in which he will be in complete safety.

What should be a dog cage?


solid, so that, on the one hand, the animal was not threatened, and on the other, it could not get out and create problems. Reliable should be not only the walls but also all locks and fasteners, which the owners at the same time could effortlessly close and open.


Dog Cage: How To Choose?

It is spacious enough for the dog to be relatively comfortable during the move (or exhibition). Here you need to select options for the size of the pet. The cage for large dogs should also be large, and for representatives of small breeds, it should be smaller. In any case, the animal must have enough free space. It is especially important to consider when choosing a cage for a large dog – they, unlike the “sofa” options, especially need a lot of space.

Models for transportation are usually made soft for more convenience. In any case, the floor should be covered with a rug or blanket, but you can also put an absorbent diaper, just in case. The latter becomes mandatory if the dog is sick. A puppy should be taken with a favorite toy, and at a later age, it does not interfere.

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convenience for the hosts also plays an important role. Even large dog cages should be conveniently transported. So, they must have reliable handles, and exhibition options also have wheels so that they can be carried. In the "carrying" the windows collected by the grid allow the owners, if necessary, to monitor the pet’s well-being.

Convenient format. Folding dog cage, which, after use, can be compactly folded and put away in the closet to re-use if necessary. In quality models, all this does not affect the strength and internal comfort.

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