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Do I Need A Cage For My Dog?

When the question arises: whether a cage is needed for a dog, the majority takes this step extremely negatively. In our minds, a cage is associated with a "dog prison." Well, how can you put in this little handsome? Well, is this not a mockery, is it not cruelty to a defenseless child? So you hear the indignant remarks from all sides.

However, this is another common misconception. Of course, you can turn the cell into a prison, which little Jack will fear and avoid in every possible way. But you can make it a blessing, both for the puppy and you. Proper training, training to the cage, will turn it into a "Jack’s house", his personal, private territory, where he can be alone with himself, hide, isolate himself from his annoying situation.

Do I Need A Cage For My Dog?

The main rule in schooling: never close a dog in a cage as a punishment!

Training with the cage is a great way to make your puppy feel safe and give him confidence.

Make it a comfortable and cozy nest: put a soft litter in it, new toys, tasty chewing bones. Play with your puppy for a while, walk it, then turn it into a cage for a while. At first, perhaps it will whine. Go to another room so that it does not see you. When it calms down, go back, open the cage, release Jack. Play with him. Gradually increase the time of his stay in the cage.

Very soon your dog will go into his house by himself, and stay there even with the door open, regarding him as his territory.

Explain to your children that when the puppy is in the house, you cannot touch it. Teach them to respect the private space of the dog.

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When Jack learns to sit quietly in a cage, you may be tempted to leave there a puppy for long hours, even when you’re at home. It should not be done, release it from the lock immediately, as they came home. Close Jack only when the puppy is alone at home. Praise him for his independence, encourage him to play and treats. Remember that a cage is an important tool in training a puppy, not a prison. Use it wisely.

How to choose the right cell?

It should not be too big and not too small. It should have enough space for cozy bedding, toys, a place for a toilet. Provide access to fresh water, for which there are special drinkers that are attached to the grid. For jacks fits 3 cell size.

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