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Choosing A Reliable And Comfortable Dog Cage.

Sooner or later, every dog ​​owner is faced with the need to transport his animal. It may be a trip to the vet or just a rest, where you will go with your pet.

What kinds are there?

Usually, people talking about animal cages represent a large iron box, which takes up a lot of space in the house. But this is not true since there are many varieties of these structures on sale. For example, if we are talking about a cage that is intended for the maintenance of a pet, then such structures are characterized by large sizes. But if you need an option for transporting the dog, then you can pick up something less dimensional. For example, carriages can be equipped with wheels so that the dog can be transported without problems. Usually, such models are designed for large animals.

Choosing A Reliable And Comfortable Dog Cage.

Also, the sale can be found on exhibition stand-tent. This option is the best for traveling with a pet. In this design, the dog will not only feel comfortable but also be able to hide from the scorching sun or rain. The cost of such transportation is much higher, but it should be noted that the price is a reasonable investment.

Another option is a folding cage, which will also be a good travel option. As a rule, such devices are rather dense, as a result of which they will be able to withstand a large load from large-sized dogs. Currently, these options are considered among the most sought after.

Teach your pet.

  1. First, the purchased crate must be put in the house and lured the animal into it, using some “snack”.
  2. If a dog goes inside, he can be praised, be sure to give a treat.
  3. If the pet wants to go out, do not hinder it.
  4. The design can be left open for some time, inside you need to put toys or litter. In general, you should make your dog comfortable inside.
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    Never use a crate as a punishment. Otherwise, you will lose the trust of the dog. So that the animal has no reason to manipulate a person, do not pay attention to his whine when he is inside. Remember – to force an animal to be in a cage is by no means impossible, otherwise in the future, if you need to travel a long distance with your pet, this can turn into a real nightmare. The dog will whine and bark, expressing his displeasure. Also, one should not use brute physical strength because this can lead the dog to grow cowardly and disobedient.

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