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Choosing A Cage And A Kennel For A Dog.

Choosing a kennel for a dog.

Choosing A Cage And A Kennel For A Dog.

When choosing a kennel for your pet, it is necessary to take into account many features, in particular:

  • The size of the booth. Here the most important thing is that the dog can stand freely in the booth, lie down, sit, and turn around, but at the same time, the booth should not be too spacious. The fact is that at a minus temperature, a large kennel will freeze hard, respectively, and the dog will not be able to warm up in it. In order not to be mistaken when buying, we recommend that you take measurements from your dog. Do not forget that puppies tend to grow – keep this in mind when buying a booth, purchasing housing for growth.
  • Choosing A Cage And A Kennel For A Dog.
  • The entrance to the kennel (utility hole). The entrance should be located on the widest wall or the side of the booth. For large dogs, it is necessary to choose a kennel, the dimensions of the utility hole in which will be at least 50 cm. It is necessary in order not to hamper the movement of the dog at the entrance. If the breed is small, then Laz, respectively, should be smaller.
  • Roof. The ideal option would be a removable roof, which, however, should be securely fastened, as dogs often use it as a kind of fasting. The removable roof will be the case if your pet needs help. As a material for the roof, they often use wood, tile, etc. So, you can easily choose an option that not only pleases you but also fits into the surrounding landscape.
  • The walls of the kennel. Ideal options would be if the walls of the kennel will be made of environmentally friendly materials (for example, from softwood). Thanks to such walls in the booth of your pet there will always be a suitable microclimate. It is recommended to purchase a booth with double walls if it is located in a cold place. Also, it will not be superfluous and additional insulation for which you can use materials such as foam, chips, etc. Otherwise, you will have to buy jackets for dogs, because the animal will freeze.
  • Floor. The recommended thickness of the floor is at least 35-40 cm. It is performed, as a rule, from a grooved board, however, there are other options. From the bottom of the booth, there should be small legs that will provide air circulation in it and additional ventilation.
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    In general, the design of dog housing should not be too elaborate and cumbersome, because in these booths are often collected various parasites, insects, etc., that can seriously spoil the life of your dog. Collapsible boxes will help you in the care of an animal, and also in the cleaning of space.

    Choosing a dog cage.

    Another popular option for canine shelter is a cage, the choice of which also needs to take into account certain features:

    • The size of the cell. It is recommended to choose a large cage, so that the animal can not only sit, lie and stand in it, but also relax and play comfortably. Ideally, if the pet can easily stretch out inside the cage, stretching out its paws, and not touch the walls, not the ceiling. If you have a puppy, then choosing a cage, also consider the size of the breed.
    • The material for the cell does not play special importance. It can be metal or plastic, and it is also possible variants of cells made in the form of a tent (such cells are often used at dog shows).
    • For transporting an animal, it is better to purchase a specialized cage that will help you simplify this procedure.
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