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Canine Cage – A Cozy Home Or Place Of Detention?

A cage for a dog sometimes causes unpleasant associations – restricting the freedom of the animal. But it is necessary when transporting an exhibition dog, for example, by car. In the apartment she plays the role of a pet box, is his territory, where he sleeps and eats. The article tells about the types of cages, gives recommendations on how to teach a dog to a cage, how to make a cage with your own hands.

Why must a dog have a cage?

Before talking about cages for dogs, you should understand why your pet needs it. There are many reasons for this. If the dog lives in the yard, then he needs an aviary. Sometimes for its device, there is not enough space on the site, and sometimes to put it unprofitable from a financial point of view. Especially if it is a summer house, where the owners live only in summer. A large cage for a dog will be able to replace the aviary, and if it develops, it can be removed for the winter until next season.

When a serious guard dog or a hunting dog is kept in an apartment, it becomes necessary to restrict his freedom for security reasons. Such lap-footed people are taught vocational skills: a guard dog – to guard the dwelling, a hunting dog – to get game. If strangers come to the house, the dog may rush at them, taking it as a threat. In this case, the pet is most convenient to close the cage.

If there is a child in the house, then his relationship with the dog is not always right, especially if it is a dangerous breed. Some breeds do not like when children climb to them. It is challenging to teach a baby that it is not necessary to touch a dog. For him, it is a big, fluffy, and soft toy. Similarly, a dog may react inadequately to a child if he starts touching him. The dog cage will be able to protect communication between these two family members. Only it is necessary to choose such that the child could not stick a hand or a leg inside.

Indispensable cages for dogs when transporting an animal from one place to another. It is especially true for exhibition dogs, as they always need to be transported to various exhibitions and competitions, where exhibition animals sometimes have to stay for several days. In this case, carriers play the role of home for the animal. Often, along with carrying a comfortable bed for the dog.

It is convenient to have a carrier for going on nature. You can purchase a case or do it yourself to cover the cage. In this case, the pet will receive a finished booth, where he can rest. Also, the cover protects from heat and weather.

The dog cage is her place – a territory where she can feel safe. Safety is especially important for show dogs. Therefore, you need to teach her a dog from an early age. So that for a puppy, it does not become stress, you need to know how to teach a dog to the cage. Having bought a puppy, you should immediately accustom you to a new dwelling, where he will sleep and be in the absence of the owners. Thus, you can protect yourself from puppy pranks and surprises when no one is home.

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The presence of a cage solves the issue of raising a pet. Many pets react very violently to the arrival of guests. Some are limited to barking, and there are lovers of jumping on people. In an open carrying dog will be able to observe what is happening, and at the same time will not disturb the guests. Later, the pet can be released, the guests will no longer attract much of his attention, as she will get used to their presence.

The benefits of cells are as follows:

  • it can be easily assembled with your own hands without using any tools;
  • retractable plastic or metal pan allows you to keep the dog’s home clean. It is easy to clean, does not rattle, so the animal does not bother;
  • locks and hinges are made to prevent the door from opening arbitrarily;
  • Canine Cage - A Cozy Home Or Place Of Detention?
  • for convenience of transportation, carrying is equipped with handles, and for large sizes – wheels;
  • There are six sizes of carriers, starting from the third size, they have two doors;
  • Carriers are equipped with rubber coated feet, so do not spoil the cover and do not slip.
  • There are many types of carriers. They differ in manufacturing material, purpose, and size. You can purchase a ready-made carrier, or you can do it yourself.


    For the dog to be comfortable carrying, you need to choose the right size and type, which is determined by the purposes for which it will serve.

    For transportation, the carrier must be small in size, but the animal must be spacious enough.

    If a pet is placed in a cage during the absence of the owners, then its size should allow it:

    • take a comfortable position;
    • when standing upright, he should not reach the ceiling;
    • the length should be enough for the animal to be able to stretch to its full height.
    • If we talk about specific sizes, they depend on the size of the animal. The dimensions of a pet’s home should correspond to its size: the smaller it is, the less space it needs.

      A cage variant for dogs made of durable fabric with a mesh embedded inside is possible, but such a device is suitable only for an animal that calmly carries an enclosed space.

      Metal wire cages are the most convenient for transporting animals, although they are quite heavy. These are universal carriers that can be disassembled if necessary. They are suitable for home pet maintenance and transportation by car. Usually, they consist of a metal cage and a plastic tray that serves as a floor for the animal. The kit may include a bed for the animal.

      The carrying wire must be strong and reliable so that the pet cannot gnaw it, damage its claws or teeth. It usually withstands even the onslaught of a large breed dog. For large breeds, large-sized appliances are available, equipped with two doors.

      One of the advantages of a metal cage is its cost. Usually, it is an inexpensive product. It is better to have metal structures with a plastic tray, as the metal is noisy and it is cold in a cool time.

      For exhibition dogs, a folding cage for tent-type dogs is more convenient. It is suitable not only to transport the animal by car. It will protect the pet from the weather, will help to maintain the perfect appearance and will serve as a house for the duration of the exhibition or competition. The advantage of these carriers is that they are quickly and easily understood, which is very convenient for traveling by car. True, they are more expensive, but because of the convenience, they are indispensable for show dogs, as they sometimes have to spend several days at exhibitions.

      Canine Cage - A Cozy Home Or Place Of Detention?

      Carriers for transportation in the car show and regular pets can occur of various types: in the form of backpacks, bags, and suitcases. It is convenient to transfer a pet from one vehicle to another in them. Carriers for large and exhibition dogs are equipped with wheels for easy movement. Besides, they can be equipped with drinkers, feeders, beds, and other accessories.

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      Ways to teach the pet to the cage.

      For the dog to feel comfortable in the cage, it must be taught from puppy age to be in a confined space. You can not force a pet to enter the cage, and it will frighten him, he will experience stress while in a confined space.

      To teach a dog to the cage, you should observe the following rules:

      • inside you need to pave the soft litter or napkin, put your favorite pet toys;
      • Before placing the dog in its new home, it is necessary to remove the collar and clothing from it to avoid injury to the animal;
      • so that the pet feels protected, you need to put a cloth on top that does not shine through;
      • for transportation by car, a cage should be selected that is optimal in size; an exhibition dog that is too large can be injured;
      • A pet’s cage should be placed in a place where it will be comfortable, it can not be put in a draft, near heating appliances: overheating, like cold, is very harmful to the health of the animal;
      • being in a limited space, the dog learns to keep clean, it will not foul in the place where it sleeps and will ask to be brought out for a walk.
      • Schooling a dog to its “lair” consists in performing the following actions:

        1. Having decided on the place where the cage will constantly stand, a puppy needs to be lured into it with a treat or a toy.
        2. When teaching a puppy to a new home, do not close the door when it is placed inside. If he leaves, start back and praise and give treats, but only when he is in a cage.
        3. At first, the pet should be lured into a cage so that he would voluntarily enter it, and allow him to leave it at any time, leaving the door open.
        4. At first, the dog should not be left in a cage for more than 2-3 hours; the time should be gradually increased, depending on how quickly it adapts.
        5. If the pet starts to howl and whine when you put it in a cage, do not rush to release it. If you follow him, you cannot accustom him to the cage, and he will manipulate you.
        6. You can not put a pet in the carrier to punish him, so he will no longer trust you.

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          Bowls after eating should be cleaned so that they do not interfere with the little dog to rest and move freely. Teach your dog that carrying is his lair, put a bowl for food, a bowl of water, and try to feed the pet only in it. If a dog drags a thing into its “lair”, you should not immediately scold the pet and take the thing carried away. It is manifested in her hunting instinct and suggests that the dog perceives the cage with its dwelling.

          Production Guide.

          If the standard carriers do not suit your pet or you have the material and the desire to do it yourself, you need to come up with your drawing or find the finished drawing, prepare the necessary tools and materials and you can start making the product.

          Tools and materials.

          To make a cage with your own hands, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

          • 12 wooden bars;
          • metal mesh or steel rods;
          • furniture hinges;
          • plastic side;
          • construction stapler;
          • welding machine.
          • If there are any old boards, a net from a bed, you can use it to make a home for a pet with your own hands. The amount of materials needed depends on the size of the dog.


            The entire cell manufacturing process will consist of the following steps:

            1. Measure your pet to determine the size of its home: height, width and length.
            2. When all the dimensions are received, you need to figure out how the cell will look like, make your own drawings.
            3. The frame is made of 12 bars. The length of the bars is taken according to the measurements made earlier.
            4. When the frame is ready, you need to cover it with a grid. The grid must be taken with the size of the cells, depending on the size of the dog. There should be no moving segments in the grid that can injure the dog. Suitable mesh for fencing, having a plastic coating.
            5. It should be provided that the design can be disassembled. To do this, the frame is assembled from bars, which should be interconnected with the help of furniture hinges. Doors are also attached with hinges.
            6. The grid to the bars need to be fixed with a construction stapler. You can fasten the curved grid nails. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the nails do not pierce through the bar, as the animal may get hurt or caught on the hair.
            7. The upper edges of the mesh should be securely fastened with a plastic rim.
            8. To protect the animal, it is better to buy a special mesh. It has a plastic cover on top, which prevents the pet from getting hurt.

              You can make a fully metal grid with your own hands, by analogy with the factory. To do this, you need steel rods, and for their connection welding machine. If you make a cage without using a welding machine, it will not be so strong, and some parts will be moving, which is dangerous for the pet. You can make an exclusive carrying your own hands for the exhibition dog.

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