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Cages For Dogs In The Car.

Traveling with a dog in the car is important to take care of the safety and comfort of the trip. There are several ways to protect a pet in the car, for example, seat belts, hammocks.

Many four-legged pets show anxiety while in the car; therefore, to ensure the safety of the animal itself and the driver, it is advisable to transport the dog in a cage. However, most models will not be able to protect the pet in case of an accident.


Made from a soft, waterproof material, usually nylon. They are lightweight, folding, so that they are easy to install and remove from the car, store if they are not used. Suitable for transporting animals in an airplane.

Soft options are not suitable for dogs and puppies that are prone to chewing, scratching. They are difficult to clean; if the pet relieves the need, it will stain the material with dirty paws.


Economical option. Plastic cages for dogs in the car. They are easy to clean, durable enough with proper use.

Some pets gnaw plastic, destroying it. Plastic absorbs odors, to get rid of which is almost impossible. Even with frequent washing, a persistent dog smell is maintained. The design does not add up; models for large breeds are rather cumbersome than they are not convenient in storage. Most models do not withstand shocks in an accident, are destroyed.


Metal or wire patterns are most common. Most models are folded, so it is convenient to store or transport them with you, for example, to the exhibition. Thanks to the wire construction, good air ventilation is ensured. Metal does not absorb odors.

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In general, metal structures are easy to wash under the pressure of water, but between wire intersections hairs often get stuck, and dirt accumulates, which is difficult to remove. Over time, the metal gives in to rust. Upon impact, the wire cells are crushed and broken.


Plastic and metal models. Some of them are equipped with wheels for easy movement. Very strong and reliable.

These options are very heavy, not always look beautiful.

How to choose a cell?

Safety of transportation is ensured and reliability of fastening in the car. Therefore, the presence of durable fastening belts.

Cages For Dogs In The Car.

Preference should be given to products that have undergone crash testing. And the results should reflect how safe the products are for small and large dogs.

Choosing a cage for a dog in the car, you should relate the size of the animal and the product. Too large cage will not save the pet in case of an accident. The larger space, the greater the risk of serious injury. At the same time, the pet should not be too crowded. Therefore, the size and weight of the animal is taken into account.

How to measure a dog?

Measurements are carried out by fixing the animal in a standing position. Measure the distance from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and add 5-10 cm to the result.

The second measurement is carried out in a sitting position since some dogs are in a sitting position above. The pet is seated smoothly, and the distance from the floor to the highest point of the head (top) is measured, and 5-10 cm is added to the result.

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Having picked up a cage taking into account the received figures, the animal will be comfortable inside. It will be able to sit comfortably in any position.

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