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Cages For Dogs: Appointment, Subtleties Of Choice And Installation.

A few decades ago, residents of small apartments could not afford to keep a beloved dog indoors. Modern, spacious dwellings contribute to the fact that the pet not only got the opportunity to live with the owners in the same area but also to have its cage or aviary.


In the wild, dogs live in their burrows. On an instinctive level, these animals feel the need for solitude in different life circumstances. Domestic dogs also prefer their own, dedicated to space. From a young age, they get used to being in a cage or a house, which you can place in your apartment in a convenient place for you, and also provide the animal with a comfortable bed for rest and wakefulness.

Even if a pet is not a small puppy, it can be taught to live in a cage.

Modern designers have developed a large number of models of apartment enclosures for dogs. If you have minimal knowledge in the field of joinery and plumbing, then you can make your own home for your four-legged friend. Purchased or homemade house for the animal will allow him to feel safe. In it, the pet will be able to move freely. If your dog has puppies, then a better place like a cage house for their birth and feeding will not be found.

When you buy not one puppy, but more than two, it is best to keep them in a specially prepared aviary of medium or large size. There they will not be constrained in movements, and they will be able to grow and develop actively. All cells are made of materials such as compacted fabric, plastic, and metal. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, the dimensions of the home cage are chosen individually. In the cage should be partitions that are removed as the dog grows.

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It is not necessary to place small puppies in large cage houses. Otherwise, the dog will use the far corners of the cage under the toilet instead of home.

Cages For Dogs: Appointment, Subtleties Of Choice And Installation.

Advantages and disadvantages.

There are some positive points. in the acquisition of such a kind of home for your beloved pet.

  • If the cage contains a small puppy, then it is necessary for him to ensure his safety. In each apartment, there are items that he can ruin (tear, gnaw, throw). The owner will not be able to control the movements of the baby every second.
  • When an animal from an early age is accustomed to living in a cage-house, it will not later spoil your furniture, for example, nibble it. There will not be such a dog to scratch shoes or wallpaper, tear the curtains to shreds and more. This form of pet maintenance disciplines him, and he is accustomed to the correct peculiar manner of behavior in your apartment. Do not forget that a small puppy can not be left in a confined space for a long time. It should be placed in a closed cage for 3 hours a day until it grows up (up to 5-6 months). It is not recommended to leave the dog in an open-air cage for more than 6 hours.
  • A smart pet, as you know, rarely goes to the toilet at the same place where it sleeps and eats. Accustomed to walking, it will wait for its owner and will happily go for a walk. The exception is small puppies, which should be taught to go to the tray from a young age or allow them to move around the apartment in those rooms where you find it possible for yourself to be. In this way, a dog placed in a house-cage is formed by a daily routine, time for eating, walking and resting.
  • The cell plays an essential role in maintaining cleanliness in the apartment. If, for example, a pet is walking in wet, rainy weather, before washing the dog’s paws, it can be placed in an aviary for some time. The cage itself should have clean bedding. It must be washed from time to time.
  • If guests come to you who are afraid of dogs or are allergic to wool, then in order not to spoil the evening and protect other people, you can close your pet for a while in his cage.
  • Accustomed to the cage, the dog feels good when traveling. In the house, it is protected from other animals, for example, if it is a question of traveling to exhibitions, or it is hidden from contact with people, especially with curious small children. Some animals are afraid to move in the car. By placing the dog in a cage, you will provide her with the opportunity to overcome long distances without much stress. From the house, a pet will be able to observe the surrounding landscape, and the main thing is to see its owner next to it.
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