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Cage For Dogs. Advantages And Disadvantages.

Cage for dogs. What is this – mockery or good? Advantages and disadvantages.

I knew about the existence of cages for dogs for a long time, but, to be honest, I was very skeptical about them. After all, the dog is not a parrot and not a hamster. Therefore, at first, we chose the first-aviary option. I regretted buying a cage in the very first week — the cumbersome, noisy fence consisting of 6 sections did not want to associate the puppy with a place and a den. Despite the couch and bowls standing there, the puppy didn’t want to go in there. Attempts to leave the puppy aviary failed in terms of security for the puppy, and he tried to stand on the section with his front paws, causing the paws to fall through the grille. In my opinion, it is quite dangerous, and you can hurt the paw. In general, the aviary was sold. And the problem is back again.

Then I began to read about the cells. On the Internet a lot of information on this topic. All it boils down to the fact that if you correctly approach the issue of accustoming to the cage, the puppy will perceive it as a den, mink. The only thing is to try to optimally choose the size of the cell so that in the future it would not be small and did not have to change it to a larger one. Well, I think if something goes wrong, selling it.

My choice fell on a Triol dog cage with two doors. Sizes are chosen based on breed standards — bottom line: a cell size of 75.5×47.5×55 cm. The cell is shipped in the folded state. They are easy going. Equipped with a plastic pallet, and the faces are made of both vertical and horizontal rods (the risk of damaging the paws is minimal).

The cage was set up, and the mattress was laid, the top-bed was hung, a unique cage bowl was hung, toys were thrown. And you know what is most appealing? The puppy immediately climbed there. And with it, and two of our cats. All animals liked the cage so much that nobody wanted to leave it. I was shocked by this result.

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We set up our new home next to the sofa, where we sleep, away from the batteries, but so that the dog has a full view. "hall-kitchenette". Plywood with mattress for cats was laid on the roof of the cage; they sleep there with pleasure.

Separately, I want to talk about that. How habituation to the cell occurs.

Here it is important to observe a few points:

  1. The first week the cage is open, and we do not close the dog there at all
  2. All food, as well as treats, the puppy will receive the first month only in a cage. Thus, an association is created that the cell is good; they feed there! Subsequently, the team is trained by feeding in the cage. "a place".
  3. Never scold a dog in a cage. It is her refuge where she should feel safe.
  4. After a week (you know, everyone has different deadlines, someone needs two weeks to get used to it), when you make sure that the dog goes quietly into the cage, quietly sleeps there and eats, you can start to close it there for a while. For example, closed, counted to 10, opened. Or gave food, closed, ate, opened. Gradually increase the time in the cage. Subsequently, the puppy (dog) will be able to stay there for a long time without problems. BUT! Consider that, unlike a dog, the puppy often goes to the toilet, so the maximum time a puppy stays there are no more than 3 hours. Now we do this: before leaving, we go outside to the toilet (we are already 3.5 months old), then immediately close. On arrival home, I deduce again. I have not been home for more than three hours, so this method suits us. For people who work and are not at home for 8-12 hours, I would recommend all the same an open-air cage or a larger cage to put a tray there.
  5. The first time is such that the puppy may try to arrange a scream in the cage. It’s all hard- ignore. Otherwise, he will understand that he has squeezed, released, and will demand it. Subsequently, this is fraught with the fact that it can start howling, no matter where you put it on. We, by the way, did without it.
  6. Never close the dog as a sign of punishment, or if suddenly it bothers you. In the first case, the dog will be afraid of the cage. In the second, to perceive it as an ignore zone. The result will be one- the pet will no longer perceive the cage as a lair and refuge.
  7. The cage should always be open when you are at home.
  8. You can not force a dog into a cage.
  9. If there are children in the house, they are forbidden to squeeze the dog when it is in a cage (4-year-old daughter immediately explained this, understood).
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    How did my dog ​​react to the cage? From the first moments, positive. Sleeps only there. Carries there toys and snacks. When he sees a bowl of food, he immediately runs into the cage, sits down and waits for a meal. It also remains without problems. That did not miss much, leave her something to bite (dried scar, beef bone). As soon as I come home, I immediately release it. By the way, the neighbors did not know for a long time that we have a puppy. They say that the apartment is quiet in our absence, no one whines, does not bark.

    What I get by purchasing cage?

    1. puppy safety when we are not (there was a case when I climbed under the sofa, we barely got it)
    2. the safety of the apartment (yes, I am so petty, but I love my house, and I want to have order in it, repairs are not included in my plans yet) Memories of the past: when I have a golden retriever, I said goodbye to linoleum in the kitchen, wallpaper in the hallway and table leg.
    3. if you suddenly go on vacation and take the dog with you, you can safely leave it in the hotel room in celle, not worrying about the safety of doors and jambs there.
    4. What did the dog get?

      1. a good mood of the host on coming home
      2. inability to find trouble on his ass, while the owners are not at home.
      3. Why I chose a cage with two doors, so it is easier to fit into the interior.

        Of the minuses, I can only note a rather high price (we gave 3500 for our cell, and it was still cheap) and the fact that it still takes up a certain place in the apartment. On a small living space, it is especially noticeable.

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        Remember! It is necessary to accustom to a cage competently! Then happiness will be everything: to you from what you don’t worry about, how the dog is there without you, and with it the furniture (the acquaintances the dog ate foam rubber from the sofa, they didn’t save.), Wallpaper and jambs. And the dog, she will have a nook where no one will disturb her.

        By the way, our cell is never empty. There is always someone hanging out there: either a puppy, or a cat, or a cat.

        Here they are, unfortunate animals, prisoners of conscience.

        Cage For Dogs. Advantages And Disadvantages.
        Cage For Dogs. Advantages And Disadvantages.
        Cage For Dogs. Advantages And Disadvantages.

        Some sleep deeply.

        Cage For Dogs. Advantages And Disadvantages.

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