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Cage For Dogs: Species And Purpose.

Cage for dogs today is one of the necessary accessories, which provides convenience for both the owner and his pet. The market offers a variety of options for these devices, differing in functionality and appearance.

What are the cages for dogs?

They are mainly made of metal gratings, so the dog inside can see everything that happens outside. For large breeds, models made of highly durable materials are purchased. At the bottom of the cage is a pan, which is easily extended, allowing you to keep your pet in constant cleanliness.

Those who are forced to take the dog with them during the journey or to participate in various exhibitions and competitions will come to the aid of a folding cell. Very compact, with a plastic tray, it is practically weightless, which is a huge advantage.

There are soft folding cages made of plush, nylon or flannel. They are easy to clean and very convenient for visiting exhibitions, and during the raids on nature.

The cage intended for transportation of a dog should be necessary at each owner. It allows you to deliver the animal to any place in public transport or car, without fear for his health.

Size matters.

For the pet to feel comfortable in the cage, it must fit in size. It is necessary to select a device of sufficient height so that the dog can stand up to its full height. The length should allow her to lie down while stretching.

A large cage for dogs is suitable not only for large breeds but also for small puppies. In this case, there should be a separator in it, making it possible to increase the space as the animal grows.

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Cell assignment.

Many reasons cause the need to purchase this accessory. There are situations when people come to visit who suffer from allergies or are afraid of dogs. If it is not possible to lock the animal in another room, the cage for the dog will be the best way out. Also, the dog will be much more comfortable and quieter to be indoors with everyone.

If you have to take part in exhibitions and competitions with your dog, where vanity reigns, noise, and crush, the cage is merely irreplaceable, it will allow your pet to feel safe and avoid unnecessary stress.

This adaptation can help in the period of raising a puppy and accustoming him to order.

When traveling long distances by road or rail, a special dog cage is required. It allows you to ensure the safety of both other passengers and the animal itself in case of an accident.

When a dog living in an apartment has offspring, a place is needed where it will stay with the puppies in a relaxed atmosphere. And the owners can be sure that in their absence, their teeth and claws will not cause damage to property.

Cell. It is also a kind of shelter for a dog, where it can retire and relax, for example, from the harassment of young children.

Carrying cell.

Each responsible pet owner must have such a device, making it possible to transport the dog to any place without endangering it. It is especially true when transporting an animal by public transport.

Cage For Dogs: Species And Purpose.

The carrier cage for dogs can be performed in a variety of ways. Most often it is a metal or plastic container equipped with a handle and wheels for easy movement. Such a cage, unlike a bag, keeps its shape well, so the animal in it is much more comfortable.

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How to teach a dog to cage?

It is easier to teach a little puppy to the cage than an adult dog, although the technique is almost the same. It is done in such a way that the whole process necessarily causes positive emotions.

To begin with, feed the dog only in a cage. You can lure it there with its favorite toy. The main thing does not close the door and continuously praise and encourage the dog while it is inside the cage. Gradually stay there should be increased. After 2-3 days, try to close the door for a moment, watching the behavior of the animal. If the dog begins to whine, do not pay attention, and with its calm behavior. Door open and praise. It is essential to make her feel that the owners love it when she is in a cage, therefore, after the dog leaves it, you should try not to pay attention to it for a few minutes.

After 3-4 days of such classes, gradually increasing the time your pet stays inside the cage, you can leave it there all night. When trying to whine or bark, you should talk to him in a gentle and soothing voice.

A cage for a dog will become a familiar and everyday place if at the time of getting used to it no unpleasant, negative emotions arise. Therefore, at this stage, it is essential to show patience, perseverance, and affection. The whole process takes only a few days.

Cage For Dogs: Species And Purpose.

Regardless of its purpose (be it a carrier or a small aviary), any cage should be perceived by the dog as a place where it can be completely safe. It is a corner that allows her to hide, to feel a sense of comfort and peace. Cage for dogs – it is her lair and resting place.

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