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Cage For Dogs – Mockery Or Salvation?

Remember. Apartment for the dog. This is the same cell! The apartment should serve as a booth, like a cell. There the dog is resting, with proper maintenance, that is, when the dog gets tired on the street, and not to do its work for 5 minutes.

What is a dog cage?

Every dog ​​is present "lair instinct". You have probably noticed that dogs love to get settled in protected places. Under the bed, under the table, in the corners. Where there are a roof and walls. So, if you properly accustom the dog to the cage. She will become her lair, her apartment.

If you have children, the cell is salvation for dogs, where no one will disturb its peace.

If you need to transport a dog, cell again will help you with this.

What should be the cell?

It is desirable from iron rods. It is reliable, ventilated, and the dog will have an overview, it will be able to observe everything that happens.

The size. The dog must stand up in a cage to its fullest height, turn around and lie down stretched out.

Putting a cage is better in the corner. Not on the aisle, so that there are comfort and security, not in a draft or near the battery.

In the cage should be a dog bedding, her favorite toys, drinking bowl and snacks (special bones, for example).

How to teach to cage?

    Cage For Dogs - Mockery Or Salvation?
  1. First, keep the cage door open all the time. Do not cover the dog in it until it gets used to the cage.
  2. In the cage should be laying dog bed and favorite toys.
  3. Cage For Dogs - Mockery Or Salvation?
  4. In the beginning, it is necessary to feed the dog in a cage. Treats such as special stones are also given in the cage.
  5. The dog should get all the most delicious and enjoyable in the cage.
  6. As soon as the dog begins to fall asleep in the cage. Consider that the main stage is passed.
  7. After that, you can start to close the cage door during her sleep, but you should be in the room. Do not leave the dog alone. As soon as she starts to wake up. open the door.
  8. When she gets used in your presence, quietly be in a cage with the door closed. You can start to leave her there alone, but do not leave the apartment yet. Out of the room. Back. Praised the dog if she sat quietly. Very important: if the dog starts barking in the cage. DON’T let her go and don’t come into her barking room! Otherwise, she will think: "blazing. I was noticed, they let me out of the cage!"
  9. When you learn to be in a cage for a long time when you are at home. Start leaving the apartment. First, briefly, gradually increasing the time of absence. Very important: if you hear a dog barking. DO NOT enter the apartment. Wait until she calms down. Only then sign in and praise her. She needs to understand that only her quiet and calm cage will speed up your arrival.
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    What NOT to do:

    • do not send the dog to the cage as a punishment
    • do not abuse the content of the dog in the cage
    • do not leave the dog in a cage with a leash and collar
    • never force your dog into a cage
    • Do not be afraid of the cage and think that this is a mockery of the dog. If everything is done correctly, the dog will love the cage and take it as its home, because every living creature sometimes needs to be alone, to rest from everyone.

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