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Cage For Dogs In The Apartment.

How can a dog be trained to cage?

The cage for dogs in the apartment has a fairly low weight. This device is easy to move. If your dog is an eminent suite and you regularly attend exhibitions, then knowledge of how to teach a dog in an apartment to a cage will be beneficial for you and your pet.

When a puppy appears, make sure that he is accustomed from the very beginning to a clean lifestyle, good behavior. Tell him where his place is and how to behave. After all, from a very young age, you can quickly teach a puppy to order for life.

For everything to be done correctly and the dog cage in the apartment has become a favorite corner, rather than a prison, you need to understand how animals behave themselves and what their tendencies are. Since it is essential.

Departure from a social group and reflection on separation.

When an animal is excommunicated from its social group, it starts calling its loved ones barking and howling. Distress vocalization is a term assigned by zoological scientists to this phenomenon. In this way, the dog tries to increase its ability to survive on the background of wildlife. Perhaps her mother is still close and will hear the call.

Now imagine that a dog cage in an apartment limits the pet’s ability to move and search for loved ones. It wants to escape, dig a course, gnaw the bars, break down barriers. In his mind, there is only one task – to survive. In such a situation, you need to act carefully and not damage the psyche of the dog. Be attentive and merciful to the animal.

Cage For Dogs In The Apartment.

Correct behavior.

To suppress the reflex of separation, provide your ward with a sense of security, let the associations draw a picture of a lair in his mind, where it will be quiet, warm, and calm.

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Follow this sequence of steps:

  • Get this simple fixture from a wire, at the bottom of which there will be a pallet. The cage for dogs in the apartment should be spacious, because the puppy will not always be small, but grow up;
  • Let the new dog house stand in your bedroom;
  • so that the subject is attractive to the puppy, place the pieces of his favorite food inside, this will cause pleasant associations;
  • before going to sleep, once again feed the dog and shut the cage;
  • go out into the corridor, but watch the dog for a while;
  • If you realize that the dog does not like what is happening and he experiences a reflex of separation, turn to him loudly. Then the dog will understand that if he continues to behave this way, every time a loud voice of the owner will follow. If the voice does not work, shake a coin box or slam a newspaper with a newspaper against a wall or door;

    Such procedures must be repeated several times until the dog ultimately gets used to the cage. To begin with, success is considered if the pet sits quietly in a cage for half an hour;

    Throw a toy to the animal so that it does not get boring, let it chew. At this time, you can remove the collar and leash.

    Cage For Dogs In The Apartment.

    Problems that may arise at night.

    Like us humans, dogs are not averse to visiting the toilet in the morning. They report such a desire, barking, and whining. Dogs are spotless animals, and their exalted instincts dictate order and cleanliness in their den. You need to be close to allowing your pet to do all the right things in the right place or on the street.

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    Pros and cons of using cells.

    This device has a lot of positive sides. The puppy wears off going to the toilet in unwanted places because of the dog cage in the apartment. The photo illustrates that this is a straightforward subject. By teaching the puppy to a particular place where he needs it, we allow him to soak the floor with pheromones, and then he wants to come back here again. When you go somewhere and are not able to control the behavior of a playful dog, the cage will help you protect the house from collapse and disorder. You wean the animal from bad habits.

    Cage For Dogs In The Apartment.

    Also, if you do everything right, you will save your pet from the separation reflex, and post-stress effects are not so likely. Of course, this method has its drawbacks.

    One of the disadvantages is that the training should be done gently, and not put the pet in a cage for a long time. During the day, you can not keep a dog in isolation longer than two to three hours.

    When you leave the house for a long time, you need to think about the pet to feel free and protected. Make sure that during the training to the cage, the dog can always relieve the need in the right place for this. Water and food should also be available. You can not isolate the animal for a long time if you want the puppy’s psyche to be healthy, and he trusted the world around him.

    Love and receive return love.

    If you are a caring owner and do everything right, the ward will love the cage and will take it as his fortress, where he will go for rest, because this is his favorite place. Show him that this is a beautiful, cozy place where he will feel safe and intact. Let him feel calm and comfort. Then it’s good for you and your little friend. All in the black.

    Cage For Dogs In The Apartment.

    The dog is your friend, with whom you need to seek a consensus, to make compromises. You both get joy from your union, so give your pet care, show and attract, and not force, and then this care will return loyalty, devotion, and positive in your direction.

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