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Types And Designs Of The Dog Cages In The Apartment.

People have long tamed dogs and go through life with them. Today, there are many different breeds from which you can choose the ideal pet. But keeping four friends takes time and suitable conditions. The dog must certainly have its corner in the house. Also, it is sometimes necessary to restrict the freedom of its movement, and it is not recommended to lock an animal in a room or put it on a leash. To solve all these problems at once, it is necessary for the apartment. From this article, you can learn more about their varieties, the need for installation, the features of self-production.

Need to use.

Keeping a dog in a cage in an apartment is not a manifestation of cruelty. The stereotype that it is intended solely for the forced imprisonment of a living being is firmly entrenched in our mind.

Types And Designs Of The Dog Cages In The Apartment.

Most dog owners were convinced that this opinion is wrong, and the need to use such an accessory is. It comes not only from the owners, but also dictated by the lifestyle of the animal itself. Some owners are still convinced that their pet needs unlimited space for games and recreation. However, data obtained in the course of recent studies have confirmed the theory of the lung nature of dogs.

There are a lot of funny photos of four-legged friends posted on the web, who, even as puppies, began to crawl onto a shelf in a cupboard or nightstand. Time passed, they became adults, but they are still trying to get into their favorite place. All this is a vivid example of lair behavior.

The owners confirmed that dogs love to find secluded places. They can be very diverse: behind the chair, under the ottoman or chair. It is the normal behavior of an animal that is trying to find its home and place in the middle of an apartment where no one will disturb it during rest. After all, when it lives in a private house, a booth is installed on the street, so why is a dog cage in the apartment wild?

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The main cause of the animal’s lair nature lies in it at the level of the natural characteristics of nature associated with genetics, because within each dog there is a wild wolf, which was tamed many centuries ago. And this creature could not do without shelter. In a cage designed exclusively for her, the dog feels safe and can rest easy. If the pet does not have its place, it will persistently look for it, clinging to furniture or decorative objects, and also hiding in places with wires. Thus, the dog creates a security risk. both his and his master.

There is a character in the four-legged character, which resembles the need of a child who wants to have his own space. After all, children need a place where toys will be placed according to their rules, and everything happens according to their scenario. That is why the limited space in which no one will interfere with the pet will only please him. So the owner will show that he respects the individuality of the dog and takes care of it.

Contact with the owner.

Cage for dogs in the apartment plays an important role in the psychology of the relationship of the pet and its owner. Especially if it is a guard breed, such as a shepherd dog, a pit bull terrier or a rottweiler, who are obliged to obey only one family member, one who is considered the main thing for himself. The cage helps to educate the dog, since only the owner can release it to go for a walk, to spend time together. But you should not abuse the possibilities of the lair and keep your pet there for a long time; you should limit yourself to the essential moments.


If the owner intends to travel a lot or move from place to place accompanied by a pet, then the cage will come in handy. For the owner of the animal, as for the dog itself, this will be the most comfortable option.

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Pets are different. Some people endure trips with anxiety, and the cell can give them peace of mind, as they feel protected in it. Besides, the host machine will not suffer the effects of their anxiety. Also, it will eliminate the need to look for a hotel for a pet or someone who will visit him if he stayed at home.

The owners, whose dogs regularly take part in contests and exhibitions, know that the cage can also protect the pet from other animals in case of aggression, will keep its appearance and good mood.

The most important thing to remember is that the dog cage in the apartment is not a place of detention. You can not leave your pet in it for a long time. Otherwise, it will become nervous, anxious, and will be afraid of it’s home.

For the dog to feel its place from the moment it appeared in the house, puppies that have already become stronger are taught to the den.

Materials and Forms.

Metal models are suitable for practice owners who want to use them both at home and during the transport of the animal. Their main advantage is easy assembly. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the wire: it must be strong enough to keep the animal and not suffer from the desire of the dog to chew on it; it should not be chipped or chipped, which the pet could have injured its claws or mouth, scratched its skin and pulled out its fur.

Cages for exhibitions or long-distance travels can resemble a tent in their design.

Models designed to transport dogs are made in the form of bags, suitcases and even backpacks. If the pet belongs to large breeds, then it is better than the cage had wheels. The presence of additional accessories (drinkers, feeders) is optional. If desired, they are purchased separately.

The price of a cage for dogs in an apartment varies depending on the material of the product, model, and the presence of other elements. It starts from about 3.5-4 thousand rubles for the smallest pets.

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In addition to the material, it is essential to choose the size of the cell. The animal should feel as comfortable as possible.

It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the pet and find the right one. "the lair":

  • 55х40х32 – a model of a cage for small dogs in an apartment, such as chihuahua, toy terriers and similar breeds, when the weight of an animal does not exceed 5 kg.
  • 91x63x58 – sizes for corgi, pitbull, chow-chow.
    • 139x113x93 – dimensions of a large cage for dogs in the apartment. It is suitable for such giants as St. Bernards, Scottish greyhounds.
    • Data are shown in centimeters. These are examples of cells of the smallest, medium, and large size.

      Do it yourself.

      If pets have non-standard options or the owners do not trust the purchased models, you can make a cage for dogs in the apartment with your own hands.

      Following the instructions, you can do great "the lair":

      • Of the 12 bars measuring approximately 53 by 58 cm, a frame is assembled. Also, need a reliable grid. The size of the cells is selected under the dimensions of the dog.
      • Moving areas should be absent so that they can cause injuries to the pet.
      • For convenient assembly and disassembly of the cage, the wooden frame must be connected using furniture hinges.
      • The mesh to the frame is fixed using a special construction stapler.
      • Its upper edges must be secure. To do this, use a simple plastic board.
      • To make a cage that will be completely metallic, you will need plastic-coated rods and a welding machine to assemble the structure.


        Little effort and your pet will receive his corner in the house where he can recuperate for new games. A favorite will certainly appreciate such care. We hope that from our article, you learned how to make a cage for a dog in an apartment, as well as how necessary it is for a four-legged friend.

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