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Behind The Bars, Why Should A Dog Have A Cage?

Why should a dog have a cage?

If you keep a pet, then you need to think about acquiring a cage. Purchase this accessory is necessary for some reasons. Cage for dogs is essential since it is a predatory animal, so the pet must have its lair. Surely many dog ​​breeders noticed that the dog was always looking for a secluded place. As such, he chooses an area under the sofa or the cabinet. Another reason for which you need to purchase a cage for your pet is that even if the apartment contains a large breed pet that is large, then, in essence, it is a child. And without personal space, where he will feel safe and where no one can disturb him, he cannot do.

In this regard, the cell is quite appropriate. And you can buy it not only for the animal, which is contained in the yard but also for the pet, who lives in the apartment with the owner. Also, there is another reason to get a cell. Veterinarians argue that keeping a dog in a cage will help the owner to find understanding with his pet. Using a cage allows you to ensure friendship between a dog and a person. The owner releases the pet contained in the cage. And after that feeds delicious food. Therefore, the animal treats its owner with great love.

The need to use cages for dogs.

However, if you acquired a cage and are going to keep the dog in it, then moderation is necessary for this matter. Do not keep your pet in a cage all the time. However, if a small pet lives in your apartment, which at night can cause dirty tricks, then, in this case, you should lock it in a cage. The need for this accessory arises in those cases when there is a small child in the house. Using a cage allows you to protect your baby from overly curious pet attacks.

Behind The Bars, Why Should A Dog Have A Cage?

If you often have to transport a dog in your car, then it is best to do it in a cage. A rather delicate thing is the transportation of a pet. If you use a cage to move it, then, in this case, you will not have to worry about pet damage to the upholstery. If the pet is transported in a cage, then you should not worry about the pollution of the upholstery of the car. Other reasons suggest that using a cage is the best solution for transporting a pet. For example, your pet participates in an exhibition or performs at a competition. In such cases, for the owner, the best solution for transporting a pet is a cage. At the event itself is also a necessary cell. Only not ordinary, but a special exhibition.

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What are the cells?

For exhibitions, pet owners who often take part in such events choose exhibition cages. They should be considered as an ideal device for traveling by car, and can also be used for exhibition purposes. Besides, they can be used for outings. Such a cage can serve not only as a home for your pet, but also becomes a protection against heat. It should be noted that, unlike ordinary cells, such accessories are quite expensive, but the price that the owner pays when buying such a device is quite justified.

Another type of dog cage is a folding cage made of metal. It is a great solution if you are going to take a pet with you. Most often purchased such accessories for dogs of large size. The main advantage of such a cell is its high strength. It can withstand even an animal that is distinguished by its large size. Currently, it is these cells that are most popular for transporting animals.

How to teach a dog to cage?

To accustom the pet to the cage, you must first bring this device into the apartment, and then try to lure your pet into the cage, using any of his favorite "snacks".

Then you need to praise your dog and as a reward to present his favorite delicacy.

After this, it is necessary to allow the animal to leave its cage.

For the first time, it is necessary to keep the cage open. In it it is needed to lay soft bedding, toys, that is, it is required to do everything so that while in a cage, the animal feels as comfortable as possible. It is the first step that every dog ​​breeder should take in the way of training his pet to the cage.

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If your pet is used to being in its cage, then you need to try to close it and move a few steps away from it.

If your pet is left in the cage, then you need to thank him and give him a treat. If the dog did not do this, then he should be brought into the cage itself and praised already there.

There are some more recommendations on how to easily teach a pet to a cage:

  • If you have brought a pet in a cage, then leave it in it should not be more than 3 hours a day. Over time, the length of stay can be increased;
  • it is not necessary to open the cage and let the animal out of the cage if it began to bark or whine. When it becomes a habit, the pet will thus manipulate you.
  • It should not be as a punishment for offenses to lock the pet in the cage. Also, you should not carry into her baby, who fell asleep. Otherwise, you can lose the trust of your pet.
  • How to make a cage for your dog with your own hands?

    If your pet has a weight of less than 5 kg, in this case, creating a cage, you need to focus on the size of 56x33x41 cm. A cage of this size is the best option for Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, and other tiny breed dogs.

    If your pet weights 7 to 12 kg, then a cage for a pet should be constructed with dimensions of 62x39x48 cm. Such cages are excellent for such breeds as beagles, pugs, fox terriers.

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    If you have a pet on the contents, the weight of which varies from 13 to 17 kilograms, then in this case you need to build a device that has dimensions of 77x49x53 cm. Such a cage would be an ideal option for French bulldogs, spaniels, and other breeds of medium size.

    If you keep a big dog at home, then, in this case, it is necessary to make a cage with dimensions of 138x95x115 cm. Such a large accessory will be a great house for a Neapolitan Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Great Dane.

    Instructions for making a dog cage.

    • The first thing to do when you decide to make a cage for your dog is to measure its dimensions.
    • Proceeding from the size further, you need to make a drawing with your own hands or estimate what you would like to see a cage for your pet.
    • Then you can go to the construction work. It is necessary to take prepared wooden bars, and then, following the drawings, make a frame of the required size from them. It is necessary to make four pieces for the walls and one for the floor and the roof.
    • From the inside it is necessary to cover the framework with a grid, using a construction stapler during this operation.
    • Then you need to close the edge of the mesh over the mount using a plastic side.
    • Next, you need to interconnect the manufactured frame.
    • The side from which the cage door will be located must be secured with hinges.
    • After that, you need to put the litter for the animal inside the cage, as well as put his toys. On this, making a dog cage can be considered complete.
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