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Behind The Bars Is All About Dog Cages.

A cage for a dog is necessary, firstly, because in many respects such an animal is a predator, and they need a den. Surely you have repeatedly noticed how the dog is looking for a secluded spot under the sofa or wardrobe. Secondly, even if it is a favorite and of considerable size, he is strong and formidable, but in many respects, he is a child. An animal needs a personal space in which it will not be touched.

Therefore, cages for dogs – relevant thing in the apartment, and the courtyards. Moreover, many veterinarians believe that such a device can help with mutual understanding between the owner and the animal itself. So you can strengthen the friendship, because who, if not the owner releases the pet out of the cage? Who feeds him then tasty? It was he, the owner.

Naturally, with such content, a measure is necessary: ​​it is not required to keep the animal always in a cage. But in the case when you have a little crazy people who can mess up at night, why not lock it up. The cage is also necessary if the pet lives with the family where there is a small child. Agree to protect each other from extreme attention – this is very important.

For transporting the crate is also needed. Transporting a dog is a delicate thing, and a cage will allow you not to worry that the dog will stain the whole car with its saliva or bite someone. There are many reasons where such a vehicle for transportation would be appropriate, for example, transporting a pet to exhibitions and contests. And at the event itself is a useful exhibition cell.

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What are the cells?

When asking themselves this question, surely a lot of people will think about a huge box that stands in the house and occupies a large space. However, such an opinion is wrong, because there are many types of such structures. Some cages are made for the home keeping of an animal, such, yes, have huge sizes. But some carriages are designed to make life easier for the owner while traveling. If you are the owner of large breeds, such transportations can be equipped with special wheels so that you can safely ride your dog to the car.

Behind The Bars Is All About Dog Cages.

You can also find an exhibition stand-tent – the perfect device for traveling by car to nature or competition. Such an exhibition cage-tent can serve not only as a home for a pet, but also protects it from heat or rain. Such an exhibition fixture is more expensive than other types of cells. However, the price, in this case, is fully justified.

Folding metal cage for dogs is indispensable for traveling by car with a large-sized dog. Such transportation is very durable, it can withstand the onslaught of even the largest animal. Today, such transportation is very popular for transporting animals.

Behind The Bars Is All About Dog Cages.

How to teach a pet to the cage?

  1. We bring a cage into the apartment and then lure the pet into it with the help of something tasty.
  2. After that, you must generously praise the pet and give a treat.
  3. Then it is necessary to allow the dog to leave the device.
  4. Leave the crate open for the first time, and you should also put a soft litter in it, toys, in general, make it so that your pet is comfortable. It is the first step, how to teach the dog to the cage.
  5. After the puppy has become accustomed to being in such a "room" quietly, you can try to close it and move a few steps away from the place.
  6. If the dog is left in the crate, you need to praise him and give a treat lavishly. Otherwise, you should bring the pet back and praise already in the cage itself.
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    There are also a couple of recommendations on how to teach a dog to the cage:

    • the pet should not be left locked up for more than three hours a day, with the time you can increase the length of stay;
    • you do not need to be led to the whine and barking of the animal, as this will surely become a habit and the dog will manipulate you;
    • as a punishment, the cage should not be used, just as it is to transfer a sleeping baby to it – you lose the pet’s trust.
    • Making a cage yourself.

      The cage can be made by hand. Surely on the farm, there is an old mesh for the fence or an armored bed to make a home with your favorite beast. Moreover, the cells can be expensive, so making a pet cage with your own hands is a good way to save money.

      First, consider the size of your pet so that you can use the following recommendations:

      1. With an animal weighing less than five kilograms, it is worth making a cage with dimensions of 56 x 33 x 41 centimeters. Such dimensions are well suited for Chihuahua, York, Toy Terrier and other babes.
      2. An animal from 7 to 12 kg will feel comfortable in a crate of 62 x 39 x 48 centimeters. Basenji, Beagles, Pugs, Fox Terriers are bred for which a crate of this size is suitable.
      3. For a pet weighing 13 to 17 kilograms, build a device with dimensions of 77 x 49 x 53 centimeters, which is ideal for French bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Schnauzers and so on;
      4. For huge pets worth building a crate with dimensions of 138 x 95 x 115 centimeters. A large gadget will suit the Neapolitan Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Great Dane, and others.
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        Tools and materials.

        • wooden bars;
        • the grid is for small breeds with small cells, for large ones you can take more;
        • plastic side;
        • furniture hinges;
        • construction stapler
        • The amount of all materials will depend on the size of your pet.

          Behind The Bars Is All About Dog Cages.

          Step-by-step instruction.

          1. First you need to make measurements pet.
          2. Make your drawings or estimate how you would like to see the cage.
          3. We take wooden bars and build our own hands following the drawings, simple frames for the specified sizes. You need to make four pieces for the walls and 1 for the floor and roof.
          4. From the inside with our own hands we frame the net with a stapler.
          5. Above the fastening with their own hands, close the edge of the grid with a plastic side.
          6. We connect the frame together.
          7. The side where the cage door will be is fastened with hinges.
          8. Put inside the bedding for the dog and its toys. Done!
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