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How To Make A Wooden Aviary For A Dog?

Pets also need personal space, just like people. The dog builds an open-air cage or, in extreme cases, a booth. But an open-air cage is considered more preferable since the animal receives a part of the territory into personal possession, and if the dwelling is still comfortable and spacious, the animal will be grateful to you. This instruction will tell you how to build a wooden enclosure for dogs and cages for other living creatures.

Types of aviaries.

Dogs are strong enough and active animals. An adult shepherd dog is able not only to guard a house or a plot but also to carry a weight of equal weight to an adult safely. Therefore, if you decide to build an aviary, keep this in mind.

  • open;
  • closed;
  • combined.
  • For reference! If you are not a breeder, the aviary is planned in such a way that the dog has the opportunity to see at least three sides, and preferably all four.

    Build an open aviary.

    An open-air cage does not have a roof, the dog is inside the fence, has the ability to safely move around a closed area.

    The construction process itself has a clear step by step separation:

    1. Start – the choice of location. It is believed that the larger the aviary, the better. However, in the private sector, everything is often limited to six hundred square meters, and there is no room for that. For one dog breed shepherd quite enough six squares of the courtyard and another square on the house or booth.
    2. Site preparation. If you decide not to make a roof, then be prepared for the fact that the coating in the aviary should not so much have a porous structure for moisture maintenance, as it should be at a slight angle so that the moisture can safely go beyond the aviary. The dog will still tamp the playground in his aviary.
    3. Installation of pillars. The enclosure – a mandatory event, it is a question of the safety of your guests and visitors. The pillars can be buried in the ground, but this is a temporary measure. It is best to make piles of 60-70 cm in the ground.
    4. How To Make A Wooden Aviary For A Dog?

      They are recruited in the same way as piles for a house or a shed. A hole is made in the ground and to the required depth 10-15 cm under a cushion of rubble and sand. At the bottom of the hole, the mixture is poured and pounded.

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      The construction of reinforcement is inserted into the well, which will make up the skeleton of the pile, and everything is poured with concrete. For mounting beams displayed 25-30 cm angle.

      Tip! It is enough to remove the two corners of 50×50 mm for fixing the beam 100×100 mm, but for a full guarantee, you can remove all four supports. When fixing the beam to the corners, a 5 cm gap is left between the ground and the beam. The beam will always remain dry, and there will be no need for an immediate replacement of the material.

      1. The installation of the beams is accompanied by fixing them between the boards. Fixation occurs at the top and bottom, thus forming a rigid framework for the fence.
      2. As a fence, it is best to make a grid of metal fittings with a diameter of 10 mm. It is better to fix the lattice to the beams with at least two metal fasteners for each lattice on one side.
      3. Interesting to know! A lot of information on the network on the application of the chain-link mesh for the enclosure. The price of this braid is quite democratic, and one 10 meter cut will be enough for the whole aviary.

        Some masters and aviary recommend doing under these dimensions. But there is one "but." The netting of the chain-link is quite soft, a dog of a sheepdog breed in one season will transform it practically into a sagging rag, which is why the appearance of the aviary will only lose.

        Build a house.

        There is a simple set of rules that will allow you to determine the size of the house or dog booth. The length and width are determined by the size of a lying adult dog 10 cm to each size.

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        The height is determined by the height of the standing dog 10 cm. It is the internal space.

        Booths for dogs made of wood with their own hands are made as follows:

        1. Preparing frame structure. It is a parallelepiped with eight faces. It is possible not to make a parallelepiped, but to raise the design of the entrance by 10 cm so that when the roof is formed, the water flows from the booth.
        2. Bottom, back, front and side walls are gathered by the board, it is better to lay tile material like OSB on a slope, it can be fixed on a profile metal sheet.
        3. Tip! From the inside, wooden dog booths should be covered with sheet material, the pet will calmly transfer frost of medium intensity, but does not like drafts.

          1. The booth itself is better to install on an additional frame. It can be an ordinary wooden frame made of 50×50 mm bar, and even if it rots for a couple of seasons, you can make a new one.
          2. Closed enclosures.

            One element – the roof determines closed enclosures. If you attach an open-air cage to a wall, for example, a garage, then the garter of the truss system goes to the roof of the garage.

            A separate enclosure closes the roof:

            • with one slope and the water goes to the back of the aviary:
            • with two or more ramps. It is a more complex architecture, and it is used only in cases when an individual form like a fairy-tale house is used to the aviary itself.
            • The roof is covered with sheet iron. If desired, iron can be replaced with slate or metal, but slate is a heavy material, and metal is expensive.

              Cages for other animals.

              Very often, dogs are not the only inhabitants of the private sector. People try to make chickens, rabbits, and sometimes other animals. It is also easy for them to make cells with their own hands, especially since the consumption of material is small.

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              1. Wooden cages for rabbits. They also gather as well as doghouses, in the frame way. Formed the same mini aviary. Note! Wooden cages with their own hands for rabbits are assembled in such a way that animal stools do not linger in cages. The urine of rabbits has a characteristic sharp smell, which is not only unpleasant but also can accelerate the decay of wood. For the removal of this physiology, the floor in the cells is made of punching or a fine-meshed mesh.
              2. By the same principle, wooden cages for birds are made, in particular, for chickens. Their feces have a specific smell, and it is important to remove it from the cage promptly to prevent diseases of birds and provide comfortable conditions of stay
              3. Wooden cages for songbirds with their own hands are going somewhat differently. The bottom is not necessary to make a net, it is quite possible to make it solid, just when cleaning the cage, the birds need to be moved temporarily to another place. The construction itself is made in such a way that the cap, which is assembled from metal wire with a diameter of 3-4 mm, can be easily removed and put on the base representing the bottom.
              4. Tip! Whoever you keep in the household, whatever cell constructions you invent, the basic design principle is easy to access for cleaning.


                Assembly of enclosures or cells does not take much time and finances, the basic principles of construction we described. The video in this article also has something to show, if you want to find out something else, ask questions in the comments (see also the article “Wooden structures: characteristic features and three illustrative examples”).

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