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“Savic” Chrome Dog Cage.

The cage is usually associated in humans with birds or rodents. But there are special cages for dogs. Many owners of these quadrupeds have already appreciated the advantage of this item. It is ideal for traveling with your pets, but it is indispensable and at home. Why exactly Savic? The advantages of Belgium’s Savic chromium-plated […]

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Apartment Dog Cage.

Often the dog becomes the indispensable caretaker of our home. Many owners train pets so that they barked and attacked strangers, but the problem is one factor, the dog can’t explain which people can be touched and which ones can not be touched. And often the solution to this problem is home cages for keeping […]

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Dog In A Cage At Home

dressirovka_il This is a male (undisturbed), half breed of unknown origin, 4.5 years. Previously, this happened to him when we lived in another apartment – he could write on the bed, when we were at home, or when my mother came, he loved to pee on her bed right when she came out of the […]

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